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Phil Lesh & Friends 10/29/16
Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16 Source:Nakamichi CM300's CP1 Cardoid Tracks 3-4 >Roland R26 Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
October 29, 201
Capitol Theatre
Portchester, N.Y.
Source:Nakamichi CM300's CP1 Cardoid Tracks 3-4 >Roland R26
Transfer:SD Card>PC>CD Wave>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC
Taped and Transfered by M.Laurentus
Official Taper Section Right of Soundboard on Stand 13' High.

Set 1-
S1T01 Tuning
S1T02 Jack Straw
S1T03 King Bee
S1T04 High Time
S1T05 Big Railroad Blues
S1T06 Birdsong
S1T07 Somebody To Love
S1T08 Feel Like A Stranger
Set 2-
S2T01 Deal
S2T02 Walkin' Blues
S2T03 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
S2T04 New Speedway Boogie
S2T05 The Wheel
S2T06 Terrapin Station
S2T07 Jam
S2T08 In The Midnight Hour
S2T09 Crowd
S2T10 Donor Rap
S2T11 The Music Never Stopped

Scott Metzger-Guitar
Luther Dickinson-Guitar
Barry Sless-Multi-Instrumentalist
Jason Crosby-Keyboards
John Molo-Drums
Nicki Bluhm-Vocals
Phil Lesh-Bass

Show Checksums
87929a684753d3bde7c647e8d9e67432 *pf2016-10-29.NAK300'S.txt
af4e64fc0eae1e352ea0dfcabfd43f1a *S1T01 Tuning.flac
240cbee0a19a433ce3a9e4242431a489 *S1T02 Jack Straw.flac
ed726fe900544b117e2eff30b675d272 *S1T03 King Bee.flac
bbf33664829fec2aaafd35ab61c2fe19 *S1T04 High Time.flac
aeb8f5ebd46b2c9be49e031a20a97e60 *S1T05 Big Railroad Blues.flac
f5efa33b789ba02f071312c651906b4b *S1T06 Birdsong.flac
8fdad808127c3cdb29414010ee9440bf *S1T07 Somebody To Love.flac
fbd339b1e014f2d3e7d7a16ac7ba65aa *S1T08 Feel Like A Stranger.flac
907478c4d65fa0dba1922d66a1ddb4ca *S2T01 Deal.flac
72af23ddce847cafa587a24200abe1ec *S2T02 Walkin' Blues.flac
50e6270e5efac11a4219ecebc8eadf10 *S2T03 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac
703d605763d5ef6ac41e6c8bdd563da5 *S2T04 New Speedway Boogie.flac
9ae1e78dd9e353a51322dd59c7fb65af *S2T05 The Wheel.flac
a730f5447530fb5c95750e07442374a0 *S2T06 Terrapin Station.flac
9f76595c06afe0b3550ffdd3ddd908bc *S2T07 Jam.flac
51b0070c5944e4c0c01556e65dab1cf4 *S2T08 In The Midnight Hour.flac
78134f51232a4f45a2e1538a79694154 *S2T09 Crowd.flac
217620597ec8494416d26cc2adc97cb2 *S2T10 Donor Rap.flac
746ad34497a5a4e1151ad34de4c6f930 *S2T11 The Music Never Stopped.flac
S1T01 Tuning.flac:d1d6c9222ca82a0df03bb8404f96ea65
S1T02 Jack Straw.flac:b6496fb9d3b80d32cf7a72d359dd7416
S1T03 King Bee.flac:48e269b2d71381e64fcb5900dbddfa7a
S1T04 High Time.flac:f55c65db746640b3c50f450d23d12c9f
S1T05 Big Railroad Blues.flac:ec624428cabb24a0d2590cd7d05602f1
S1T06 Birdsong.flac:30ccb95a645d2b2fde6950ac7401e5f5
S1T07 Somebody To Love.flac:9fe269da3b6904775ea1c66726727b56
S1T08 Feel Like A Stranger.flac:14614a97a5e680e0f2d5a5e2d69cbb56
S2T01 Deal.flac:003c6def3e9267607480e26ff9111cb5
S2T02 Walkin' Blues.flac:9a5c708afa560908054acc652fd500d0
S2T03 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac:8f809a422a4f8bfa70ba4ef212f4473c
S2T04 New Speedway Boogie.flac:7242428237ddbca5cbd40b07b6cb0c40
S2T05 The Wheel.flac:c79bd9306a3765b2357a588a2fea4cc0
S2T06 Terrapin Station.flac:22986ed3343a0cbe4f77121f2829041d
S2T07 Jam.flac:f8b95c73147c29f7480b350879f728c3
S2T08 In The Midnight Hour.flac:003c4775cedae37fb32975fc2780bd03
S2T09 Crowd.flac:4fa11d8eaca2148429a6795fe89b094d
S2T10 Donor Rap.flac:f0d5ab66f7421bfa188bafde3f38a712
S2T11 The Music Never Stopped.flac:028234f08bbc079a0bd750a55b2f668d

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