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Garcia 11/01/81
S.U.N.Y., Brockport, NY
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Entered by Todd
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Source Summary JGB, flac1644; Unknown Mics > Cm (Kyocera D-811) > Sony PCM-2600 Dat > Tascam Da-30MKII > M-Audio Microtrack II > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Flac16 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Tuttle North Gymnasium
State University of New York
Brockport, NY
Sunday November 1, 1981

This is a 16/44 fileset. 24 bit > 16 bit via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Pete & Joel's Master Audience Cassettes; most likely Nakamichi CM300 mics (possibly CM100's)

Transfer Info:
Master Cassettes (Kyocera D-811)> Sony PCM-2600 Dat (16-bit/48k)transferred in 1998
Dat (Tascam DA-30 mkII)(16-bit/48k)> M-Audio Microtrack II (.wav 24-bit/48k)transferred around 2015 > Adobe Audition 3.0 (24/48) > TLH 24/48

- Thanks to Pete & Joel for the master cassettes
- Thanks to Ray Ackerman for the transfers
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for coordinating this effort
- Missing "The Way You Do The Things You Do"
- "They Love Each Other" cuts in
- "Midnight Moonlight" clipped
- Level fluctuations smoothed
- Abrupt transitions smoothed as best as possible
- A couple of what sound like mic bumps minimized (Missisippi Moon)
- Upgrade to what is in circulation (2/18)

Mastered by Scott Clugston
February 10, 2018

Set 1:
xxx - The Way You Do The Things You Do (missing)
t01 - //They Love Each Other
t03 - Mississippi Moon
t04 - I Second That Emotion
t05 - Mystery Train
t06 - Tangled Up In Blue

Set 2:
t07 - Harder They Come, Harder They Fall
t08 - Mission In The Rain
t09 - Russian Lullaby
t10 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down >
t11 - Dear Prudence
t12 - //Midnight Moonlight
Show Checksums
jgb81-11-01 t01 They Love Each Other.flac:b7ba28ed294a487f9a4242b273bdf635
jgb81-11-01 t02 Mississippi Moon.flac:aaddf8b62cd8575c68bcc9355865ba92
jgb81-11-01 t03 I Second That Emotion.flac:50669858dd5403622642aa5612ffee9a
jgb81-11-01 t04 Mystery Train.flac:c96f3f2fec955bcf2335867237dcffd3
jgb81-11-01 t05 Tangled Up In Blue.flac:72ab43e6e7b804f4c4dcdffe2a6161cf
jgb81-11-01 t06 Harder They Come, Harder They Fall.flac:c33800001c1129f58c2a2ba518c38072
jgb81-11-01 t07 Mission In The Rain.flac:8d0d5ce160908e2a698ca90f7e833e9d
jgb81-11-01 t08 Russian Lullaby.flac:d4b03e5efb6474bc2d2aa09de974acca
jgb81-11-01 t09 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.flac:172007f5cbeee0bdad5de9f334d58245
jgb81-11-01 t10 Dear Prudence.flac:18b929cb9217fd4379a3a1fd746337b1
jgb81-11-01 t11 Midnight Moonlight.flac:9a0efa11a36c86ad45a2f8bd8631539f
c2bd912fe00f3fb00ebd62e2b0e0971c *jgb81-11-01 t01 They Love Each Other.flac
ed8587661f3fc23e66d07f7e2339b800 *jgb81-11-01 t02 Mississippi Moon.flac
47575bfb7e834598affac121a9f756ae *jgb81-11-01 t03 I Second That Emotion.flac
d67b0c37ab38fa9d65dbd194f5ec2627 *jgb81-11-01 t04 Mystery Train.flac
b4a21e68b65384e67aea705a8cabeefe *jgb81-11-01 t05 Tangled Up In Blue.flac
4469b0e5e6eff3e3c19a757e4cb1ef4c *jgb81-11-01 t06 Harder They Come, Harder They Fall.flac
90f3728d79b125031f86de693012b1a6 *jgb81-11-01 t07 Mission In The Rain.flac
e1462d3a41249f7e1528e8daaff361ea *jgb81-11-01 t08 Russian Lullaby.flac
f3bf14a6cd3f92d97241470cb64dc6a3 *jgb81-11-01 t09 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.flac
5a1815b29f6b8fc07c78392d5c334214 *jgb81-11-01 t10 Dear Prudence.flac
e7a562f4f3a107858ccac4b0eeb08770 *jgb81-11-01 t11 Midnight Moonlight.flac

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