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Garcia 04/29/90
South Of Market Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg90-04-29-dsbd.md5 , jg90-04-29-dsbd.ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 654.2 MB (685978419 bytes)
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Source Summary Nick Gravenites and Animal Mind; flac1644; trade dat described as "DSBD"; transfer 6/4/17 by rumrunners - 44k dat> tascam da-20> m-audio audiophile 2496 > cooledit > 44k wav. **admin note: apparent inconsistency b/w flac1648 and the 44k wavs?** 
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Jerry Garcia, 4/29/90, South of Market Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA, Brian Wilson Defense Fund benefit

This is a Nick Gravenites and Friends show with Nick on guitar and doing most of the vocals.

On d1 Nick is backed by Jerry on guitar, Pete Sears on piano, David Hayes on bass, and John Wade on drums.

On d2 Nick is backed by Pete Sears on piamo, Doug Kilmer on bass, and Roy Blumenfeld on drums with Barry Melton and Merl Saunders coming in to sing and play on one song each.

trade dat described as "DSBD"

transfer 6/4/17 by rumrunners - 44k dat> tascam da-20> m-audio audiophile 2496 > cooledit > 44k wav

cooledit used to raise levels, fix dc bias, and fix static burst on right channel at 1:27:41 by pasting over left channel

1 Born In Chicago
2 Chicago Is Your Home
3 Tough As Nails
4 I'll Change Your Flat Tire Merle
5 Small Walk-In Box
6 Band Intro -> Down In The Bottom
1 Get Together
2 Decalb Blues
3 instrumental
4 Closer (Barry "the Fish" Melton on vocals and guitar)
5 Sugaree (Merl Saunders on vocals and keyboard)
6 instrumental
7 just thinking about you baby

(some song names are guesses)

Comparative notes: this has more of the show than 12896 and 96344; this has a cleaner spectral view as both those went through a poor soundcard or device so that in spectral view there is a mirror image echo of the lower frequencies in the high frequencies; those have a warmer sound than this and this sounds crisper

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9bb671475f243b63331f74e7300480be *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t01.flac
4781fb3340b2ee6361ac07bd6fb6d793 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t02.flac
caf967a2e21e0f34656197612dcb1915 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t03.flac
07eb8fd100f3ce3e0b4942dc95d8a9d6 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t04.flac
5b770aba78234269038f25b0e7d3e384 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t05.flac
f993e10a285ef3a5201f56e96a3538b3 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d1t06.flac
bd9d4f4082d34030852dc6edf8fae0ca *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t01.flac
acad7a0aaa99e92c85986536de006431 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t02.flac
01bcf658e83cf9cf53a24b515d1f959e *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t03.flac
83a22063698f86dc9cd366643db0e42b *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t04.flac
2cbd673d83ee6d68e5177ccb1eeb0b50 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t05.flac
63f619f137c61be79fa53c447101923f *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t06.flac
1083705509406b7cca1cd146cdf24637 *jg90-04-29-dsbd-d2t07.flac

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