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Garcia 09/30/73
Community Center, Stinson Beach, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1973-09-30.ffp , jg1973-09-30.xxxxxx.oaitw.Bear.Knudsen.gems.flac24.shntool_len.txt
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Source Summary OAITW; flac2448; Ambient recording > ? >Jeff Knudsen's cassette; Transfer by Tom Markson; Speed Correction by Jason Chastain; Critical Listening assistance from John Wenzel; Mastering by Jamie Waddell 
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Old And In The Way
Sunday, September 30, 1973
Community Center
32 Belvedere Avenue
Stinson Beach, CA 94970
Show Time - 2pm

This was a benefit show with proceeds going to
the Bolinas-Stinson School District Music Program.

Likely a Bear onstage ambient recording.

Anonymous wrote to the jgmf blog on Monday, July 9, 2012:
"I was there. Owsley was setting up mikes to record it."

Transfer by Tom Markson
Speed Correction by Jason Chastain
Critical Listening assistance from John Wenzel
Mastering by Jamie Waddell
24 bit 48 kHz FLAC

Jerry Garcia - banjo, vocals
David Grisman - mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan - vocals, guitar
Vassar Clements - fiddle
John Kahn - bass

01 Going To The Races
02 On And On
03 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
04 Land Of The Navajo
05 Eating Out Of Your Hand
06 Panama Red
07 Pig In A Pen
08 Hobo Song
09 Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
10 White Dove
11 Workin' On A Building//
12 //Swing Low Sweet Chariot
13 Kissimee Kid
14 band talk
15 Wild Horses >
16 Midnight Moonlight
17 Drifting Too Far From Shore
18 I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent
19 Wicked Path Of Sin
20 Lost
21 High Lonesome Sound
22 Blue Mule

Recording and or tape loss issues were repaired as best as possible on tracks 1, 2 and 4
Levels were adjusted in many places for reasons unclear as to why they happened originally.
There was a phase issue which has been fixed that exists on the analog tapes of this that have traded for years. A dramatic improvement is heard. This could have had to do with the direction of the stage mics, but nothing is known about how this was recorded. Shnid 11862 has a couple more seconds of Workin', no need to patch it in but it is the same "root recording". This sounds MUCH better. Working off of one image of Old and In the Way that clearly has Garcia in the left with Grisman, banjo and mandolin together, and in the right fiddle and guitar. We left the channels on this as the tape sounds. The channels on 11862 are opposite of this version. We feel this sounds correct and is likely historically accurate.

Jeff Knudsen has been an avid Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead and San Francisco Sound music fan for over 40 years. From a letter to Dead Relix Magazine asking for help cultivating a tape collection, Jeff developed a relationship with Dick Latvala and many other tapers, building an enormous music collection. He also taped many Jerry Garcia shows at venerable institutions like the various Keystones. Jeff loved to share tapes in a twinkle of an eye. He was a key player in leaking the Betty Boards back in the day. A few years ago, he decided he should pass his collection on to someone who could properly archive and transfer. After a few years of offering it publicly, there were no takers. In 2018, Arizona LL members Jamie and Tom felt the Knudsen collection was too valuable to let go. After a flight so bumpy that we almost cried, and a great visit, albeit too short, with Jeff... 1200 lbs of tapes, gear and cds were lovingly packed at his Florida homestead. The next era of his beloved collection is summer camp for the tapes in the desert... an ongoing process of cataloging and transferring the contents to share. Born from decades of Jeff's passion for live music collecting and the archival efforts of many, it's an honor and a privilege to share the Knudsen Tapes with you. Enjoy!
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Show Checksums
01. Going To The Races.flac:79d12dee55960fd3a9c601ec4a2caa2e
02. On And On.flac:bce11ca9aee1703c752a6d09df58c858
03. Lonesome Fiddle Blues.flac:6829ace5ac62236c1cc59c5106c9a906
04. Land Of The Navajo.flac:1f2bef962adb92e4b432bd7483ef5a9d
05. Eating Out Of Your Hand.flac:75c1d0d5d95f19a7abf6ccafeb2edf80
06. Panama Red.flac:a1397120e9c17e3eb839045c9d389ce5
07. Pig In A Pen.flac:b04b6b6ca306d2432b7968ab4a6645f7
08. Hobo Song.flac:38d33229639d839136b5142637f6f194
09. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy.flac:12c89a1da9979ddbe3bf1042f8210be8
10. White Dove.flac:fed6c03291f067153aeae9f6cf034812
11. Workin' On A Building--.flac:4ec3b2910423072a18795d935d5a3a32
12. --Swing Low Sweet Chariot.flac:b4661859b5cbeb823951ed73f04bd1dc
13. Kissimee Kid.flac:a0f9605a9bc50dab5714547f181e8384
14. band talk.flac:29baadbe6e55cd0260a66226a136c557
15. Wild Horses.flac:cbe6694576dec7365d897f2969f1d9d5
16. Midnight Moonlight.flac:05eb0437d0803c43333db327ddda9aab
17. Drifting Too Far From Shore.flac:6882b0f38b6f7bbbb56b93f1c7cec2c3
18. I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent.flac:33c6888618f84c9320cb0c113ef5c7bd
19. Wicked Path Of Sin.flac:7e8013a63e6afd3e344024b3e8a5e1a6
20. Lost.flac:f9bb6a099e7813ae972cd5621e9a74f4
21. High Lonesome Sound.flac:ddbe4126dcf8d66b163e16408bd2239b
22. Blue Mule.flac:97310b2e4376cb4c3afd2d1759772d08
length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
2:38.381 45613640 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7333 01. Going To The Races.flac
4:14.727 73361282 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7282 02. On And On.flac
3:07.217 53918402 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7190 03. Lonesome Fiddle Blues.flac
9:05.771 157182194 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7136 04. Land Of The Navajo.flac
2:48.275 48463154 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7176 05. Eating Out Of Your Hand.flac
3:28.664 60095276 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7143 06. Panama Red.flac
3:30.738 60692516 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7176 07. Pig In A Pen.flac
5:46.381 99757772 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7203 08. Hobo Song.flac
4:58.373 85931540 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7205 09. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy.flac
4:57.332 85631660 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7160 10. White Dove.flac
1:58.605 34158140 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7158 11. Workin' On A Building--.flac
3:58.826 68781932 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7288 12. --Swing Low Sweet Chariot.flac
3:46.331 65183372 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7348 13. Kissimee Kid.flac
1:23.937 24173900 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6893 14. band talk.flac
4:23.130 75781484 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7158 15. Wild Horses.flac
6:14.325 107805716 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7315 16. Midnight Moonlight.flac
4:47.145 82697828 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7240 17. Drifting Too Far From Shore.flac
3:33.517 61492928 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7399 18. I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent.flac
2:32.736 43987886 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7302 19. Wicked Path Of Sin.flac
4:13.025 72871220 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7241 20. Lost.flac
4:49.626 83412290 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7281 21. High Lonesome Sound.flac
4:57.519 85685408 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.7301 22. Blue Mule.flac
91:14.578 1576679540 B 0.7230 (22 files)

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