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Phish 07/01/95
Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary FM > DAT; Tascam DA-P1 > Philips CDR870 > CDR > Panasonic 7503-b (DAE) > Sound Forge 4.0 > CDWav > FLAC; CDR conversion by Dave Pecoraro 
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07/01/95 - Great Woods Ampitheatre; Mansfield, MA (3 cds)

------------------------------------   ---------------------------------
DISC ONE:                    [68:43]   DISC TWO:                 [60:25]
------------------------------------   ---------------------------------
    SET I:                                 SET II:
01. Ya Mar                   [09:38]   01. Wilson >              [04:59]
02. Llama                    [04:41]   02. Maze                  [13:29]
03. If I Could*              [09:28]   03. Theme From The Bottom [11:19]
04. All Things Reconsidered  [03:07]   04. Uncle Pen             [04:14]
05. It's Ice**               [09:30]   05. Stash                 [18:36]
06. Prince Caspian           [02:57]   06. Strange Design        [03:50]
07. Split Open And Melt      [17:36]   07. Acoustic Army         [03:59]
08. Bouncing Around The Room [03:44]
09. Chalkdust Torture        [08:03]
------------------------------------   ---------------------------------
                    DISC THREE:           [27:58]
                    01. Harry Hood        [14:37]
                    02. Suzie Greenberg^  [08:01]
                    03. Funky Bitch^^     [05:19]

Live FM broadcast on WBCN in Boston.

* - with long instrumental intro.
** - jam in middle featuring Fish on vacuum and Mike on electric drill.
^ - with "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Smoke on the Water" teases.
^^ - dedicated to the tourheads as an always requested but never played tune.


DAT>CD conversion by Dave Pecoraro ([email protected])
(for conversion equipment details, see

[Note Dave's page says -
If my info file says "see page for equipment details, then it's
Tascam DA-P1 > Philips CDR870 > Panasonic 7503-b (DAE) > HD > Sound Forge 4.0 > CDWave"]

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feefd329773338e795cc2b8922f00b83 *1-ph950701-01.shn
71f09dba1932f4b98230e486f9e2ec5d *1-ph950701-02.shn
b398a064fec3827fc5bc922eb84e9db1 *1-ph950701-03.shn
a58f0c498e1562e178971bd39ec3118f *1-ph950701-04.shn
fd8e2749f409fcba2de27c925991451e *1-ph950701-05.shn
5872ab0ce30cfdd7d125dfae8bc2d4c4 *1-ph950701-06.shn
dd205eb72757be3cc7115a99c097e331 *1-ph950701-07.shn
db653c52bcc598d77a64db956600783c *1-ph950701-08.shn
5f0a4db7f3ed3ec921680df5697354ba *1-ph950701-09.shn
6d16d5d8821c5cbef55ec53757c01055 *2-ph950701-01.shn
99bccc567222279bbef1cd8ad982bf99 *2-ph950701-02.shn
05ea6bc1dfb25a867fe686e78c5bb9da *2-ph950701-03.shn
1af3c13bcfaabc0819d1a7aa7d580607 *2-ph950701-04.shn
ff6e0d520425c3ab5d79e0fd09d92ae1 *2-ph950701-05.shn
f505fdfb530a4371c80a70038cf1f544 *2-ph950701-06.shn
7e0032be9a69f43024c34664e325feab *2-ph950701-07.shn
0865f8aecf17961520c593ff16a9bde6 *3-ph950701-01.shn
36d43e82bf918d3f720affdfde08d86f *3-ph950701-02.shn
c2538d3e2bc43ad9c81a1ef868e4491f *3-ph950701-03.shn

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AKG 460 (cardioid) > Teac >... (2) AKG 460b/ck61 > custom... (0) flac16; FM Broadcast... (0) flac16; AKG... (0) flac16, 48kHz; AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
05/27/2001 Bevdaddy Is this really from the FM? If so, where is the Carter Allen/Gordon interview between Suzie and Funky Bitch. The FM definately had that interview, I taped it while I was at the show when it was simulcast on WBCN, and my tape has the interview. "conveniently placed, unfortunately placed"!
06/10/2001 Hate FMs This, like 12-31-96 has that HORRID FM sound...if you like your music rich, full, and organic sounding DONT GET THIS SEED! YUCK x 10!
06/10/2001 Mike Niven I totally disagree with Mr. I Hate FMs........this show, along with 12-31-96 sound fine. If you like soundboards you shouldn't shy away from these. I think many of the FMs out there sound as good or better than some of the DSBDs because they have a Matrix aspect to them.
12/01/2001 mattyrigs I dont know if i like the quality of this seed that much! Dont get me wrong it sounds good almost too good as if the recording levels were set too high.I also noticed that whomever recorded this wasnt getting perfect reception leaving a slight hiss throughout the entire recording!
03/03/2002 chad mcdaniels sucks
09/27/2003 Hokker I will not get into the nit-picky stuff and just say the Stash is really nice. The abrupt start to strange design is sort of jarring but a nice short version then acoustic army to finish calming you down... A well played show IMHO and the recording sounds nice enough to me.
07/20/2004 Bev i agree about this not having the Gordon interview. I taped it off BCN as well, and it most definately contained that. Is it really FM then?
07/21/2004 Phish FMs and ALDs should be banned....horrid sound!
07/23/2004 ryan I recently came across a phish bootleg i bought a while back (before i knew what was good for me) and it is from this show, it is called "Live Catch" on the Primadona label out of Italy. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this recording what the source is etc. Parts of the songs are cut (ie SOAM is cut after the last vocal section, no jam, It's Ice is split into two tracks). Thanks for any info.