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Garcia 03/14/78
Music Hall, Boston, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , wav
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: MAC (Taped by Tom Dalti [NOT Steve Rolfe as previously listed], Sony ECM-99a mics > Technics 646ds cassette deck) DAT > CDR > EAC (version 0.9 beta 4, offset corrected, high/secure) > editing (soundforge 5) > tracking (cdwav) > boundary check (shntool) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via C.Ladner/candyman FTP. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA  

Source:  AUD (Sony ECM-99a mics) > Technics 646ds cassette deck > CM > DAT > CDR > WAV >SHN.
Taper:  Tom Dalti

Note added 11/12/2004: This had previously been listed as
having been taped by Steve Rolfe.  But it is actually from
Tom Dalti's master, details as follows: Master: Sony ECM99a ->
Technics 646DS; Analog to DAT: Nakamichi BX 300 -> Sony PCM-R500;
DAT to CD: Sony PCM-R500 -> HHB-800. Unknown
number of CD gens follows.

Disc 1 - Set 1 (requires 80 minute disc)
01 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [11:18]
02 They Love Each Other [07:51]
03 Knockin' On Heaven's Door [14:54]
04 That's What Love Will Make You Do [11:20]  
05 Mission In The Rain [12:18]
06 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [10:28]
07 Mystery Train [07:51]
Total Time:  76:02.10

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Love In The Afternoon [09:45]
02 Gomorrah [07:05]
03 Harder They Come [11:18]  
04 I'll Be With Thee [05:33]
05 Midnight Moonlight [11:34]
Total Time:  45:17

Comments:  Mystery Train originally tracked on disc 2 as first track with a Mystery Train fade out at the end of disc 1.  Retracked seamlessly to first disc.

Thanks to S. Aserkoff for the CDR seeds.
DAE(EAC 0.9 beta 4, offset corrected, high/secure) > editing (soundforge 5)  > tracking (cdwav) > boundary check (shntool) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via C.Ladner/candyman FTP.

A MisShn in the Rain Installment of the Music Never Stopped Project - 2/03.
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de511bf13b9eb3993628c66da84af53c *jgb78-03-14d1t02.shn
2619e6b152dda1219a3b7310ea1cf28c *jgb78-03-14d1t03.shn
f377dd3940060cb0488f37efd08d16f9 *jgb78-03-14d1t04.shn
88108b5aef0621d62ce72b39725053ba *jgb78-03-14d1t05.shn
45807916e9ae4ae0b3d9727daa626baa *jgb78-03-14d1t06.shn
2b73be98666ac33e57935ab65c19a629 *jgb78-03-14d1t07.shn
08b76022ebb8fcbed1985cdd206ce7c3 *jgb78-03-14d1t01.shn
d42bcd52ad42841f275336866b769d4b *jgb78-03-14d2t01.shn
27da595cfe7b8f3c3ccae82d058295c3 *jgb78-03-14d2t02.shn
e3595139c1e48c8b1b5b2ae37c44f221 *jgb78-03-14d2t03.shn
bd5485912157ac1661da75c3e231e0d7 *jgb78-03-14d2t04.shn
5e6e4ed6a5d93a3b5c421c994b9d03f1 *jgb78-03-14d2t05.shn
0e6c7b475244f08df01cce88a7ecefbb *jgb78-03-14d1t01.wav
9af429af1c7a08cf357af11281414390 *jgb78-03-14d1t02.wav
62c8ace1e21f28c22879d5479f3832a2 *jgb78-03-14d1t03.wav
32ae9e73e2e751459a5453321b392acd *jgb78-03-14d1t04.wav
623c5cc921011819c86f3d399b1c9abc *jgb78-03-14d1t05.wav
bab5bf45113041ba0a633c64bd6fa499 *jgb78-03-14d1t06.wav
395a892973a5eeb7b4712920bf99b9fb *jgb78-03-14d2t01.wav
a7b7f6e2a2ee164547172f49101c2577 *jgb78-03-14d2t02.wav
d03919c81a04d5b3f9d8f352a4df4365 *jgb78-03-14d2t03.wav
bdbd3d25e4e8181b02eae8220a2d0703 *jgb78-03-14d2t04.wav
8cd5a0c9b04abaab3cf897b834cf7476 *jgb78-03-14d2t05.wav
6064ed9e59b09a2ac8f6ecab630ce991 *jgb78-03-14d1t07.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
JGB: Claudette Gardel's AKG... (0) JGB; flac1644: Taped... (1)
Date User Comment
03/13/2003 Joe Jupille I think this is Tom Dalti's master. Same equipment that Dalti used, and from what I understand Rolfe's master wasn't digitized. I am prepared to be corrected about that, though.
03/13/2003 Chris L. i'll check on that Joe. I saw this listed with Tom as the taper on other lists, but i went with what was given. Let me give Steve a shout out.
08/23/2004 C Miller Whoever taped this did a great job. Very nice, clear audience.
08/24/2004 Matt That would be Steve Rolfe - he has definitely kicked out his share of sweet AUD recordings !

Can anyone comment on the quality of playing ? - I personally think the 18th is an all-time for that era and I have been trying to track down other performances that are as inspired !
08/24/2004 Joe Jupille You cannot go wrong with March of 1978.

But, as the thread above suggests, I have some doubts about whether this is really from Rolfe's master. If I recall correctly, this one wasn't digitized because the excellent Tom Dalti master was already out and about. I could be wrong, but that was my recollection. And, even if it's right, I'd love to see the Rolfe anyway, since I am sure that it, like most of his tapes, is excellent.
11/13/2004 Joe Jupille This is almost certainly from Tom Dalti's master. Several factors lead me to this conclusion. 1) Rolfe was not in the country, though his wife taped this show for him; 2) Rolfe's master of this show was not digitized when many of his other tapes were, because an alternate master (Dalti's) was already in circulation. AFAIK Rolfe's master has never been digitized, but I am not certain about that; 3) this is precisely the same recording as the one that has circulated attributed to Dalti.