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Garcia 11/12/93
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg93-11-12.FOB.Schoeps.Unknown.Ammons.Noel.t-flac1648.ffp , jg93-11-12.FOB.Schoeps.Unknown.Ammons.Noel.t-flac1648.md5
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Source Summary JGB; flac1648; Unknown FOB Recording: Schoeps Cardioids > DAT. John Ammons Transfer: from DAT clone of the master. Tascam DA20 Mark II DAT > Roland SRC-2 sample rate/format converter (from SPDIF to Optical) > Mac Mini > Audacity 3.0 at 48K > Wave. Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel Wave > Audacity > 16/48 
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Jerry Garcia "Jerry Garcia Band"

November 12, 1993
Madison Square Garden,
New York, NY
Sets I & II

From The Ammons Archive

Unknown FOB Recording:
Schoeps Cardioids > DAT

John Ammons Transfer:
from DAT clone of the master.  Tascam DA20 Mark II DAT > Roland SRC-2 sample rate/format converter (from SPDIF to Optical) > Mac Mini > Audacity 3.0 at 48K > Wave.

Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel
Wave > Audacity > 16/48
June 15, 2018

- Thanks to John Ammons for sharing his clone with us.
- David Murray sit in on saxophone for the show (minus The Maker)
- Everybody Needs Somebody to Love tease before Lay Down Sally
- Don't let the lineage fool ya, this one is FOB & a very accurate recording of the music played this evening.

- Set I -
s1t01 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
s1t02 They Love Each Other
s1t03 Forever Young
s1t04 Strugglin' Man
s1t05 Money Honey
s1t06 My Sisters and Brothers ->
s1t07 Lay Down Sally

- Set 2 -
s2t01 Shining Star
s2t02 C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell) ->
s2t03 What a Wonderful World This Will Be
s2t04 The Maker
s2t05 Don't Let Go ->
s2t06 Lucky Old Sun ->
s2t07 Tangled Up in Blue

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[J.Noel 15 June 2018]
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8ccdafb2aabed39f24bda631b9453ef1 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t01.flac
b0e307745065c6f46ea61626d1b3f6d7 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t02.flac
55cebb476f408bc9a2160b7c82500677 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t03.flac
dc1f40bcd4352184905bdd5b595f512b *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t04.flac
313742c64f9f5b71fbe6c31cadb120a0 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t05.flac
6f8713c7c485a66c69e58886ec3d1b2d *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t06.flac
d4dba9da9b85fc8236cf30a9b53a631f *jg93-11-12.jgb.s1t07.flac
35b3af45dbf94769d482be85db16b399 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t01.flac
6126765f43773d070675a9345e1eaeff *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t02.flac
1aa9e5bfcf356c37254d311d5ed21bab *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t03.flac
90475e6421b128552a83560a5058767f *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t04.flac
12d7b2225b870be00584e5c8199e2008 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t05.flac
9a7c6b332f843884a9282162d2d242a5 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t06.flac
ef2141f51b59c192166e7c9067b5d5d9 *jg93-11-12.jgb.s2t07.flac

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