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Garcia 07/02/82
Macky Aud., U. of Colorado, Boulder, CO
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1-shn , d2-shn , wavs
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: Late Show: Unknown MAC > 2 cassette gens > CD > EAC > SHN. A>D by Paul Gibian, EAC>SHN by Joe Jupille. 
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Garcia & Kahn
Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado
Boulder, CO
7/2/82 Late Show

Unknown MAC > 2 cassette gens > CD > EAC > SHN.
A>D by Paul Gibian, EAC>SHN by Joe Jupille.
Proper sector boundaries verified using shntool.

Disc One (6) 29:03
--Set I--
01. //It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [#5:15] [0:02]
02. Dire Wolf [3:13] ->
03. Ballad Of Casey Jones [5:10] [0:09]
04. I've Been All Around This World [3:37] [0:10]
05. Gomorrah [5:57]
06. Run For The Roses [5:22] [0:06]

Disc Two (8) 51:34
--Set II--
01. Deep Elem Blues [#6:38] [0:01]
02. Friend Of The Devil [7:29]
03. //Bird Song [#8:45] [0:21]
04. Going Going Gone [5:34] [0:04]
05. Sing Me Back Home [8:13] ->
06. Ripple [4:08] [0:03]
07. Reuben & Cherise [5:30] [0:02]
08. Jack-A-Roe [4:44]

This is listenable, but is probably For Completists Only.

Most tunes clip in
d1t01 Train to Cry cuts in
d2t01 Deep Elem Blues cuts in
d2t03 Bird Song cuts in before "all I know she sang a little while"

A MissShn in the Rain Installment of the Music Never Stopped Project.
Show Checksums
de0dcb23451b74a86b7e147a263fe3e1 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t06.shn
dd552953f6e24db00003b5e80bcd18cb *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t02.shn
9298f0b3dcbd9e831d8b3e421d093bc0 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t03.shn
d36dac1e8f703f69cfe6bdfdfb7c2548 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t04.shn
d1965696486362d28128a82ca2323bb4 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t05.shn
7829bf5eab4c200c239f4e5dd3897280 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t01.shn
4a98d017400712bba35ad70e44ef8bfb *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t08.shn
3c6c7a99a3c848037930b3945feddd4c *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t02.shn
bb02d35449e9d6e9551674953377f39c *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t03.shn
6e2bc729b03bec2bbb49196d890d8198 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t04.shn
af993dc7b5811cc423aa8240d767d4de *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t05.shn
1867a257bb8fe5724b05e0bf3a36e398 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t06.shn
17ab138c5371e71ab24b7f4d3cdec3d0 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t07.shn
5518b5969de173d90ede58198e27651d *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t01.shn
e625fd69ad19f7cfacddf25698704ddf *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t01.wav
548c8111d7d90e3bd416f1eb62b6ea0b *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t02.wav
68fa882949c39910cd3016cbe95219bf *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t03.wav
6f39a4c8d29b7710de825a24a6f06b6c *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t04.wav
bc3e8075080ea0c769fb05b0e0da5197 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t05.wav
803fc6a3074805e750285e4c7421e791 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd1t06.wav
c142cdb9f2cd747bb169562e6a5f29d5 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t01.wav
6cf27f87e13138366ec804063fbdd1e4 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t02.wav
a95c5930765494be059e574986d10e39 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t03.wav
6c839c36beb92b3e510096415727f906 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t04.wav
e637a057321f17d137284adf313ddda7 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t05.wav
20eaca150ceb5ff73883d9724d6cc725 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t06.wav
7ad67a9e79f56fa4309ff9d3dfe91a38 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t07.wav
eeeb1cb9e1dad2ecc3cb6fe5a6f0a469 *jg+jk1982-07-02bd2t08.wav

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10/08/2004 Diana This shn set has now been moved to its correct gig.