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Phish 05/15/00
Y100 Sonic Session, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary pre-FM > DAT > CDR; via Dick Elliott 
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5/15/00 Sonic Sessions

pre-FM > DAT > CDR

1. First Tube
2. Farmhouse
3. Twist
4. Heavy Things
5. Back On The Train
6. Piper
7. Inlaw Josie Wales
8. Bug
9. Gotta Jibboo

Phish.Net Notes:
Taped for Y100's Sonic Sessions feature. Approximately 50 people were in attendance. The same day, portions of the show were also played on WXPN's "World Cafe" program. *Audience did the "wooo!" from the lyrics, thus making Trey laugh. **Trey goofed up twice, and said "that's why we're in a recording studio; we can do this all over again."

Seeded by: Dick Elliott
Show Checksums
434a5bbb5eafa312b85539c29365bb7d *ph00-05-15t01.shn
626fc660efd860a4f356e5c0873ebedd *ph00-05-15t02.shn
c64fc6c77dbbb5573eaf94426a4e1d5d *ph00-05-15t03.shn
48dc37b8327ac611bf94cb036fe043ce *ph00-05-15t04.shn
de2de8591123bc7621d21ef6804d5aa3 *ph00-05-15t05.shn
a78365e1dadda82dd3bdd19546534d2c *ph00-05-15t06.shn
28848bbc41408742a11a51d8ced50858 *ph00-05-15t07.shn
28df833ec3bfcff77358e4b9f82c567a *ph00-05-15t08.shn
3f8f6890e1d02ae7e1e067591523c3a6 *ph00-05-15t09.shn
6015f389ab950955f16ed412d0dd6885 [shntool] ph00-05-15t01.shn
94f6677e20b8f6f276afc7575bf7fc95 [shntool] ph00-05-15t02.shn
5526c56262a2698ce8547798401a67b3 [shntool] ph00-05-15t03.shn
3140f1ebcd0c545ec9ac8f504879d193 [shntool] ph00-05-15t04.shn
704525639ec6739f6acce93491439ffe [shntool] ph00-05-15t05.shn
dabcf9ad88e666c4144c96e497a6fe12 [shntool] ph00-05-15t06.shn
a7886ae3825bc575c2dfcbec924f0032 [shntool] ph00-05-15t07.shn
400a31c5f57d01a976f0af122e5bd179 [shntool] ph00-05-15t08.shn
c5b2ff7d459c339dc19ce67f873c992c [shntool] ph00-05-15t09.shn

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complete broadcast; fm->... (0) FM SBD > Sony TC-WE305 >... (0) flac16; FM Broadcast... (0)
Date User Comment
12/17/2000 Adam Bishop This a very, very solid recording. Great sound, great distribution among the band. This show is the Farmhouse album live and is a great recording of it too!!
10/02/2003 Steve Dolnack Eh, this was a pretty good show (if you could call it that); it's less a Phish show and more just Farmouse live. However, it has THE most amazing performance of First Tube I've ever heard!