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Trey Anastasio 05/24/14
Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
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Entered by Terry Watts
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; (internal mics) Zoom H2n; Zoom H2n > Reaper > Wavelab > CDWave > FLAC; Source and Transfer by lowbudget 
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trey anastasio band
may 24, 2014
taft theater
cincinnati, oh

source : h2n (internals)
transfer : h2n > reaper 2.4 > wavelab 6 > cdwave > flac level 8 (tlh)

set one
disc one

03. burlap sack and pumps
05. valentine
06. money love and change
08. bounce
09. gotta jiboo

set two
disc two

01. cayman review
02. alive again
03. shine
04. spin
05. alaska
06. traveler
07. magilla

disc three

01. sand
02. tuesday
03. clint eastwood
04. push on til the day
05. encore break
07. first tube

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d34dd4728b95dcaf7803c4c50067bad0 *tab20140524d1t01.flac
5d51640ef8d12146ed508df2afb5ce4c *tab20140524d1t02.flac
63f77fcbbce71ab6c661632d0a9546da *tab20140524d1t03.flac
17f3909c9991dbbd8265138d8f1ae731 *tab20140524d1t04.flac
29c5b639c06a66f3aff2ed0c5bedf815 *tab20140524d1t05.flac
34e5f9c1e87bb2fbf73203e5c7add4d4 *tab20140524d1t06.flac
5e0da3495f61f431cbca91897ef84257 *tab20140524d1t07.flac
a23ed379f081fa4f37d419b63a7420df *tab20140524d1t08.flac
eecf31e4fa3169eabb9888e06c5f83d6 *tab20140524d1t09.flac
84dda1fd97905b2ec609ad7c2ff556a9 *tab20140524d2t01.flac
146cb8ee8d157c0f5f7e18ca652b6a80 *tab20140524d2t02.flac
d3b3de236e40384a9cadc86b90aafd40 *tab20140524d2t03.flac
4b887b3e6b0721a40659d2e0ec48cbf5 *tab20140524d2t04.flac
02e1dbc3944dfd6066a7baaa3ec9246f *tab20140524d2t05.flac
5d08249f8c02ef2a5ab12c81ca475744 *tab20140524d2t06.flac
95ff2a4f4a3913c80c2da4c224a01fd4 *tab20140524d2t07.flac
3df6ec22547f3398c2f2bbb45d18ed38 *tab20140524d3t01.flac
a3f95450371bbcfcd2c86a6abd9065c5 *tab20140524d3t02.flac
b0a9c496a7ee26e6c76a8a312e29976a *tab20140524d3t03.flac
7f2bbea8d31bf18f48f2770fe82fa03c *tab20140524d3t04.flac
78fb19246e6d6ca220d6455e446f7b44 *tab20140524d3t05.flac
cf90b05f6f988660f5c79c11658d0d23 *tab20140524d3t06.flac
bbdfb0b876def723ca2f975e1b052d06 *tab20140524d3t07.flac

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