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Phil Lesh & Friends 06/01/76
Mickey Hart’s Barn, Novato, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16: Source: Studio-> ? -> Bob Gurman’s Cassette (no dolby)-> Alan Bershaw’s Maxell UD 35-90 1/4 track reel @7.5ips Transfer: Bershaw’s 1/4 track reel @7.5ips (Revox A-77) -> Pro Tools -> wav 44.1/16 -> xAct -> Flac 
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1976 Studio Sessions - Phil Lesh, Jim McPherson & Mickey Hart
Work Tapes developing the “non-Garcia/Hunter parts” of Terrapin Station
Mickey Hart’s Barn, Novato, CA
unknown date(s) 1976

Source: Studio-> ?  ->  Bob Gurman’s Cassette (no dolby)-> Alan Bershaw’s Maxell UD 35-90 1/4 track reel @7.5ips

Transfer:  Bershaw’s 1/4 track reel @7.5ips (Revox A-77) ->  Pro Tools -> wav 44.1/16 -> xAct -> Flac

Phil Lesh - bass, acoustic guitar
Mickey Hart - drums, percussion
Jim McPherson - vocals, piano (on 3 -> 6)

01 Terrapin Flyer Jam 1 (9:39)

02 Terrapin Flyer Jam 2 (1:00)

03 Terrapin Transit (with piano and vocals)->
       At A Siding (with piano, acoustic guitar and vocals) (4:43)

04.Terrapin Transit (instrumental) ->
      At A Siding (instrumental) (3:10)

05.Terrapin Flyer (instrumental)   (4:48)

06.Terrapin Flyer (with more lyrics)>
      At ASiding (with more lyrics )
      Terrapin Flyer (with more lyrics) ->
      Refrain (with lyrics) (4:40)

Another rare studio tape from the days of Bob Gurman and Alan Bershaw trading in the 1970s. Nice quality work tapes from Mickey's barn studio in 1976. Lesh, Hart and Jim McPherson developing the non-Garcia/Hunter parts of the Terrapin Station suite.  Some of these had a jazzier feel than the album versions ended up, but whats really interesting is that McPherson is singing lyrics we never knew existed. I think this is uncirculated but if more or better quality exists please share it. I like these other parts and wish the band had explored them more on stage.  -Rob

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f1687bff2192bb9308b33bfc356aed95 *01 Flyer Jam 1.flac
82506119aed141c9f444ee7f2cef8c0b *02 Flyer Jam 2.flac
58f4476757bad270cda1915619eab1c7 *03 Transit and Siding (lyrics).flac
fe55e22739f2f73d4ca65724bba7356a *04 Transit and Siding (instr).flac
7dd6d447def935fdb12c7a2355dd6d50 *05 Flyer (instr with piano).flac
27528d634b25624dadb4f9495213bee1 *06 Flyer Siding Refrain.flac
01 Flyer Jam 1.flac:5d24ece5ba6577b821ff4d5d5b11cc98
02 Flyer Jam 2.flac:415d539aed847233ac22acab230dc722
03 Transit and Siding (lyrics).flac:4545395fcd5f424ff916c1df9066655d
04 Transit and Siding (instr).flac:f4fa174c9ea2afd4df2a280ca7a7dbca
05 Flyer (instr with piano).flac:e44ef5914c59614356998382871c9ec3
06 Flyer Siding Refrain.flac:38c9e1f0af87f060ed156baeb4f2c20b
f1687bff2192bb9308b33bfc356aed95 *01FlyerJam1.flac
82506119aed141c9f444ee7f2cef8c0b *02FlyerJam2.flac
58f4476757bad270cda1915619eab1c7 *03TransitAndSidinglyrics.flac
fe55e22739f2f73d4ca65724bba7356a *04TransitAndSidinginstr.flac
7dd6d447def935fdb12c7a2355dd6d50 *05FlyerinstrWithPiano.flac
27528d634b25624dadb4f9495213bee1 *06FlyerSidingRefrain.flac

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