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Wilco 04/24/02
Lupo's Heartbeak Hotel, Providence, RI
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1&2
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Source Summary Aud Core-Sound Cardioid --> Sony D-8 --> CDRWav --> wav --> shn 
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Lupo's Heartbeak Hotel
Providence RI
24 April 2002

Core-Sound Cardioid --> Sony D-8 --> CDRWav --> wav --> shn

CD 1
01 Not For The Season
02 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
03 Kamera
04 Radio Cure
05 War On War
06 She's A Jar
07 Shot In The Arm
08 I'm Always In Love
09 Pot Kettle Black
10 I'm the Man Who Loves You
11 Ashes of American Flags
12 Reservations

CD 2
01 Jesus, Etc.
02 Heavy Metal Drummer
03 Hesitating Beauty
04 California Stars

05 When the Roses Bloom Again
06 Red-Eyed and Blue
07 I Got You
    (At the End of the Century)
08 Outtasite (Outta Mind)

09 Misunderstood

Recorded and seeded by king of birds.

The volume wavers a bit during the first minute or two until I
settled on a level that would work.
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fb67ca18046b0b114671671bfe9039a2 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t01.shn
2ef5deb2b675a7b79ef507276d678abd *wilco2002-04-24-d1t02.shn
6640b112215a1b2ff4dc95e4a983d14a *wilco2002-04-24-d1t03.shn
534b37f8a0a3303183438650b04ad90c *wilco2002-04-24-d1t04.shn
a447e0ea4de296fa1ffa5c120f03d05d *wilco2002-04-24-d1t05.shn
4f1c8ac906138ea778e3f63bea07c944 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t06.shn
c0cdd5d55a72a414a1f21cbe02d9658e *wilco2002-04-24-d1t07.shn
241e364dd4c7987bb910bb8cef5e6380 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t08.shn
a3f3bcebb54e5e158575ef741fe2ced4 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t09.shn
170115cc380cf5f45bdf7120a5f9f5f5 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t10.shn
d37294f0959962fe6a8cdb944c4948ad *wilco2002-04-24-d1t11.shn
012f2037dfc981dbb8b23b443e7c9482 *wilco2002-04-24-d1t12.shn
4f31c748c9264ff401660fd88bfd91a7 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t01.shn
152b7764946b65880be703dffc198bf6 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t02.shn
9ebb9619cb93e2490c445618f23871cf *wilco2002-04-24-d2t03.shn
1d91de5be674c74f2c35745f1726207c *wilco2002-04-24-d2t04.shn
ae91bd8d5aa5bc17e2b94926c0ba75d4 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t05.shn
b6b2c12ccfb60b2c8a4ee98929f42312 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t06.shn
668e4a09fbabcdbad5f1ffe3fa918111 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t07.shn
a221631845b41421507159c7fd2577fc *wilco2002-04-24-d2t08.shn
132aea005f698499c5ccdd812c6b6f85 *wilco2002-04-24-d2t09.shn

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