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Phish 09/08/00
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary Neumann u89 (hypercard) > Apogee AD1000, Front Row Center of TS by Daniel Estrin; Conversion: D8 > Turtle Beach Fiji > CD-WAV > SHN v2 by Mike Wren; note d1 tracked for 80 min (see alternate tracking suggestion); via etree Pepsi Project 
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Pepsi Arena - Albany, NY's Pepsi Project II

Source: Neumann u89 (hypercard) > Apogee AD1000
        Front Row Center of TS by Daniel Estrin

Conversion: D8 > Turtle Beach Fiji > CD-WAV > SHN v2
            by Mike Wren

Tracking Note:  Disc 1 is tracked for an 80 minute
disc to keep all of the first set on a single disc.
You can move track 11 (Golgi) to the beginning of
disc two if you want to use 74 minute discs.

Disc One  [77:22]

Set I:

1)  Mellow Mood*
2)  Limb by Limb
3)  Ghost
4)  Bouncing Around The Room
5)  The Horse > Silent in the Morning
6)  I Saw it Again
7)  NICU
8)  Glide
9)  Axilla Pt. I
10) Taste
11) Golgi Apparatus

Disc Two  [43:23]

Set II:

1)  Birds of a Feather
2)  Windora Bug**
3)  David Bowie
4)  Back at the Chicken Shack

Disc Three  [40:59]

1)  Bathtub Gin >
2)  Ambient Jam^
3)  Character Zero


4)  Fire

*  Bob Marley Cover - First time played
** First time played by Phish (Not counting 6/24/99
   'The 5th Ball')
^  w/ Henrietta on Vaccum & Trey on Drums

Without the help from the following people, the Pepsi Project would
not have been possible:

Dan Estrin, Dan Solomon, Jeff Kempka, Steve Hormell, John Bartol,
Ryan McKinney, Rob Hagopian, Dan Goodman, Rich Nagel, Todd Nathan,
Peter Hedeman, Caleb Epstein and Mike Wren.
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1a476b809c6afc2eb86db28a2160ad53 *ph00-09-08d1t01.shn
2c4b42f4d0cee712ae5d396874ae013b *ph00-09-08d1t02.shn
cb9a1f92867178c1b2aa113303543398 *ph00-09-08d1t03.shn
f7a926d02a25491dcfe9facca03fa705 *ph00-09-08d1t04.shn
d45b462bddc56775cb919ebf0846d292 *ph00-09-08d1t05.shn
8bf8e5e04cccfc10a0dcf70bbec86b63 *ph00-09-08d1t06.shn
7c59d17933ab63f2697b229646cd481d *ph00-09-08d1t07.shn
7226e762ab8342e480b70c255fb7a147 *ph00-09-08d1t08.shn
709456568b92db3d7a901026a1df4f14 *ph00-09-08d1t09.shn
a5f5c976c8ce1373ce986373b388c0f9 *ph00-09-08d1t10.shn
d53a6785f7cdb5a462525643bd7395a8 *ph00-09-08d1t11.shn
6d90e54c591576ed12dcb6b95630dfac *ph00-09-08d2t01.shn
2aee0dcd6d057a85c37c5714f638fdf9 *ph00-09-08d2t02.shn
1bb4b19f57e051d03e92d59b9a4ee13d *ph00-09-08d2t03.shn
1ded4bd290ca87d1778e872bc14cd29e *ph00-09-08d2t04.shn
ee33a5fe88819f85a6d8a407a9b51d39 *ph00-09-08d3t01.shn
551be63822df7f79e02375f862a23358 *ph00-09-08d3t02.shn
e64ed34e0aa327e7ec83b626b6ce8394 *ph00-09-08d3t03.shn
1953e476dbcd5bc0fc597066dd8fbd45 *ph00-09-08d3t04.shn

b4ac4cda77f95a55957770a56e8eed6b [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t01.shn
869c5eb980f41ad9b1e163105ed1ead9 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t02.shn
017f379415762df01f42781abae898b5 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t03.shn
bcebca4dd25c3885ae616f31040bb7bb [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t04.shn
af6f9efc95f3c967b008b1c0a19747d1 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t05.shn
64afe3e651d16daba5d09f7543b77e54 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t06.shn
6cb3625758fd2c8fa4786c8cc47dda7b [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t07.shn
130dc3f3a6d0005518322b0343d48f82 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t08.shn
3f85a09831c5e1b5ca375b1228195a2c [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t09.shn
8156adf6c539f5fa9a07f6b4431cec84 [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t10.shn
9b6b562460eeef76e08d1d2ba7ae917b [shntool] ph00-09-08d1t11.shn
9ad4bff8530a72e82127426e9aea8b11 [shntool] ph00-09-08d2t01.shn
db35f9db22ade72e5cb8e68df86eb336 [shntool] ph00-09-08d2t02.shn
ee6f94285779eb54e47f4f244d44b020 [shntool] ph00-09-08d2t03.shn
2df37943a90780938c37f99caa01688c [shntool] ph00-09-08d2t04.shn
c2a2b48fecaa440d37a056963dd03bbe [shntool] ph00-09-08d3t01.shn
e240564f5c20c8478baa83bdbf08add9 [shntool] ph00-09-08d3t02.shn
5c9b44d4eb5aad2ce97f0cb1844bf539 [shntool] ph00-09-08d3t03.shn
cfdc001b31b177db9365b7966a7540bc [shntool] ph00-09-08d3t04.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
09/12/2000 John Riordan This seed rocks! And such a fast turnaround time to get to the Etree! Congrats and thanks to all involved in the Project! Sound quality is excellent; in fact, probably better sounding then almost all summer tour shows from 2000.
12/21/2004 A. Davis Easily fits on 2 80 min discs if you trim crowd noise from Char 0 and Fire.