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Wilco 04/28/02
Recher Theatre, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Shure BG 4.0 > Sony D7 > CDWave > CDR 
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The Recher Theater
Towson, MD

Shure BG 4.0 > Sony D7 > CDWave > CDR

Disc 1:

1. I'm Trying To Break Your Heart
2. War On War
3. Kamera
4. Radio Cure
5. Shot In The Arm
6. She's A Jar
7. Ashes Of American Flags
8. Why Would You Want To Live
9. "Birthday Clelbration"
10. Pot Kettle Black
11. Heavy Metal Drummer
12. I'm The Man Who Loves You
13. Not For The Season
14. Reservations

Disc 2:

1. Crowd
2. "Elizabeth Rant"
3. Jesus, Etc.
4. Hesitating Beauty
5. California Stars
6. When The Roses Bloom Again
***2nd Encore***
7. Crowd
8. Spiders
9. Red Eyed And Blue >
10. I Got You >
11. Outtasite Outtamind
12. Crowd
Show Checksums
67441b3f1dc49f068555a9d3fc5ea306 *wilco2002-04-28d01t01.shn
a3ac9c22ce52cc306c1c42a6ee6e419c *wilco2002-04-28d01t02.shn
29979b36e73c80880536681a3cb3648b *wilco2002-04-28d01t03.shn
4eb05263e013d0291e370892a918fc01 *wilco2002-04-28d01t04.shn
67803695ecd6bde937e331efe765602b *wilco2002-04-28d01t05.shn
3e80dd8ca69c43e75faa7a3a7d0ca944 *wilco2002-04-28d01t06.shn
8a33ca6a380b9358f7e1cb5015fc779b *wilco2002-04-28d01t07.shn
f96adacb10f88aa79b3bea3944d507e2 *wilco2002-04-28d01t10.shn
ee2e34234b1cccccee16c5fc8a71d92e *wilco2002-04-28d01t09.shn
37755a25c27434ee27c7c72fa8ecc1db *wilco2002-04-28d01t08.shn
9e6c8a55ff346eb57184990ac109d2c3 *wilco2002-04-28d01t12.shn
77e574defde12be8f2bc4b15cbc00133 *wilco2002-04-28d01t11.shn
e0e753c73644f2a9b1dfbb76d6f754d4 *wilco2002-04-28d01t13.shn
75ba0cf8b4d82fa24816c79fddd10ad7 *wilco2002-04-28d01t14.shn
9968bec1cb500997488eb4bd400d348c *wilco2002-04-28d02t04.shn
a3603d152d299f4ce16d3cd200c5567a *wilco2002-04-28d02t05.shn
d2bca9510cd56a0fac2ffe85c479e473 *wilco2002-04-28d02t06.shn
cedda45714100cdfc20578142c93d2ed *wilco2002-04-28d02t07.shn
839e0c50f011ccd88e7c8cd7d68033e8 *wilco2002-04-28d02t08.shn
aaaafdb258d49fbf186fd32e3014eecf *wilco2002-04-28d02t09.shn
f74c6f01430dbd86180e7ad357d48d0e *wilco2002-04-28d02t10.shn
37753a79b791d9ae281383156e6f9f0f *wilco2002-04-28d02t11.shn
600b8d5a35c7d39427f7f916fa3095f1 *wilco2002-04-28d02t12.shn
34c2309043e2cdd9e090e96796cbcee5 *wilco2002-04-28d02t02.shn
e94bcb02621ab106f25d40e32a761eb0 *wilco2002-04-28d02t03.shn
7217f0eb61c064224d0153324dec9a6d *wilco2002-04-28d02t01.shn

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