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Garcia 06/11/62
Jewish Community Center, San Carlos, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers: AUD > R2R? > C? > CDR > SHN. Posted to abgd by Greenbaum. 
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Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers
Jewish Community Center
San Carlos, CA
shhs1962,06-11_San Carlos, CA REVISED
Legacy: AUD> R2R?> C?> CDR> SHN**

1 CD (64:07)
shhs1962,06-11_101-Run Mountain
shhs1962,06-11_102-Billy Grimes, The Rover
shhs1962,06-11_103-stage banter
shhs1962,06-11_104-Cannonball Blues
shhs1962,06-11_105-'Dick Arnold' battering
shhs1962,06-11_106-Devilish Mary
shhs1962,06-11_107-Band Intros & Jokes
shhs1962,06-11_108-Buck Dancer's Choice
shhs1962,06-11_109-Little Birdie
shhs1962,06-11_110-banter)Sally Goodin'
shhs1962,06-11_111-band name banter
shhs1962,06-11_112-Hold the Woodpile Down)end of set banter
shhs1962,06-11_113-[S2] Crow Black Chicken
shhs1962,06-11_115-The Johnson Boys
shhs1962,06-11_117-Shady Grove
shhs1962,06-11_118-'Rufus Trips' cover)tuning
shhs1962,06-11_119-Hop High Ladies
shhs1962,06-11_120-Sweet Sunny South
shhs1962,06-11_121-cover-intro)All Go Hungry Hash House
shhs1962,06-11_122-'Roscoe Holcum' cover)Man of Constant Sorrow
shhs1962,06-11_123-'Charlie Parker' cover)Rabbit Chase
shhs1962,06-11_124-Three Men Went A-Huntin'
shhs1962,06-11_125-harmonia jam
shhs1962,06-11_126-Careless Love (fades)

Jerry Garcia: guitar, banjo, vocals, harmonica;
Marshall Leicester: banjo, guitar, vocals;
Dick Arnold: fiddle, vocals.

My Notes:
I rec'd this very old recording sometime back...

The original setlist was considerably different than the one before

Very few were in order, and several weren't listed at all.  The
recording lineage is questionable, as there is considerable hiss
and tape-draw.  I ended up, taking the 22 SHN tracks, converting
to PCM, adding them all back together, then using CDWave to
resplit the files at more meaningful break-points, retitling as I
went along.  I then removed "Flat-Lines" only with CoolEdit Pro,
and Re-SHN'd the files.  The recording because of it's
age, historical significance and humor, are worth (IMHO) the

In Jerry's Bio on AMG Music, it states that he got his first bango
in 1962, the year of this recording. calls the band
"Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers" which is the name I rec'd with the
original recording, but they called themselves the "Slugs"  (re:
111-band name banter). also calls Sally Goodin' (the real name of the tune), Sally Gudun, see their listing below
under PS.   Ciao.

-RJ Jul 2002
(Posted to a.b.gdead -Main (SHN) on July 13, 2002)
PS This is what is posted on
06/11/62 Boar's Head Coffee House - Jewish Community Center - San Carlos, CA

Set 1: Chuck A Little Hill, Billy Grimes*, Cannonball**, Devilish Mary, Buck Dancer's Choice, Little Birdie, Sally Gudun, Hold The Woodpile Down

Set 2: Crow Black Children, The Johnson Boys, Shady Grove, Uncle Joe, Sweet Sunny South, Hungry Hash-House, Man of Constant Sorrow, Yonder He Goes, Three Went A-Huntin', In the Aves***, Chicago Blues***, Blue Goose***

Comment: *="Hill Billy Grimes" on some boots, **="Cannonball Blues" on some boots, ***=shown on some boots.
Lineup: Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers: Jerry Garcia, Dick Arnold, Marshall Leicster.

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55ee0af38ecb0036ce6b2776d42babde *shhs1962,06-11_122-'Roscoe Holcum' cover)Man of Constant Sorrow.wav
f04a58311d4af4f3dc6c61dbd5d9c1fd *shhs1962,06-11_123-'Charlie Parker' cover)Rabbit Chase.wav
eeeebf32dae9a053b0ccee185b48ade5 *shhs1962,06-11_124-Three Men Went A-Huntin'.wav
efcfd3f071b9bb3a1b5096e3dff44546 *shhs1962,06-11_125-harmonia jam.wav
392f48d0a01b902410cc3f855a23eac4 *shhs1962,06-11_126-Careless Love (fades).wav
ec0c22733fb3bcb891759c0bf748a3ad *shhs1962,06-11_101-Run Mountain.wav
51eb0594e8a6b03a26e36e4f05322b8e *shhs1962,06-11_102-Billy Grimes, The Rover.wav
8490bae904d15cf00faa65d72dd50fe0 *shhs1962,06-11_103-stage banter.wav
1dc735878a5f9d09007d73cfc6a78cac *shhs1962,06-11_104-Cannonball Blues.wav
6ba6c8bd67a7ff766151b1a8bc26a2a8 *shhs1962,06-11_105-'Dick Arnold' battering.wav
2d6ed51b53de44732d6fa327efe2b46b *shhs1962,06-11_106-Devilish Mary.wav
2988e93d8da02bb9067ad106aba093cd *shhs1962,06-11_107-Band Intros & Jokes.wav
16e3e2052cbf4065eb5320e9517f6764 *shhs1962,06-11_108-Buck Dancer's Choice.wav
c435d9b0a5290ddd24b83f98cd2c7151 *shhs1962,06-11_109-Little Birdie.wav
28b4c35ed0846526bbefd8f35fa255f0 *shhs1962,06-11_110-banter)Sally Goodin'.wav
c97766e2e141a6ab0d227f8d07d928a4 *shhs1962,06-11_111-band name banter.wav
abca5009dd35c1df1f3119ff719e1062 *shhs1962,06-11_112-Hold the Woodpile Down)end of set banter.wav
52431238e2c353c000851049ddd6020f *shhs1962,06-11_113-[S2] Crow Black Chicken.wav
9d28f11498c7eab7fc0f0343b34b4a65 *shhs1962,06-11_114-folklore)tuning)banter.wav
ea156eecec689abee88f548d71872bec *shhs1962,06-11_115-The Johnson Boys.wav
4d0df4b7ad30f2ff420f9b2aee3bec24 *shhs1962,06-11_116-banter.wav
3cb0780d0d38fd8ab8cad2494cdf4c3e *shhs1962,06-11_117-Shady Grove.wav
57fccea1f83eab896b8592c65f07600b *shhs1962,06-11_118-'Rufus Trips' cover)tuning.wav
c414a9ce2593fa97a64555ebe3bb378a *shhs1962,06-11_119-Hop High Ladies.wav
6466414e83a6b2603511945eaf195684 *shhs1962,06-11_120-Sweet Sunny South.wav
b347a0b90b4b21ae00558777424e7872 *shhs1962,06-11_121-cover-intro)All Go Hungry Hash House.wav
c7836c9bf8abeb24ba19b9da0bd8e7b4 *shhs1962,06-11_126-Careless Love (fades).shn
ce8ea07c9232cf19d4a555741975029d *shhs1962,06-11_101-Run Mountain.shn
dc3ac997740e469314f862bc7f45c548 *shhs1962,06-11_102-Billy Grimes, The Rover.shn
851a470c5a6905432a12cbc7a9141884 *shhs1962,06-11_103-stage banter.shn
5f9f88be1fd9595734e5f80294b51cbb *shhs1962,06-11_104-Cannonball Blues.shn
45ca9e133e7819f64b268a1000b7b215 *shhs1962,06-11_105-'Dick Arnold' battering.shn
cf6fef62c57b83c3e44ba37f8cb3c327 *shhs1962,06-11_106-Devilish Mary.shn
a9f9e187df9ab367c9410261ae66be46 *shhs1962,06-11_107-Band Intros & Jokes.shn
9b9da24e40b9ff2582f6addba33c1a8c *shhs1962,06-11_108-Buck Dancer's Choice.shn
b87208da6c6c1e98e69c0e9ec58fadee *shhs1962,06-11_109-Little Birdie.shn
ea0dd5ac13c2d1c4eb8e00ca702dcf18 *shhs1962,06-11_110-banter)Sally Goodin'.shn
0feaa50de5d6ee87da8afc8171586c80 *shhs1962,06-11_111-band name banter.shn
e731de4c58af3b78675d06034d67e924 *shhs1962,06-11_112-Hold the Woodpile Down)end of set banter.shn
6ce0ccf74c172e69c32e567eeef3fa14 *shhs1962,06-11_113-[S2] Crow Black Chicken.shn
495aea5cf5d4ed9ccaff0d1b29361ee1 *shhs1962,06-11_114-folklore)tuning)banter.shn
a423ed1f54846d7329aae24930ed20f2 *shhs1962,06-11_115-The Johnson Boys.shn
c424de1ce0ea6247817b3ae4ea631920 *shhs1962,06-11_116-banter.shn
9d4ca14d9fbd4f623705724e47ebae09 *shhs1962,06-11_117-Shady Grove.shn
3186b19f1ec4ccbc1d308d060c225682 *shhs1962,06-11_118-'Rufus Trips' cover)tuning.shn
3cc695f231cf16830eb6db853f4fd8af *shhs1962,06-11_119-Hop High Ladies.shn
80145fa4ec32afb06a832df3dfa04ec4 *shhs1962,06-11_120-Sweet Sunny South.shn
70f4d76f5e529a7ffa046a870fcd0acb *shhs1962,06-11_121-cover-intro)All Go Hungry Hash House.shn
848ac63dec0f74b48f5168a8abd896d8 *shhs1962,06-11_122-'Roscoe Holcum' cover)Man of Constant Sor.shn
a689646a4f224d76314763f33cc479ec *shhs1962,06-11_123-'Charlie Parker' cover)Rabbit Chase.shn
3b393e4a7d57e3647378466030b95511 *shhs1962,06-11_124-Three Men Went A-Huntin'.shn
13668b4a6e895e816f4fd586ce9cf5b2 *shhs1962,06-11_125-harmonia jam.shn

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11/11/2002 great file names; way to follow the etree naming convention