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Smashing Pumpkins 03/23/16
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
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Entered by Michael
Checksums tsp2016-03-23.md5
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Source Summary CA-11 > BAT-2B > Edirol R-09 
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Smashing Pumpkins
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA, US
In Plainsong

The ZOMB Taping Project

1 Cardinal Rule
2 Stumbleine
3 Tonight, Tonight
4 The World's Fair [Billy Corgan]
5 Space Oddity [David Bowie]
6 Thirty-Three
7 Jesus, I [Zwan]
8 Mary Star of the Sea [Zwan]
9 [banter] Siamese Suite Intro
10 Mayonaise
11 Soma
12 Rocket
13 Spaceboy
14 Today
15 Whir
16 Disarm
17 Sorrows (In Blue) [Billy Corgan]
18 Eye
19 Saturnine
20 Identify [Natalie Imbruglia]
21 1979
22 Stand Inside Your Love
23 Pinwheels
24 Lily (My One and Only)
25 Malibu [Hole]
26 Spaniards

27 Angie [The Rolling Stones]
28 Amarinthine

CA-11 > BAT-2B > Edirol R-09

Taped, Transferred, mastered, tagged and seeded by smashing0
Originally seeded on on 2016-03-26

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67fb56d5f6c90ce9b773f09bd57246dd *tsp2016-03-23t01.flac
ce5d95fb0c95b41751e8c155497df860 *tsp2016-03-23t02.flac
c4d88c6f64fbeb30b26ed1e2f0bb90a1 *tsp2016-03-23t03.flac
b16cf5eebf7b4417e435cfe567ae1826 *tsp2016-03-23t04.flac
8b707c769d9174a9e5375d4cdd03480c *tsp2016-03-23t05.flac
1051b0fecbe4aa5678812471910e8d63 *tsp2016-03-23t06.flac
37467e869d1fa298c152f5677e0d4147 *tsp2016-03-23t07.flac
7d7e7597404cbb49267b8172765dafd8 *tsp2016-03-23t08.flac
326e09458078130afa33fd3f08fc793b *tsp2016-03-23t09.flac
d3af7f2bb041d591ab37e73358ca00c0 *tsp2016-03-23t10.flac
9ac9a9a3d8880b2d4e428d7c6e5830f9 *tsp2016-03-23t11.flac
4f675e7643d9392d20a5774e19fb0a8b *tsp2016-03-23t12.flac
3912bce7612b88eb458674d46522dcdc *tsp2016-03-23t13.flac
eba25944c88af4ddb3b0740db5163365 *tsp2016-03-23t14.flac
d727bb090eb392279860faf38526ecb8 *tsp2016-03-23t15.flac
cd810aa84f9546127043916b4eca5433 *tsp2016-03-23t16.flac
32e3fb77c3b59f661b120b51e840ef0a *tsp2016-03-23t17.flac
1dfb6bdc2e843890c9f633589be234ab *tsp2016-03-23t18.flac
f85f50e331fbde11e5ab16e3c434950c *tsp2016-03-23t19.flac
a6fbc784e58f7194da17e414857b513c *tsp2016-03-23t20.flac
aa90963667a225c7c3819b7693167d67 *tsp2016-03-23t21.flac
89c9d7a697a4ea295ebdd713332ee9fa *tsp2016-03-23t22.flac
3ac83812863c8ac5559d7d527fc0206c *tsp2016-03-23t23.flac
94968c650df00c6eda2a89523cb998f3 *tsp2016-03-23t24.flac
415fbd7ae24e19aa96d0fe63b6915223 *tsp2016-03-23t25.flac
8992a8868d7134ad8e2cb383ae235266 *tsp2016-03-23t26.flac
e151c9f2cf17f32f4202ec8c6ce984d6 *tsp2016-03-23t27.flac
8d9680a93e5dce981c18c8c458d9fb18 *tsp2016-03-23t28.flac

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