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Phish 06/22/00
Amsouth Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Schoeps M222/MK4V > NT222 > Apogee AD1000 (Using AD1000 as the preamp); Transfer: D8 > ZA2 (48 > 44.1khz) > CDWAV > SHN by Jeff Kempka; DAT seed via Andy Gustin 
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June 22, 2000
Amsouth Ampitheatre
Antioch, TN

Source:   Schoeps M222/MK4V > NT222 > Apogee AD1000
          (Using AD1000 as the preamp)
Transfer: D8 > ZA2 (48 > 44.1khz) > CDWAV > SHN by
  Jeff Kempka.

Disk 1

Set I
1. First Tube
2. Wolfman's Brother *
3. Beauty of My Dreams
4. Golgi Apparatus
5. Limb by Limb
6. Bug
7. Poor Heart
8. Roggae
9. Chalkdust Torture

Disk 2

Set II
1. Gotta Jibboo
2. Also Sprach Zarathrustra (2001) >
3. Sand
4. Harry Hood >
5. Dog Faced Boy >
6. Harry Hood **

Disk 3

Set II (cont)
1. Guest Intro's by Trey
2. I'm Blue and Lonesome ***
3. Hold Whatcha Got ***#
4. Uncle Pen ***
5. Freebird ##

6. YEM

*   - with "Inna Gadda Da Vida" ending
**  - with Ronnie McCoury on mandolin, Rob McCoury on banjo and
      Sam Bush on fiddle
*** - with Del McCoury on guitar, Ricky Skaggs on mandolin, Mike
      Bub on bass and Jason Carter on fiddle in addition to those
      already on stage (basically, the Del McCouryBand along with
      Sam Bush and Ricky Skaggs)
#   - Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys cover; first time
##  - with Wynonna Judd on vocals, Sam Bush on fiddle and Ronnie
      McCoury on mandolin and some guy dancing while wearing
      Wynnona's scarf; NOT a cappella - full band arrangement;
      prefaced by Wynnona announcing that it was the one year
      anniversary of her divorce settlement and that she wanted to

Thanks to Andy Gustin for the Tapes!!!

Enjoy :)

Jeff Kempka
[email protected]
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6ff813164b2fd2b7e7c9543da86c6126 *ph00-06-22d1t01.shn
f1e232d11af99b7ae1a3af154dca4d36 *ph00-06-22d1t02.shn
1d2e3ab02e13b87f2908aee75d787f4c *ph00-06-22d1t03.shn
80190a583ff29dfddec481067121ec81 *ph00-06-22d1t04.shn
6c831afef2e3bb6f14a95a2d6fa886cc *ph00-06-22d1t05.shn
292f6a808c5a55c00f5128b03a880181 *ph00-06-22d1t06.shn
0242fe5e443dec992cee38a182f63807 *ph00-06-22d1t07.shn
57936060bdb5b3bf046cfe11adad1a8e *ph00-06-22d1t08.shn
5c9db02370ee51ce3d0c2404d3acc384 *ph00-06-22d1t09.shn
c977a4da719cc49d2d39ca5e1779e1ce *ph00-06-22d2t01.shn
e612271b1e5092bb990a99b296a23b11 *ph00-06-22d2t02.shn
6f06d5d13999ed09d8a064da6b4ff91e *ph00-06-22d2t03.shn
4e669cf90c6069f174bb9028c61c195f *ph00-06-22d2t04.shn
7af1128e36a8c9f70ca56f6642c0085e *ph00-06-22d2t05.shn
6a04c8af2d74ef29d09017dfcd18c3be *ph00-06-22d2t06.shn
d93d67e4bf9955d1619317a406cf671c *ph00-06-22d3t01.shn
2d565aabdaf9c969f33fe780da63b47a *ph00-06-22d3t02.shn
c99397647baa1887ab1101acb5c46fb0 *ph00-06-22d3t03.shn
42b5a66adbd64dfda9ed43d8b148fddb *ph00-06-22d3t04.shn
fe0e06d95930929fc529b74285a89506 *ph00-06-22d3t05.shn
3d1a728202d7da94fab9e053f6f292d7 *ph00-06-22d3t06.shn

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Schoeps CMC641 > Apogee... (5) AKG 480/ck63 > Graham... (3) Neumann KM140> Sonosax>... (1) flac16; Schoeps... (0) flac16; Schoeps... (0)
Date User Comment
09/07/2000 Caleb Epstein Note that Mike's bass freaks out in d1t1, and that this is on all recordings of this show. Sounds like something in his stack short circuited.
02/12/2001 john stout This source also has a brittle, piercing top end and a crowd that seems to be directly on top of the microphones, especially through headphones.