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Trey Anastasio 10/30/15
Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 AKG c480b (CK63) > GAKables > Naiant Biggest Box > Tascam DR-07; Tascam DR-07 > Audacity (Normalized and Tracked) > xAct > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by Heath Clayton 
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Trey Anastasio Band 10/30/15 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Source: AKG c480b (CK63) > GAKables >
Naiant Biggest Box > Tascam DR-07
Lineage: Tascam DR-07 > Audacity (Normalized and Tracked) > xAct > FLAC
Taped & Transferred by Heath Clayton
Seeded by Todd Hodulik

Set I:
Gotta Jiboo
Speak to Me
Dark and Down
Let Me Lie
In Rounds
Soul Rebel
Flying Machines

Set II:
Money Love & Change
Lever Boy
Case of Ice and Snow
Simple Twist Up Dave
The Song
Clint Eastwood

Show of Life
Dazed and Confused

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7d54ee002e13cd43a5b984bee25fa4c4 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-1.flac
95b4b7485b07fd786d25c0e73cd6df2d *TAB 10_30_15 S1-10.flac
33d8b1e9e7def709bf5d761fdf744488 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-11.flac
57eef2619742710bb6ade9c7085c3435 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-12.flac
fa4a468d69f91f01e37fec6256ce81ac *TAB 10_30_15 S1-2.flac
b45414d32d4dd29972761029aa768b22 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-3.flac
f2852409b54e4cf6a8bae1b3c972ea69 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-4.flac
4dc8cd06aca90969854b6f3b0830ecd4 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-5.flac
e8536399ac4fb70cdb5257bfc3afc66b *TAB 10_30_15 S1-6.flac
2a9ca96c305e028c97ffe28d45263a0d *TAB 10_30_15 S1-7.flac
0edc07c5307197f69694607e93a53b50 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-8.flac
021cca880622ac8e273d60825297dd52 *TAB 10_30_15 S1-9.flac
9467b527be11cb10dc261c69b10df470 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-1.flac
bdba7754766a72de9a00c689001c7e32 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-10.flac
480a827e9e2b8862bcb96698ceb79249 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-2.flac
c11dd4020376d6f4a4b406c9eff3c620 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-3.flac
9be707b306ce5f6f6b6d13ac2bcd728e *TAB 10_30_15 S2-4.flac
f3a50c770bdfabedcf81b94a8217c583 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-5.flac
4b30f0f0a3ab3128455effcdc063d2cf *TAB 10_30_15 S2-6.flac
c719ebae6bc11e32a13dc51a734b251b *TAB 10_30_15 S2-7.flac
650f44e5b4f9f5d092a65a8af25103d2 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-8.flac
9a582cdb2e9c63d0c50332508aff9e71 *TAB 10_30_15 S2-9.flac

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06/19/2016 openpath FLAC FFP's:

TAB 10_30_15 S1-10.flac:c6e5231d8e1238df7a7282c5db82332d
TAB 10_30_15 S1-11.flac:85b9e8597cfaefdc4d367abb9671dc43
TAB 10_30_15 S1-12.flac:ae6dcfcdf4cf04c69123a45b6c4e5a12
TAB 10_30_15 S1-1.flac:eaa3ab4a0ec324ec21677a5fe068933b
TAB 10_30_15 S1-2.flac:b85ec60f69e59e96c2e83ab352f0ee83
TAB 10_30_15 S1-3.flac:753508ddb47880b90f00fd0daf586929
TAB 10_30_15 S1-4.flac:667cf291cb45735a0746dbb4a83da49c
TAB 10_30_15 S1-5.flac:ab81227b51d0b67099449fc634717228
TAB 10_30_15 S1-6.flac:129180a945932f08683a4fd08f6b9922
TAB 10_30_15 S1-7.flac:25c4368de3780319e4bf16fa57644d83
TAB 10_30_15 S1-8.flac:b0c3b1fa2ed258c17d318b14204a16ba
TAB 10_30_15 S1-9.flac:567734f21572f89f33d467ab9927f316
TAB 10_30_15 S2-10.flac:ddbbc0c2d7e04e5feb9bb94dfc43f73e
TAB 10_30_15 S2-1.flac:239c0df42f5dd06e9cbce202d504068c
TAB 10_30_15 S2-2.flac:0d1b5c21bbd5472080ba7dfd4e026f35
TAB 10_30_15 S2-3.flac:fc4ff3853d60667f81ac0daa384892d1
TAB 10_30_15 S2-4.flac:4f378dd17b8fa132552416bd01d898e4
TAB 10_30_15 S2-5.flac:edc6d1f5b1b3f83a1f573c551f76e2c3
TAB 10_30_15 S2-6.flac:5b748620090078be325f2e0df10bab08
TAB 10_30_15 S2-7.flac:ad621ff09023bbaf2a1acfbaf5d4b15c
TAB 10_30_15 S2-8.flac:94c5a870245f26ad4f80bd8df1aa09f3
TAB 10_30_15 S2-9.flac:126d0f70882f99e4fef7d379be42b22e