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Bob Weir & The Campfire Band 04/13/17
Music Hall at Fair Park, Dalls, TX
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Entered by Todd
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Source Summary (FOB) Soundfield ST-450 > Sonosax SX-R4 > 4 Channel wav > Surrond Zone 2 > CDWav > flac 
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Bob Weir and Campfire Band
Music Hall at Fair Park
Dallas, TX
April 13, 2017 (Thursday)

Source: Soundfield ST-450 (4 Channel B Format) -> Sonosax SX-R4 (24/48)

Location: FOB, slightly right of center, 7' high

Transfer: Sonosax SX-R4 -> 4 channel wav -> Surround Zone 2 (cardiod 90*, stereo 16/44 export)-> CD Wave -> Flac

01. intro
02. Paint My Masterpiece
03. Easy To Slip
04. Blue Mountain
05. Only a River
06. Darkest Hour
07. Lay My Lily Down
08. Gallop on the Run
09. Big River
10. Gonesville

Set 2:

01. intro
02. El Paso
03. Deep Elem Blues
04. Friend of the Devil
05. Althea
06. Cassidy
07. Truckin'
08. Standing on the Moon
09. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
10. Ki-Yi Bossie
11. Ripple

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f2c66672a2b884c7b63e692bf13475f1 *bw2017-04-13set1t01.flac
564cc13315592304c0c27656d67c3ea3 *bw2017-04-13set1t02.flac
e3d4a4b6ebd3bf59fbe4de20d826c266 *bw2017-04-13set1t03.flac
cc12046540b517a742b4a780dffe7c8c *bw2017-04-13set1t04.flac
25ebcf915b19259d9b8ded840502807e *bw2017-04-13set1t05.flac
a03e4b6764cac4615b0ead61ae9ca806 *bw2017-04-13set1t06.flac
ba27f795092b7f2cba38af60548b82b0 *bw2017-04-13set1t07.flac
0ee26d2258af7aac4a57501baa52bacf *bw2017-04-13set1t08.flac
6b3e23a1d685912cbe82ce2a90661635 *bw2017-04-13set1t09.flac
cc16f7a337da4369650dc091923e9903 *bw2017-04-13set1t10.flac
590d312122029b964912cf0986ed72f3 *bw2017-04-13set2t01.flac
16f5523b314db3633f907580faf10fc5 *bw2017-04-13set2t02.flac
0c2782565e0606403169725db7c4a94b *bw2017-04-13set2t03.flac
579eb04e4aa5c1f628d69d34296d2519 *bw2017-04-13set2t04.flac
135af2b48820ef1b1cce04178295b981 *bw2017-04-13set2t05.flac
63cbf949b22b5fac8bbd9dbce4616471 *bw2017-04-13set2t06.flac
26760d9baea61ce42357ffdd042365fc *bw2017-04-13set2t07.flac
29cc0453d83f624081921accaaefa83a *bw2017-04-13set2t08.flac
3fb91acc367bb2aaa07a14bab3db9958 *bw2017-04-13set2t09.flac
ea2146624465c9b29a63e5b71a265c40 *bw2017-04-13set2t10.flac
a72c3af48f7167304543cb6eb6bec7aa *bw2017-04-13set2t11.flac

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