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Garcia 07/10/81
Raddison Hotel, Room 1503, St. Paul, MN
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Interview: unclear source information (but see info file). Shn'd and seeded by Dupree. 
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Jerry Garcia Interview
Raddison Hotel, room 1503
St. Paul, Mn.
July 10, 1981

It basically starts as a casual interview with someone named Greg
Harrington(sp?), and evolves into Jerry hanging out with a handfull of Heads
in his hotel room. They shoot the shit and burn some herbs and Jerry is
basically generous and humble and inspired. I have no idea how rare this is
or if it was ever published in any form. If anyone has any info, please let
me know.

Original tape copy is an analog normal-bias cassette, and has obvious analog
noise. There are various cuts and recording splices, all of which were
present in original copy.   The only editing done was the addition of track
numbers as  recorded to CDR via pro standalone burner(Marantz CDR500). There
are track numbers for each "subject" of conversation on the first side of the
tape(disc1). Disc 2 was more rambling and all-encompassing, so...less track
markers.   If anyone can clean any of the hiss away or anything, go for it.  
Certainly, it's listenable and unique.  Here's the track info:


1) intro w/Greg Harrington  -questions & answers-  
2) acoustic selections...  
3) video broadcasts, etc...  
4) Reckoning....Dead Set(being mastered today)  
5) 15 yrs...deadheads/crowds...  
6) songwriting w/Hunter...  
7) The Eleven....performing w/Brent...  
8) Inspiration...transitions...communication...  
9) Slide guitar ....Bobby's rappin'  
10) Brent's style...
11) taping shows...  
12) different venues...
13) (phone call/splice)  
14) song teases...Unbroken chain...  (knock at
door/splice)  more people in the room now....  
15) song selections...setlists...  
16) unbroken chain ever played?...  
17) video of Radio City...
18) phone call  
19) (splice) improvisation...  
20) future  
21) autographs & generosities...future  deadbase...  
(knock at the door)  
22) new folks are introduced  
23) chatting w/new folks about
midwest...pot...people...choking on joint....
red rocks...etc, ...more coughing...Chicago...
24) talking about Althea....
playing the Zoo  (phone call, splice/tape flips)


1) /songs....Althea in set 2?....  
2) passing the joint...remebering  
3) talking about Weir...Hart...flying...  
4) being around straight people...  
5) someone named Pat calls, Jerry invites backstage access  
6) chatting about time off...singing...  Women R Smarter/Aiko...  
(at various points, folks in the room are watching some crazy event
on the news in London? I'm not sure what was happening in the world on this day...)  chatting about Ireland...War...Cambodia Benefit...New Years....
Acid Tests...Alaska...  
7) phone call  
8) Jerry's gotta go...  
9) Althea from that night (in the 2nd set)  -tape cuts out-

Seeded and shn 11/02 by Dupree

Charlie Connor's note:

I changed the track naming scheme from duprees original seed to conform
to the etree naming scheme.  original tracks were simply named track01
etc.  The underlying md5 signatures are the same otherwise.
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ed63f4cbc8cb3d310a7371f34b235f28 *jg81-07-10d1t04.shn
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0a990e42a2ee33fba38366a76a0860d0 *jg81-07-10d1t06.shn
08669ab77f1a6528e2055876fd4ec922 *jg81-07-10d1t07.shn
5ccc0b3eaf4125ab980463833fed07f7 *jg81-07-10d1t08.shn
1e89840a361f8743a7bb48c8478c373d *jg81-07-10d1t09.shn
4d31d1136940169d76edc78b9a9a9d81 *jg81-07-10d1t10.shn
6d7c27841f7782ef08ad3cf6fe86d9d2 *jg81-07-10d1t11.shn
f8980ee9cf65e9261858fb5bd6e57bfd *jg81-07-10d1t12.shn
ce7aa32232ee415b12ff4435a60ca139 *jg81-07-10d1t13.shn
05d362ba0cc647a6dfd835bb0a3b4180 *jg81-07-10d1t14.shn
1d49807c28aba340f87b41cdc2ec6fbe *jg81-07-10d1t15.shn
1de55b00f13766d854c8893eb9209093 *jg81-07-10d1t16.shn
57ff83bb287bb5d33557c4acd5e1e15f *jg81-07-10d1t17.shn
c03038ba60f78f21901cdf9eee2dda05 *jg81-07-10d1t18.shn
71edb7c839b9eafa4e4e370acb99f3e7 *jg81-07-10d1t19.shn
afa56534a5c886468edfb93ded13116d *jg81-07-10d1t20.shn
bcba89ab410a6942043916b9c90dfae7 *jg81-07-10d1t21.shn
8166ed43402ffa5d1bb2d6088e3a786f *jg81-07-10d1t22.shn
449e8d15cf5097dcbba68f8bb0927ab6 *jg81-07-10d1t23.shn
b8681877aee6f236c525991867b28ba9 *jg81-07-10d1t24.shn
be7fdaee564652dc0016841cfb8fdcd8 *jg81-07-10d1t01.shn
65b35d31db3d798ea8e8a8b92098665f *jg81-07-10d1t02.shn
0614b83f63b401a9d31d5f2514f8afdf *jg81-07-10d1t03.shn

10605922d972c04ce159341e27dac08c *jg81-07-10d2t07.shn
4b354e2d127a89d1867232fe60a5a4b5 *jg81-07-10d2t08.shn
1f604f39a43870730c12d7574d77e2af *jg81-07-10d2t09.shn
b2a54b9da82ea00df81df6f80dcf251e *jg81-07-10d2t01.shn
a262ad42db7ad604f38ee92e69de3d06 *jg81-07-10d2t02.shn
4eb3ef2777f45d6b9e91122059c16435 *jg81-07-10d2t03.shn
c25f858ea5c3f259f3cc352acae5b98a *jg81-07-10d2t04.shn
ebede2809672906a6e526f024520d1ab *jg81-07-10d2t05.shn
98795dbabe98f0573e5512280856ac8d *jg81-07-10d2t06.shn

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