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Trey Anastasio 10/29/02
The Palace, Louisville, KY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d1wav , d2wav
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary FOB B+K 4021 (ORTF, in hat, ROC) > EAA PSP-2 > Apogee AD-1000; Tascam DA-20mkII > RME Digi96/8 PST > CDWav > Samplitude > mkwACT > SHN; Taped by Ryan Walstrom; Transferred by Cliff Kaelin; DATs supplied by Bill Gardner 
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Trey Anastasio Band
October 29th, 2002
Louisville Palace
Louisville, KY

Source: FOB, B&K 4021's (ORTF, schoeps bar in hat, orch 2 row R,
slightly right of the center) --> EAA PSP-2 --> Apogee AD-1000
taped by Ryan Walstrom with gear from Rannan Smith

Transfer: DAT Clone (one off master) in tascam da-20mkII>rme digi96/8pst>
  Cd_Wav Editor>Samplitude>MKW.97>SHN

Set I
disc 1: [72:40]
1) intro [00:51]
2) Burlap Sack and Pumps [13:36]
3) Every Story Ends in Stone [08:43]
4) Money, Love and Change [21:00]
5) Flock of Words [05:30]
6) Sidewalks of San Francisco [03:29]
7) Last Tube [19:27]

Set II [72:49]
disc 2:
1) intro [01:03]
2) Sand > [17:08]
3) Night Speaks to a Woman > [22:10]
4) Chapeau Mauvais [07:20]
5) Ray Dawn Balloon [03:44]
6) At the Gazebo [03:27]
7) Drifting [10:41]
8) Sultans of Swing [07:13]

transferred and encoded by Cliff Kaelin thanks
to Bill Garder for the clone!

Show Checksums
bc14de394ae2ce5137c6edb850339d47 *trey2002-10-29d1t07.shn
b1b2055b7b8d28502658bc0f4a1e7aed *trey2002-10-29d1t01.shn
a65533f84a6982ff55a45ddbff2f9b2e *trey2002-10-29d1t02.shn
02e7ce41a4282235fc80f66ac1471bbf *trey2002-10-29d1t03.shn
af7a2589cd67693b3ad9cf88073738ce *trey2002-10-29d1t04.shn
02601b31651d0cf809269087244ebf99 *trey2002-10-29d1t05.shn
5beb519a88959d39382df53c90dfa363 *trey2002-10-29d1t06.shn
a6c1e547d460a8e0b940f647aab391f8 *trey2002-10-29d2t08a.shn
5baeda2801bee893d37fcf73567a9b4c *trey2002-10-29d2t07.shn
71b0b5b548f61bc02bd72b38f4530232 *trey2002-10-29d2t01.shn
751922eb968ae1462a5b890eb2567657 *trey2002-10-29d2t02.shn
30fde6cf26a41f0bfa6595b2ca6551f8 *trey2002-10-29d2t03.shn
4d6856f880e75d74df91989cb0160d33 *trey2002-10-29d2t04.shn
044594ad02cb90c3011dabcb02df943c *trey2002-10-29d2t05.shn
1f1166a4c63b26792ff90d7e7bfd7dea *trey2002-10-29d2t06.shn
dad46d69dbccdfd131ff1220bd2c85a8 *trey2002-10-29d1t01.WAV
11f83c6d04178a57264d2d9476c0027f *trey2002-10-29d1t02.WAV
fffc486e4f0993a17d1158796ad2686b *trey2002-10-29d1t03.WAV
d4745a757389bebfd47a98009d583817 *trey2002-10-29d1t04.WAV
63a0b9509008a57a32b83634be048123 *trey2002-10-29d1t05.WAV
ed28723601e63b911c9b6c739473bad8 *trey2002-10-29d1t06.WAV
13c2a8a01b7819972a970f0d6e36ad0b *trey2002-10-29d1t07.WAV
ade10d3a4545f97c80a76a2db543ee1a *trey2002-10-29d2t01.WAV
0f0db87a0ff992ed36114473655b007e *trey2002-10-29d2t02.WAV
cac7eb846b1dd5672a1afdc8ff7df90c *trey2002-10-29d2t03.WAV
48a618ccc3b7563ee1d0d9f4491ccc19 *trey2002-10-29d2t04.WAV
9542aedd2cf54f3c7310eb19cff063ad *trey2002-10-29d2t05.WAV
ccf1c026ca8aac48d4fdcf1676f20047 *trey2002-10-29d2t06.WAV
5fd27536e2976bb71f07df1126488492 *trey2002-10-29d2t07.WAV
e1194ad9e31ec378f9b3817ed2e312b2 *trey2002-10-29d2t08a.WAV

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