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Garcia 03/19/82
Mojo's, Arcata, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: MAC (Taped by Tim Vallee) > cassette > NAD 6050C playback > SBM > PCM-R500 @44.1k (A/D only - no DAT) > VXPocket v2 > Sound Forge (v. 4.5a) > WAV > CDWAV (v.1.71) > mkwACT (v.0.97b1) > SHN. Transferred by Dan Gale. 
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Jerry Garcia Band  19-Mar-82
Mojos, Arcata CA

***FOR TRADE ONLY***Please Do Not encode to MP3

Master: Unknown mics>cassette master

Transfer: 1st Gen Cassette (NAD 6050C)>SBM>PCM-R500 @44.1k (A/D only - no DAT)>VXPocket v2>Sound Forge (v. 4.5a)>WAV>CDWAV (v.1.71)>mkwACT (v.0.97b1)>SHN

Recorded by Tim Vallee
Transfered by Dan Gale ([email protected])

Disc 1:
1st Set:
1. How Sweet It Is  8:19
2. Catfish John  10:19
3. Let It Rock  8:11
4. Simple Twist of Fate  15:59
5. Sitting In Limbo  11:13
6. Deal  7:38

2nd Set:
1. The Way You Do The Things You Do  7:51
2. Mission in the Rain  9:55
3. Love in the Afternoon  8:40
4. Sugaree  9:52
5. Dear Prudence  11:00
6. Tangled Up In Blue  10:23

These two shows were recorded by Tim Vallee.  Tim was a life-long resident of Eureka CA and a GD fanatic from way back when and was the first full-blown taping maniac I ever met - he sadly passed away in 1996 and his massive music collection and mountains of posters and memorabilia were divided up by family members and dispersed to who knows where.  Tim made me the 1st gen cassette copies that were used for these SHNs back in 1984.  I'd like to dedicate these SHNs to Tim's memory - these shows were one of the highlights of his life, and my taping world and Humboldt County in general have not been the same since his passing.

I transfered the shows exactly as they were on the cassettes Tim gave me, with the exception of fading in/out of each cassette side which I did in Sound Forge.  The recordings might benefit from a bit of EQ work to boost the high end but I'll leave that to someone with more experience and the proper gear who wants to take it on.

A bried history of Mojos and the Arcata music scene:
Mojos was located in the building that previously had housed the Arcata Bowl when it was on 10th Street between H and I Streets.  The dance floor was still composed of the original hardwood floors from the bowling alley and even included the little inlayed arrows that are found on bowling lanes.  I don't remember the exact capacity but it was in the neighborhood of 800 people and was the last sizeable dance floor/music venue in Arcata.  It was adjoining a Mexican Restaurant called The Red Pepper, both of which went out of business around 1985.  Mojos had been a musical institution in Arcata prior to its closing, but the JGB shows have always locally been the infamous shows from the venue.  The Mojos building had a few brief stints as other venues (Toppers and ??...I can't remember the other name) - nothing had really changed other then the name but they never pulled off the music scene that Mojos had.  The buildings were sold around 1987 to an ex-Oakland Raider (Mario Celotto) who started the Humboldt Brewery in the building that previously had housed the Red Pepper.  They remodeled Mojos and reopened it as The International Beer Garden, under which it was operated until the early 1990's.  The venue was poorly managed by the brewery and hence not seen as a "money maker", so they sadly gutted the building, including the bowling lane floors, and turned it into a production facility for their low quality micro brew.  Sadly this was the death of the last sizeable dance hall in Arcata and the local music scene has suffered ever since.  A smaller venue was opened on the plaza around 1993 (Brew and Beats) that changed ownership/management and became Cafe Tomo around 1996.  Cafe Tomo was substantially smaller then Mojos but still attracted excellent shows until landlord disputes led to its closure in late 2001.  Arcata's music scene has never been the same since Mojos closed and once the Humboldt Brewery gutted the building, they removed the last hope of a venue of this size and type ever occuring in Arcata again...many old-time Arcatans refuse to patronize this brewery for this reason (not to mention their beer has consistently been poor since they opened).  So as a tribute to a sadly lost music scene and a tribute to the almost forgotten venue that housed the last JGB shows in Arcata, please boycott Humboldt Brewery's beer next time you're grabbing a six pack at the store (they market their Red Nectar Ale and other swill throughout much of the west coast and possibly further points beyond).

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