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Wilco 09/17/00
Cooper River Park, Collingswood, NJ
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary (WXPN) 
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Cooper River Island (WXPN)
Collingswood, New Jersey

01. Airline to heaven,
02. feed of man
03. christ for president
04. remember the mountainbed
05. california stars
06. hesitating beauty
07. secret of the sea
08. red eyed and blue
09. I got you/someone else's song
10. how to fight loneliness
11. hotel arizona

01. I'm always in love
02. she's a jar
03. a shot in the arm
04. misunderstood
05. casino queen > hoodoo voodoo > outtasite (outtamind)
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376c74b625cb500aa932020750161d40 *wilco2000-09-17d01t02.shn
31826c634db7521a1f4ab88dc9be5e47 *wilco2000-09-17d01t03.shn
9d28eb7ba597b2bce14fc4c84751b859 *wilco2000-09-17d01t04.shn
681d77245c0693ab9d31edd025953781 *wilco2000-09-17d01t05.shn
28cbcdc37e5bcd542c31ebd1cd881a4e *wilco2000-09-17d01t06.shn
d45d1e5b2325734157eb4061ba62096c *wilco2000-09-17d01t07.shn
e7405874bec3efb655336fb14710f0a5 *wilco2000-09-17d01t08.shn
5714752cfe9c99fefed562b0de078d57 *wilco2000-09-17d01t09.shn
b530bac3cc6b8de4ef7d30f394a9f4f4 *wilco2000-09-17d01t10.shn
466e5665d65de6d705b095c9281b9ea0 *wilco2000-09-17d01t11.shn
4822695dbdfeead22db5c69468fa4d8f *wilco2000-09-17d01t01.shn
d0f39ea3a48928d79295286f1d3f974c *wilco2000-09-17d02t02.shn
7b8650c5850ab8aa95e4bb0ebc16e65c *wilco2000-09-17d02t01.shn
e501826392971959bc012cc9188c4090 *wilco2000-09-17d02t03.shn
dd22f4807fa9f4a19d06d1b50cbeb202 *wilco2000-09-17d02t04.shn
143de551f1487f549b5b7abeb8edbe8c *wilco2000-09-17d02t05.shn

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