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Phish 02/18/93
Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Media Size Compressed: 894 MB (937426944 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16 44.1khz SBD> ?> CD> ?> Wavelab6 (patches)> dbpoweamp> FLAC 
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1993-02-18 (Thursday)
Electric Ballroom
Knoxville, TN

Source: SBD> ?> CD> ?> Wavelab6 (patches)> dbpoweamp> FLAC
Patch Source: AKG460b w/ ck8x 110deg>Casio DA7 (Taped by Ricky Supan)
Patches: (beginning Reba); (Weekapaug Groove end); (beginning Mound); (all Amazing Grace, Memories, Sweet Adeline, Rocky Top)

Set I
01. Chalk Dust Torture (7:37)
02. Guelah Papyrus (5:24)
03. Poor Heart -> (2:46)
04. Tweezer -> (12:22)
05. Foam (8:14)
06. Sparkle -> (3:52)
07. Cavern -> (4:22)
08. Reba (13:26)
09. Lawn Boy (2:36)
10. Run Like An Antelope (12:21)

Set II
11. Rift (6:30)
12. Stash (9:41)
13. The Lizards (10:13)
14. Punch You in the Eye (7:24)
15. Mike's Song -> (7:08)
16. I Am Hydrogen -> (4:22)
17. Weekapaug Groove (8:50)
18. Mound / outage (8:16)
19. Amazing Grace (4:03)
20. Memories (1:30)
21. Sweet Adeline (7:28)
22. Rocky Top (2:59)

• Soundcheck: Shaggy Dog, Quinn The Eskimo > Jam, Sample In A Jar
• Antelope included an All Fall Down signal.
• Mike's Song contained a brief tease from Page of In the Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg) and multiple teases of Another One Bites the Dust.
• The soundboard shorted out during Mound.
• Amazing Grace through the end of show was performed acoustic and without microphones
• The band engaged in a rubber band fight between Sweet Adeline and Rocky Top
• Rocky Top featured Fish on trombone

notes from previous sets:
CD>Flac transfer by [email protected]
Many thanks go out to Alec Swensen for getting me the audio discs of the uncirculated gem.  For being an unknown source it sounds very nice.  The accapella songs are not on this copy and this was the show in which the soundboard got fried due to a drink spilling on the board.This is quite noticable during Mound.  Hope everyone enjoys this one.

After getting the FLAC's I noticed that there were small clicks that dotted the show all over the place. These were not clicks associated with the SBD becomming fried from the drink incident. I performed well over 1000 edits on the show removing as many of these clicks as I could. Even though this is a VAST improvement over the originals, there are still some clicks that could not be edited.
The cuts that were present were also edited as best they could be with the exception of the Weekapaug/Mound. There was no mastering done to the files.....also, just as clarification, this is most likely a SBD>DAT>Cass/0>DAT as were most of the 1993 shows.
Edited and re-FLAC'd on REBA by Marmar- [email protected]

Show Checksums
38f619656d5ff108c56b16494dc13ce3 *01 Chalkdust Torture.flac
5d9017156b79284c4c42f097c57b646d *02 Guelah Papyrus.flac
ece449e84c905eb9f3e6a5c8312b0f8a *03 Poor Heart.flac
a57349139f281e2d0c42834ccfb6fe7d *04 Tweezer.flac
0946afbee36a75504c00c463b8c21f71 *05 Foam.flac
e2f367d64c612936cdeb4445739f6675 *06 Sparkle.flac
fe060780b06614b029b7bd4f99e1e6a3 *07 Cavern.flac
fd4616249ae67e91d57bb6dca79d7f10 *08 Reba.flac
17326f9a288152c01d295d51f8d89fb0 *09 Lawn Boy.flac
2ba1aae36afb50ea9da956a5647ab651 *10 Run Like An Antelope.flac
9175e41fb56b7980ad777645d828efaf *11 Rift.flac
6e65fbc3ea3b7a2e08f836c083081d30 *12 Stash.flac
ac16f16950c8511688de9f8a381f6bc9 *13 The Lizards.flac
d3cc7ccba412d19b24ed5d8ea5425fb4 *14 Punch You in the Eye.flac
39661b58eb9ec3577d68e3eb0c6bc2e2 *15 Mike's Song.flac
28f4b64195734a3b58f70b483c294cb9 *16 I Am Hydrogen.flac
61328b4964a95dfcf571986db3cee833 *17 Weekapaug Groove.flac
2a50882efd258653108daa67b92111cf *18 Mound.flac
01f2a0d99246de3341aaff384f66509e *19 Amazing Grace.flac
3104851378990fe8a806982a451a283d *20 Memories.flac
a2df02c17ded4aaa202ac78784580de2 *21 Sweet Adeline.flac
6d4b354adf4c38b49445b81092e4a143 *22 Rocky Top.flac
01 Chalkdust Torture.flac:519cb92eb613ccc66891393c0d27940b
02 Guelah Papyrus.flac:5c71d075be346a1b5dcbd6402c082f6b
03 Poor Heart.flac:daa18b0448e07ff1c48f2090de57632b
04 Tweezer.flac:1d87830d7a2197ce3e887ba69f30cf3e
05 Foam.flac:5a459a8b61170a8452c766f108748e63
06 Sparkle.flac:71c659bde5387e891d940985f9d13f65
07 Cavern.flac:18f65c78ea201b59a4c9653fb6e6d8fb
08 Reba.flac:4e48e39192818fbcfa71f5d8a631d8d9
09 Lawn Boy.flac:ba75503c7c0a4e3ea41306adf809e56f
10 Run Like An Antelope.flac:7fab1b97de9f1d635a376a572b6202c4
11 Rift.flac:ee14ac1e9f0c7a9715ae4705860dc849
12 Stash.flac:0bad457b624aa537f81bf514f8bc4012
13 The Lizards.flac:8a47ed4571cbf5aaefb9a1e9f60fc8cc
14 Punch You in the Eye.flac:c8d9575f320c889432d04df748bc3d6e
15 Mike's Song.flac:8222d7dc99a51a4a51668faa9d88a240
16 I Am Hydrogen.flac:ee44e4578fc2069915fb6aff3d2e725c
17 Weekapaug Groove.flac:a8cd9336e5c770b5243d6c2b6d3c35c8
18 Mound.flac:39738b14bf0267f293ac58c8278e76b2
19 Amazing Grace.flac:376d5fc8007c3dfb8418f9a885ce2c35
20 Memories.flac:35603e9d4b8d951b7e52a290f97d807e
21 Sweet Adeline.flac:9759021ed1519b1b8bd6cd3eb41a2745
22 Rocky Top.flac:65da2a16df5e9581b4d93454a63f10e2

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