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Smashing Pumpkins 06/15/15
Riviera Theater, North Tonawanda, NY
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Entered by Michael
Checksums tsp2015-06-15.ffp , tsp2015-06-15.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 3.24 GB (3475341720 bytes)
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Source Summary flac2496; Audio Technica AT831s > Tascam DR-08 
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Smashing Pumpkins
Riviera Theater
North Tonawanda, NY
June 15, 2015

24 bit version

Taper: Binko
Gear: Audio Technica AT831s > Tascam DR-08
Transferred and mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: DR-08 > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, peak limiting to attenuate loud audience between tracks, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (flac 8)

Opening night of the Smashing Pumpkins first tour in many years.  Intimate and acoustic.

I'm not sure why this was billed as Smashing Pumpkins when it was essentially a Billy Corgan solo show.  He was the only one on stage for the whole show.  He was joined by a second guitarist for a large amount of the show, but the bass player was only onstage for 3 songs.  Other than that it was just Billy.

And what dedication.  2 and a half hours non-stop without intermission.  And his voice was perfect the whole time.  A fantastic performance from end to end that I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

The main flaw with this show was the ignorant audience.  OK a lot were there to hear the music, sing along, have a good time.  But it seems a fair percentage went to have a frat party.  They talked and carried on oblivious of the guy on stage putting his all into the songs.  Even the local music reporter had issues with the audience in his review.  Where we sat there was a whole section that came together and shouted across rows to each other like the music was on the stereo at a party.  The girl behind us kept telling them to shut up.  Security and the house manager told them to shut up.  They eventually left, ironically  because we all refused to join in on their party.  Even Billy asked the people talking to leave for a portion of the show.

Binko and I sat in the balcony 5 rows from the back of the theater.  Not the greatest seats, but hey, this show sold out in about and hour, so quickly that by the time the website for tickets went online they were gone.  Binko stood in line and was lucky to even get tickets at all, so thank the man for his perseverance.  This recording was about 40 seats away from not existing at all.  In spite of the audience and distant location the tape came out great.  Listen.  Enjoy.

I regret that Binko didn't record the opening acts. The second one was fantastic. 3 guys from Seoul, South Korea. What a great singer they had. Sounded like Bono at his peak.  I have no idea who they were, nor did anyone else including the staff at the theater, and you couldn't understand the guy when he said the band name.  First time they played in the Western world.  I hope to hear more from them.

01 Tonight Tonight
02 99 Floors
03 Today
04 My Poor Troubled Heart
05 Freedom Ain't What It Used To Be
06 For Your Love
07 Drum Fife
08 A Stitch in Time
09 Mayonnaise
10 Prairie Song
11 banter
12 Jersey Shore
13 Sparrow
14 Perfect
15 To Sheila
16 Behold: The Nightmare
17 For Martha
18 Blissed & Gone
19 Ava Adore
20 Now (and Then)
21 The Crying Tree of Mercury
22 1979
23 Run2me
24 Pinwheels
25 Stand Inside Your Love
26 Landslide
27 A New Poetry

28 Spaceboy
29 El-A-Nay

30 Cardinal Rule

Show Checksums
01 Tonight Tonight.flac:f561d7c378b8faa23433fbe738384cc5
02 99 Floors.flac:e3a9e73071ff176f48e954e613cb6a36
03 Today.flac:f3b266996d7fa73aeeb9fa19ef245e8d
04 My Poor Troubled Heart.flac:b6709f7f550ea7ae540aaae566853d36
05 Freedom Ain't What it Used to Be.flac:d659a1f586fb4bbf9a8f94f3c1890723
06 For Your Love.flac:9072e5e50bd6a4ec2ab20e41982a4679
07 Drum + Fife.flac:0ef8227a96bfddc68d690d1d4e8c0dd2
08 A Stitch In Time.flac:619522a1a6d60b550974deb4e38be5b2
09 Mayonnaise.flac:60d72f38a7d468ee37fb6441da5f3c1c
10 Prairie Song.flac:4c87d5fde1b0d8504315995928f889c0
11 Banter.flac:03f81235607eb56e014268c0d3e08425
12 Jersey Shore.flac:f164c010a38ccc934969b35372748e41
13 Sparrow.flac:4875f3a0684078deafb6fcff2a49d660
14 Perfect.flac:c68afabd2fcfea737389310186401f58
15 To Sheila.flac:62b6df03d1c7cd033806201bf103bb08
16 Behold- The Nightmare.flac:081694cb15d12fb0dadf0c6a6e0fe8fa
17 For Martha.flac:e2094bede69b5d935e6996823dc02c4e
18 Blissed & Gone.flac:634aabf47c450838de2de54b5bed7b54
19 Ava Adore.flac:2bc54b214e7e7f1780f680f85e329153
20 Now (and Then).flac:7863953ed379cf7275b08fcda1cb0aa1
21 The Crying Tree of Mercury.flac:3f8e0adb6e63fcced919c6804e1ddd13
22 1979.flac:b2e43cafa431652bb85b97cf7111692a
23 Run2Me.flac:baeed37c27a3d438da5451371da195b0
24 Pinwheels.flac:6b1268d2ad4704d0a11abf6ef9801afe
25 Stand Inside Your Love.flac:183966b74876df879d795e7d17357929
26 Landslide.flac:92c78c90b8e76f21829a49f3f5f6e591
27 A New Poetry.flac:6da6361e153090b3f49d63b92bbd00a8
28 Spaceboy.flac:f211fe6b88de0016646f2b8104b9c467
29 El-a-Nay.flac:d2d39deb058401d18762dcaa09975dc3
30 Cardinal Rule.flac:ca641ba9a53a3201dd483a49c6a9664d
c4b3f7711c1f248c79d6dee5e96bc292 *01 Tonight Tonight.flac
ecd31d428469e0bff76ffcccef316130 *02 99 Floors.flac
648304738a39cd223af748525b124b1f *03 Today.flac
94dec81b96a6b7a43c873804fbb5fa17 *04 My Poor Troubled Heart.flac
f8e1105b1f631fcdedfe8acf70ac255d *05 Freedom Ain't What it Used to Be.flac
864d212c282709a9df09a6274f3f6e13 *06 For Your Love.flac
c79966cb6544ed6bda72a10cd076e76e *07 Drum + Fife.flac
8bd83c678654a08051064dd683aab845 *08 A Stitch In Time.flac
42d99c83b726eb3e838826c723abb226 *09 Mayonnaise.flac
584827c099205eefe2297988ef432428 *10 Prairie Song.flac
5c674f219ebe9c4efa89ba1c970cc169 *11 Banter.flac
6c7862442a3474978775b90c0c7d5968 *12 Jersey Shore.flac
5933e8efee4b9a54b487b5dec8caca80 *13 Sparrow.flac
7b6e658be796210a0cac6874f220720c *14 Perfect.flac
007fbb33016a2122257f562871c08ec9 *15 To Sheila.flac
edce2340fdcc18d599bc8ded6e574b23 *16 Behold- The Nightmare.flac
93870755dcad891ec1ffde03eedac886 *17 For Martha.flac
5add7aada60ef3990afdc680fb00a9a3 *18 Blissed & Gone.flac
13eac7e08014d42064684f7a0a775f0d *19 Ava Adore.flac
8cd4bdf322a39af313f732f2391895e0 *20 Now (and Then).flac
ff0a41953b6da54f2af20cd5de612de3 *21 The Crying Tree of Mercury.flac
e86d33dc043e72d492f634d792011ee9 *22 1979.flac
a8e45b26eda1d238cf5efbae77b2720c *23 Run2Me.flac
77e79b517348da4d0eee6e978e4c4354 *24 Pinwheels.flac
fd2ed843a45c65248ce8d0384de845a2 *25 Stand Inside Your Love.flac
39d23040024f1327011ddf1f9ce5c1ba *26 Landslide.flac
90ea9466a2993fd27454fa0bb05de58d *27 A New Poetry.flac
a03a7187479f80283a4824c6d8b6f9a5 *28 Spaceboy.flac
4ff9c93dd5904f7954e6b64dd44e35d8 *29 El-a-Nay.flac
266e9e37198ebbb4453a380580f7050e *30 Cardinal Rule.flac

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