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Tedeschi Trucks Band 08/26/11
Weesner Amphitheater - Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
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Source Summary Sennheiser e 614's > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod) - Wavelab 6.0 
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Tedeschi Trucks Band,
08-26-2011 (FRI),
Weesner Family Amphitheater
Apple Valley, MN

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT
Sennheiser e 614's > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod)
Wavelab 6.0

01.  Crowd Intro,
02.  Don't Let Me Slide,
03.  Space Captain,
04.  Comin' Home,
05.  Midnight In Harlem,
06.  Learn How To Love,
07.  I've Got A Feelin'
08.  Nobody's Free,
09.  That Did It,

Cd-2 Set Con't,

10.  Anyday,
11.  Uptight,
12.  Bound For Glory,
13.  E1  Shelter
14.  E2  Love Has Something Else To Say.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t01.flac:5fe07572d23efc690a9d0d84fa440d78
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t02.flac:754796415673beacb5860c1cd6a1c458
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t03.flac:2aa6abb6554403357f1875623b837405
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t04.flac:499e303a2a48577d2fc0a18258ef92f9
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t05.flac:07ecd2b5db9c4113e0d2f04c77ceab96
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t06.flac:ce942bd81825cfdebe3d0231e1849061
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t07.flac:ccdf6a35f48fbe846ddb928e14b95ae4
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t08.flac:edb815d145a8829d3632f69ce566a1f9
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t09.flac:032dee068c6ef606f71b5521d6cdb05d
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t10.flac:81c300b1a6021dda09bb18e634ce866e
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t11.flac:cd2fc0712c946a6f635a273f3dafd731
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t12.flac:e3c3954b46fa41a56bf6f85eccc39d28
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t13.flac:de611bdeed4b710d90472884f76c9ca8
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t14.flac:acb74b9de32216f68eff78d467bc2c98
58da35e5231a194a882a961535caee3d *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t01.flac
56b1949a36c91117a1483791c7e6d3bc *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t02.flac
909578cacca68082f22c392187b2b447 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t03.flac
5bad037bb4782fa7b7ddb0fdaee00c9c *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t04.flac
73ad11d19db95a090a60e941d3034571 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t05.flac
07974f3a744bf3cd09d9e5d841fc2c77 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t06.flac
4137482af1d110522df503e205594db9 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t07.flac
60f5467f6bd99b223202261ca3e92d1a *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t08.flac
0335af29b7c2e8ef82f1da5744d9f0fb *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d1t09.flac
3e60f9b43109ab13cbed9ddb8f69872c *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t10.flac
e0a923df7bb1828f1bb02ee7d1108b3c *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t11.flac
b8249950eae8b584f92ba5e02f1bd0e2 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t12.flac
33ec36905b36c42bf3a300f31dd1c07c *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t13.flac
b44d25b5cd308a1492777dd9ed6eadf3 *Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-08-26d2t14.flac

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