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Garcia 04/19/94
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jgb94-04-19.vasseur-neumann.ladner.xxxxxx.flac16.ffp , jgb94-04-19.vasseur-neumann.ladner.xxxxxx.flac16.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 742.94 MB (779033904 bytes)
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Source Summary JGB; flac1644; DAT clone (no cassette) gen of MAD (Neumann 257s > Denon DAT). Tapers: J. & C. Vasseur Transfer: DAT > CD > FLAC > EAC > TLH. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

DAT clone (no cassette) gen of
Source: MAD (Neumann 257s>Denon DAT). Taper:  J. & C.Vasseur

Only source listed in is a cassette copy #23229
of this tape, confirmed by mic bump @ beginning of Simple Twist.
I dug out my DAT and transferred DAT>CD>FLAC>EAC>TLH.
My 2hr DAT ran out at the end of Lucky Old Sun -
Thanks to Chris Lull for his DAT making the show complete.
Updated version of "excellent sounding audience recording"

   - Set 1 -
01. Cats Under the Stars
02. He Ain't Give You None
03. Strugglin' Man
04. Dear Prudence
05. Money Honey
06. Sisters & Brothers
07. Everybody Needs Somebody
   - Set 2 -
08. The Way You Do the Things You Do
09. The Maker
10. Simple Twist of Fate
11. Lay Down Sally
12. That Lucky Old Sun >
13. Midnight Moonlight

Show Checksums
01 Cats Under the Stars.flac:be335769587be4914630d4ee02c1c42c
02 He Ain't Give You None.flac:6f13193aa97eb88406da043fc3fd42ac
03 Strugglin' Man.flac:8e14aa0fe70858c7e5de0243a197920d
04 Dear Prudence.flac:15513985642570a6821f0a28c753b9c4
05 Money Honey.flac:cc34e7c1fb7ccef06589b4d2a6ef1777
06 My Sisters & Brothers.flac:8a0790c6c1d20ef1702d44f39df7633a
07 Everybody Needs Somebody.flac:af8a2c5a76da313c63903ff0f71c9141
08 The Way You Do the Things You Do.flac:8e5e143535fc071c3b70edadb5a32465
09 The Maker.flac:95912f954f8a8ce7b0d299c5d265bc37
10 Simple Twist of Fate.flac:97cee5ae60591dd6a3574f72f32f315d
11 Lay Down Sally.flac:9c93f037bc6b58cfded13239851afab4
12 That Lucky Old Sun ].flac:a774c91d10aef9f045d3650af48d5b02
13 Midnight Moonlight.flac:fa93844e6ff8c5b347ad60b487b8365d
ffd0fb2e87316957aecffa2b8dbe5b40 *01 Cats Under the Stars.flac
0d4e83936772ae17e6ed5e63898b6791 *02 He Ain't Give You None.flac
fe9db1d2a61385aea75be8a434d789ef *03 Strugglin' Man.flac
562a990fec08bc657f30dcfdc7d1c93b *04 Dear Prudence.flac
40420631bf6ead212e46e8088f355004 *05 Money Honey.flac
f7af58733a86eeb6b1239d4b0c5f4f8a *06 My Sisters & Brothers.flac
77324ccf830228e3acb3ae273beb8d6a *07 Everybody Needs Somebody.flac
c1737864705ef059131487bf6a470eef *08 The Way You Do the Things You Do.flac
509720b811c4d87463b05aeff08200f8 *09 The Maker.flac
bce9e72e6cc0fcbe6a35f9bb347b8eef *10 Simple Twist of Fate.flac
5f0dacc424e7558f24854eed08112c31 *11 Lay Down Sally.flac
34c106ff7ae9524959913dd79bf96089 *12 That Lucky Old Sun ].flac
10b16993caf8d4822361f583f8fbbf61 *13 Midnight Moonlight.flac

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