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The Word 01/06/15
Jam Cruise 13, Pantheon Theater, MSC Divina, Ocean
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums flac16-md5 , flac16-ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 574.07 MB (601957661 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; Rode NTG4 -> TASCAM DR-100mkII; Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.05; Taped & transferred by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED 
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The Word - Jam Cruise 13 Pantheon Theater

Rode NTG4 -> TASCAM DR-100mkII
Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.05
Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

1 Set

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75d645f82675c73da7e4b9e7bd3e3052 *The Word 2015-01-06t-01.flac
6cb644db58109c3055204b745f9808b5 *The Word 2015-01-06t-02.flac
4ed67a2bb90fadda54505adb49acb09f *The Word 2015-01-06t-03.flac
7883ae2e88e6258d5a36874bdb4fa5ca *The Word 2015-01-06t-04.flac
610cb81cff210a566200cbcecdb9123a *The Word 2015-01-06t-05.flac
f2a1586affaec35b84e06775fe56fcff *The Word 2015-01-06t-06.flac
7b79194340a8c32b1c584d0383da3677 *The Word 2015-01-06t-07.flac
6491799152952a56db08265364e80d66 *The Word 2015-01-06t-08.flac
865bdcfc902a66e52212894fe1f7b3e7 *The Word 2015-01-06t-09.flac
The Word 2015-01-06t-01.flac:5d604d31d9f3e91d728ce6dc4c676570
The Word 2015-01-06t-02.flac:b45a8de3647c3b9bf4817bfd432a6e56
The Word 2015-01-06t-03.flac:54551f0299c4dcb1adaa3c1824ca4e3b
The Word 2015-01-06t-04.flac:8b6b4d60786a0351966fa746aa245265
The Word 2015-01-06t-05.flac:6a3324af3116fb360a72ebd1b7a2f3b4
The Word 2015-01-06t-06.flac:a209ab8fe6945e23f260f87a0d5af733
The Word 2015-01-06t-07.flac:5a8f90cb3475f0d7fc30f20559429008
The Word 2015-01-06t-08.flac:10705ed998638f986950eafb26fa51d2
The Word 2015-01-06t-09.flac:26e01e338f5f82d848b96b15feac63e9

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