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Phil Lesh & Friends 03/17/16
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac24 Source: Schoeps mk22 (DIN)> Nbob KCY> Naiant PFA> Busman Mod Tascam dr70d @ 24/48 Location: OTS, ROC, FOB Transfer> SDXC Card> Macbook Pro> Sound Studio (tracking and fades)> xact (flacing) 
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Phil Lesh Quintet
Capitol Theater; Port Chester, NY
Date 03/17/16

Source: Schoeps mk22 (DIN)> Nbob KCY> Naiant PFA> Busman Mod Tascam dr70d @ 24/48
Location: OTS, ROC, FOB
Transfer> SDXC Card> Macbook Pro> Sound Studio (tracking and fades)> xact (flacing)

Set I:
01. Jam> Dear Mr. Fantasy
02. China Cat Sunflower>
03. Let It Ride
04. Passenger>
05. Cosmic Charlie 
06. Cassidy
07. Spots Of Time

Set II:
01. Mason's Children> Mountain jam>
02. Mountains of the Moon 
03. A night of 1000 stars> Mountains of the Moon
04. The other one> Cryptical Envelopment
05. St. Stephen> Midnight hour

06. Encore Break
07. Days between 

Show Checksums
1-01 Jam_ Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac:b56b27a273abc63e87893bce931ede43
1-02 China Cat Sunflower_.flac:61cbd8d26182839e42a3463043e0890f
1-03 Let It Ride.flac:3e6b13732b6f71b51a667d0bf77e9023
1-04 Passenger_.flac:3e70bd23eca0d3c2680d23b4b513b60f
1-05 Cosmic Charlie.flac:197d2bdb0a8d56fc66159cac434a5fed
1-06 Cassidy.flac:4d3d917da5488fbc2f517257e635e0f9
1-07 Spots Of Time.flac:6a44b9882c2a650006d952722628cea1
2-01 Mason's Children_ Mountain jam_.flac:955f92aecf9ea966a5edd9814e5385ba
2-02 Mountains of the Moon.flac:5f4bc55140ce01d2cd3787e0849e3055
2-03 A night of 1000 stars_ Mountains of the Moon.flac:9c6c1d322d369407756a38c0e67eda53
2-04 The other one_ Cryptical Envelopment.flac:423e777a837bb1a97891c2d286053f3a
2-05 St. Stephen_ Midnight hour.flac:6ce20170e1872e2ed9b17063448ba93b
2-06 Encore Break.flac:d334b813a08f0943ff633570cffc39c3
2-07 Days Between.flac:12f2d2d1481340dae5b7fec2f59a2361
2973a67c9aaf97a02a826b99b920b56c *1-01 Jam_ Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac
9fc86b298f9c3b71ece4de2ba76c941a *1-02 China Cat Sunflower_.flac
980121734e1889db9f20f8f5a74a07a3 *1-03 Let It Ride.flac
95323f75334cb88e91fc5a810fdc021e *1-04 Passenger_.flac
f47ca61be677e31f0b6a9f89dba20a5a *1-05 Cosmic Charlie.flac
1c4c50db5f92035ddb8fdfe2587b0c84 *1-06 Cassidy.flac
9d02371adcbaa56c6e1cb52f4ab0bb30 *1-07 Spots Of Time.flac
470050eb71888bc1c9430f8cde182516 *2-01 Mason's Children_ Mountain jam_.flac
be1526280ad51320b47d967dd710fca4 *2-02 Mountains of the Moon.flac
48b9ef2aff063ae807088b88c4047f4e *2-03 A night of 1000 stars_ Mountains of the Moon.flac
ae02ce3558a0c9264664b67c1567fc3b *2-04 The other one_ Cryptical Envelopment.flac
3bd87e5f70db17c90c9ff353a7819a12 *2-05 St. Stephen_ Midnight hour.flac
0fb2923aa5be7db7368b2b34e56bd1c8 *2-06 Encore Break.flac
5af3dd058a7dd66372816faf62c611d5 *2-07 Days Between.flac

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