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Wilco 04/21/02
Convocation Hall, Toronto, ON
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1&2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary 2nd row, centre CSB (w/rolloff)>Sharp MT-90>Sony JE510>optical>Zoltrix Nightingale>Cool Edit Pro>CDWave>SHN 
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Convocation Hall
Toronto, ON

2nd row, centre
CSB (w/rolloff)>Sharp MT-90>Sony JE510>optical>Zoltrix Nightingale>Cool Edit Pro>CDWave>SHN

Recorded and mastered by David Klein

Disc 1
01 Spiders
02 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
03 War On War
04 She's A Jar
05 Kamera
06 Radio Cure
07 A Shot In The Arm
08 Ashes Of American Flags
09 Jesus Etc.
10 Heavy Metal Drummer
11 Pot Kettle Black
12 Not For The Seasons
13 I'm The Man Who Loves You

Disc 2
01 Hesitating Beauty
02 California Stars
03 Pick Up The Change
04 Reservations
05 Why Would You Wanna Live
06 Red Eyed And Blue
07 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
08 Outtasite (Outtamind)
09 I'm The Man Who Loves You (FM broadcast on CFNY Apr 8, 2002)
Show Checksums
9c425feabdcb66222f988e50aa204bcf *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t12.shn
28f98903b10e5ceca1ebc04e9d2b171e *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t01.shn
783701bd660019905e851ca305457cff *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t02.shn
9b8a10ad1fe5984ce6d7b4b256044068 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t03.shn
9a4c33535229eb69e9d38ef866a2252b *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t04.shn
b1e4fe7c459b7ed83c260f2efce2f68b *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t05.shn
d1879c780d23d0aa514fd6a1714eb4d9 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t06.shn
fab9aa1f3625e19c4dbcfa7e29781423 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t07.shn
adf9f2b99254a4bdf85b34b95baa9d94 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t08.shn
9c32845efcc9be483dda217f458f9169 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t09.shn
6e32f9405662e84aeba5de122a7d8121 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t10.shn
3f9ffb24ff036a88f98676ad2a9dbdc9 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t11.shn
903dfcce0ae8c77ade82524d140efeaf *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t09.shn
2e6a34250850c6aa7e14fa9aab2dfd3e *Wilco 2002-04-21 d1t13.shn
e86f825f646a6dec4b78d674f05b7712 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t01.shn
7e56e8dc23a79fb881f810640e4a4fbf *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t02.shn
5aeabec5cd48e7bcc14d281cd1b2990f *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t03.shn
42e1cc1c311d62fe329804bffd4c8d24 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t04.shn
9a9193dd05c81ef2b45b7398f29c32ab *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t05.shn
194bf7f0f026cb0ddecd158179880167 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t06.shn
c0c950468465137a167cd9e6491b76be *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t07.shn
c03ac440004669230811a2ad6c91fa80 *Wilco 2002-04-21 d2t08.shn

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