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Garcia 10/21/70
Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Garcia & others: Supposed MSR > DAT > CD. This material travels under many different names, including "Hot Dead Messenger Service", though the info file's identification of this as a "Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Session" seems implausible, since 10/21/70 was a Wednesday. 
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Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Sessions

San Francisco
SB > R > DAT > CD

Jorma, Jack, John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia,
David Frieberg, Papa John Creech & Nicky Hopkins
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Matrix Jam Session (Garcia... (1)
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03/05/2003 J Hudson I would question either Garcia's presence or the date's validity as the Dead were in Minneapolis on 10/18/70 and Washington, DC on 10/23/70. A trip back to California seems a bit implausible.
08/01/2003 Ben Wirth I think I can shed a little light on this grey area. I have a cassette tape in my collection that is from 10/21/69, marked as the "Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Session" at the Matrix, which of course makes more sense because 10/21/69 would be a Tuesday. As for the actual source of this show, I cannot help, but I know that it is NOT the "Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Session" as it is so marked.
08/02/2003 Ben Wirth Disregard that last comment, further research into the tape revealed it to be the Airplane House Jam from 10/21/68, the mystery behind this show lives on...
04/15/2006 Charlie Miller I don't hear Jerry on this...
10/20/2007 charlie miller This mix does not sound like it's from the matrix. Listen to the reverb on the snare.