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Trey Anastasio 10/31/15
Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 AKG c480b (CK63) > GAKables > Naiant Biggest Box > Tascam DR-07; Tascam DR-07 > Audacity (Normalized and Tracked) > xAct > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by Heath Clayton 
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Trey Anastasio Band 10/31/15 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Source: AKG c480b (CK63) > GAKables >
Naiant Biggest Box > Tascam DR-07
Lineage: Tascam DR-07 > Audacity (Normalized and Tracked) > xAct > FLAC
Taped & Transferred by Heath Clayton
Seeded by Todd Hodulik

Set I:
First Tube,
Cayman Review,
Acting the Devil,
Devil Went Down to Georgia,
Sometime After Sunset,
Land of Nod,
49 Bye Byes,
Burlap Sack and Pumps,
Paper Wheels,
Enjoy Yourself,
Night Speaks to a Woman

Set II:
Curlews Call,
O-o-h Child,
Last Tube,
Sweet and Dandy,
The Way I Feel >
Push On Til the Day

MacArthur Park

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1dadaaffd86e6839dab41b5095a05b45 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-1.flac
1e92d108c1be902f25d9c44041ea542c *TAB 10_31_15 S1-2.flac
40e8b03209a56ab9291fc14ec4e9c13a *TAB 10_31_15 S1-3.flac
f3159042b4629d2907ff65951da7630d *TAB 10_31_15 S1-4.flac
60840594c14c449f6364a97c9a5d0480 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-5.flac
6cdf73f98841e4c9665457af594af1c3 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-6.flac
efc8b8510e3aea9360b7ed0e12191010 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-7.flac
2d7a85fff3b8d9373856ae2ea65b32fd *TAB 10_31_15 S1-8.flac
40f0f9b7865c02cefc6b2c7b88c3d218 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-9.flac
000c3947f19af583b1a0b2fc000641ab *TAB 10_31_15 S1-10.flac
624f6556c010b8aa20b501af19fc1ebe *TAB 10_31_15 S1-11.flac
1b86f18aea43bed4747627f6b152d432 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-12.flac
b480a005f12279e1def921f5c39ca565 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-13.flac
b422540471f843fb1dcd5071c6dd0759 *TAB 10_31_15 S1-14.flac
bdd45fcd8e24d289a1135b9e0a665f37 *TAB 10_31_15 S2-1.flac
bbfd0dbc5c3e6c763efe111103bda6a8 *TAB 10_31_15 S2-2.flac
7b2cc7453805a38e0d8e2da883739c50 *TAB 10_31_15 S2-3.flac
4e203934dfdd64a7fd0ff04597ea8cdc *TAB 10_31_15 S2-4.flac
3ece79f5ac9e3fc57352f46fc93b7bda *TAB 10_31_15 S2-5.flac
4edfaaacc911cfd90699a9fb6ed7952b *TAB 10_31_15 S2-6.flac
04148d425fd4723982f1cacdf1d624ea *TAB 10_31_15 S2-7.flac
877ec068a6559eb4438826687515ba0c *TAB 10_31_15 S2-8.flac
f15d21b5d9b13541682df717b6ec53a6 *TAB 10_31_15 S2-9.flac
b4a87db1a74c6a2eb83a3df6319bbb93 *TAB 10_31_15 S2-10.flac
4f6add0fb37d2fb677843c7bd4668f2e *TAB 10_31_15 S2-11.flac

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06/19/2016 openpath FLAC FFP's:

TAB 10_31_15 S1-10.flac:15e4e9318f6fa597664a476ec1e2344a
TAB 10_31_15 S1-11.flac:ac741402b9636a0b3c4b60401259c975
TAB 10_31_15 S1-12.flac:f50578a258174989a7206c8a9c71dc02
TAB 10_31_15 S1-13.flac:23e6da4e6749ac6e55394f674743c9e4
TAB 10_31_15 S1-14.flac:83e637ec553525bc4f51a455ac7b9936
TAB 10_31_15 S1-1.flac:3ed99af606e35fc7056aa45ae6dc902b
TAB 10_31_15 S1-2.flac:eeb74d13a7c87ee84045244ea176d16b
TAB 10_31_15 S1-3.flac:8483979875a50d9c4a65b5fc90738f77
TAB 10_31_15 S1-4.flac:fdf872f35ec57034fd0e2df0113f6796
TAB 10_31_15 S1-5.flac:2badb5094d3b8bea81935a46bbfb66e9
TAB 10_31_15 S1-6.flac:6fe3f8a19ee7f182cff11450665946b4
TAB 10_31_15 S1-7.flac:d695aac16bf962d9d23bd405f03766ba
TAB 10_31_15 S1-8.flac:740ec0e732fe94a822c89338ed4acfcc
TAB 10_31_15 S1-9.flac:ac3475b4806a0395dfe0343057ae89b8
TAB 10_31_15 S2-10.flac:d61bbcb799166df0d3d8974a3c42bb6b
TAB 10_31_15 S2-11.flac:cd1955cb79a9e95163a5e9e9bccda4d2
TAB 10_31_15 S2-1.flac:9e8c41b8f5f1bb7350d1baf73ff127a5
TAB 10_31_15 S2-2.flac:d9d2530f38eecea58563f30b154f8fde
TAB 10_31_15 S2-3.flac:d01099b373b7e66866373152af2f6910
TAB 10_31_15 S2-4.flac:218dc5dca13bfaaee75ec6789acc6f5f
TAB 10_31_15 S2-5.flac:8292855e542eb71168a17c725945ca9b
TAB 10_31_15 S2-6.flac:626d382391de1ff8b0ef072a117b53b8
TAB 10_31_15 S2-7.flac:b9d8e14a4637da34eaf4aa171bbceb48
TAB 10_31_15 S2-8.flac:f609d69d58a972162545de563d8312b4
TAB 10_31_15 S2-9.flac:9ab969967dfebf0a75fffd7368945bdf