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Robert Randolph [and the Family Band] 10/13/11
Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI
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Entered by ziko
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Source Summary Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KC5 > CMC6 > Grace Lunatec V3 @ 24bit/48hz > AES > Sound Devices 744t INHDD > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave > TLH  
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Robert Randolph Family Band
Barrymore Theatre
Madison, Wisconsin
October 13, 2011

Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KC5 > CMC6 > Grace Lunatec V3 @ 24bit/48hz > AES > Sound Devices 744t
INHDD > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave > TLH
Barrymore OTS: 3FT LOC 1 row behind SBD 8 ft in the air
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: Soling ([email protected])

Thanks to for the set list help

Run Time: 95:25

01 Traveling Shoes
02 Back To The Wall
03 The March
04 Don't Change
05 Shake Your Hips
06 Dry Bones
07 If I Had My Way -> Black Water -> If I Had My Way->
08 "Country" Jam
09 Jam (Ghetto Boy?) * with audience members on guitar
10 Whole Lotta Love -> Ain't Nothing Wrong With That ->
11 Tears Of Joy
12 encore break
13 Walk Don't Walk

Not totally sure about 08 and 09. 11 seems to be Tears of Joy but never picks up the pace like on Live at the Wetlands.

Danyel Morgan on bass
Marcus Randolph on drums
Lenesha Randolph is little sister
I think "noodles" is Brett Haas but it really sounds like Robert calls him "noodles".

Go see live music. Support those artists and venues that allow taping. See them live, buy their merchandise, bring a friend to the show. This recording for trading only, never for sale. Preserve the music, trade in lossless formats only (keep MP3 for personal use)

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4cc0e50fb3a725003ade86ba949f685e *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk08.flac
8f3be3ca355fb34a1890ddae762298ed *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk09.flac
0601dd42cfa87da33e6deda103b7b1fa *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk10.flac
658039ae7ddd2ede9f03e19a400e691d *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk11.flac
f1fffeb92d2409bc908de8164b8c4558 *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk12.flac
1798a85663a1b966acd1b679f4e393d8 *RRFB2011-10-13_MK41_tk13.flac

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