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Garcia 02/19/69
Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1969-02-19.GoodBear.Tiedrich.4500.md5
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Source Summary High Country; flac1644; Goodbear 3rd remaster (2006); SBD > ? > Jeff Tiedrich Dat > my computer (edited*) > Wav > CD > EAC > my computer (edited**) > FLAC 
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Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999*
From: Teddy GoodBear
Posted: alt.binaries.gdead.reposts (2nd remastering)
Subject: 2/19/1969

etree db ~ &
1 ~ (my seed)
2 ~ (from my seed)
3 ~ (from my seed)
4 ~ (from my seed)

Date: Sunday, September 17 2006** - 7 year itch (3rd remastering)

Lineage: SBD>?>Jeff Tiedrich Dat>my computer (edited*)>Wav>CD>EAC>my computer (edited**)>FLAC
Re extracted from my 1999 CD (don't have my '99 DAT master anymore) and cleaned up all tracks

Garcia, Nelson & Others (aka ~ High Country): 2/19/1969
The Matrix ~ San Francisco, CA
1 ~ Bucking Mule                          02:00
2 ~ ON AND ON                             03:40
3 ~ Walls Of Time                         04:44
4 ~ HIGH County                           03:40
5 ~ TEARDROPS IN MY EYE                   02:58
6 ~ BIG RIVER                             02:44
7 ~ WORKING ON THE BUILDING               04:56
8 ~ Breaking In A Brand New Pair Of Shoes 02:55
9 ~ SOLDIER'S JOY                         04:21
10~ SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT               03:10
11~ Blue And Lonesome                     03:36
12~ BLUEGRASS STOMP                       05:18
14~ BLUEGRASS BREAKDOWN                   04:06
15~ Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me      03:14
16~ FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN              03:22

Total: 57:22

Comments: Track 4 is called "High County" by one of the musicians, not "High Country" which is the band name.

*Speed adjustment, noise/hiss reduction, bass boost eq,
stereo expand/pan & more!

Lineage: SBD>?>Jeff Tiedrich Dat>my computer (edited*)>Wav>SHN


1) Most tracks retracked
2) Besides manual removal of some minor pops I removed some clicks/hiss ~
     *From 1999 ~
BAND  Garcia, Nelson & Others
VENUE  The Matrix
CITY  San Francisco
DATE  02/19/69
SET1  Instrumental [2:00] ; On and On [3:41] ; Come To You When I Die [4:44]
; High County [3:40] ; Teardrops In My Eye [2:58] ; Big River [2:41] ;
Working On The Building [4:50] ; Brand New Pair Of Shoes [3:06] ; Soldier's
Joy [4:21] ; Swing Low Sweet Chariot [3:10] ; I'm Blue I'm Lonesome Too
[3:36] ; Bluegrass Stomp [5:10] ; I Wonder Where You Are Tonight [2:41] ;
Bluegrass Breakdown [4:12] ; Tell Me You Don't. Mean Goodbye [3:06] ;
Foggy Mountain Breakdown [3:34] ---- cuts on vine DAT at about :58 seconds
4/24/89 FILLER --- not on vine DAT
          Teddy :^)
    Home of AUD Etree(s) & Tree(s)
The following text edited by Jim Perricone & rewritten here by Teddy GoodBear on 9/17/2006 who added High Country website ~
Corry Arnold: "This show is Jerry sitting in with Bay Area bluegrass band High Country: Butch Waller (mandolin, vocals), David Nelson (guitar, vocals) and Rich Wilbur (bass, vocals).

The confusion surrounding this tape was cleared up by a Usenet posting from David Nelson, now buried in my wife's deceased hard drive. Nelson was a sometime member of High Country and Jerry sat in. Since  all Matrix shows were taped (hallelujah) this artifact survives. The  numbers are such standards that it was easy for naive listeners (including  me in the past) to assume that Grisman, Wakefield, Peter Rowan or others were involved, since all bluegrass singers imitate Bill Monroe.

According to another posting, the band listed at the Matrix that night was "Weird Herald". For various reasons I think that is a bluegrass joke  (there is a well-known bluegrass singer named John Herald, and some other facts). High Country was unlisted, or they actually were Weird Herald.

Butch Waller sings and plays a lot like Frank Wakefield so Wakefield is often mistakenly listed as appearing on the tape (I'm sure Waller would be complimented). Butch Waller and High Country still perform every New Years to play the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. Jerry hasn't shown up yet, but you never know."
ReSeeded 9/29/2006 by Teddy "GoodBear" Selby to Lossless Legs

Check out the setlists at:

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5c83b3020328052be73f0c1438e03aeb *jg1969-02-19t03.flac
5ddd53c091358b4ac43d0833fa37de91 *jg1969-02-19t04.flac
cf61da2f5b207cf86a879620b10a83b4 *jg1969-02-19t05.flac
508a1534bd70ddae7562260c55194e62 *jg1969-02-19t06.flac
37b2465750547cfdd9b6a0a36580db72 *jg1969-02-19t07.flac
43b3bfa7c5dafc902b66db096e282d15 *jg1969-02-19t08.flac
f9a7903cbc09195e395b9f1c1f5a2bac *jg1969-02-19t09.flac
a57abe3c9d4f48d5be5411d3ce9b7dc8 *jg1969-02-19t10.flac
d7e6fe235018e7b90f06d6f4f99cacf6 *jg1969-02-19t11.flac
d1505843b57b448c539826c9530b460d *jg1969-02-19t12.flac
b204b3981282cc59199e1e66bc87dc56 *jg1969-02-19t13.flac
3064ad2af42d5391488aba851c46096a *jg1969-02-19t14.flac
8b36dec2fbfcc85f194b355c44024a46 *jg1969-02-19t15.flac
b8d1735f2ad0a67bb793caf6878cf28c *jg1969-02-19t16.flac

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