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Grateful Dead 05/14/83
Greek Theatre, U. Of California, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary FOB: Sennheiser 421's > Sony PCM-F1 (Jeff Silberman's PCM Master) encoded by Jeff Fishman 
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The Grateful Dead
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, Ca.
May 14, 1983

FOB: Sennheiser 421's > Sony PCM-F1  (Jeff Silberman's PCM Master)

Conversion: DAT(fostex d10)>CDR>DAE (via EAC)>CDR-WAV (for Tracking)>MKW>SHN

All EAC DAE's were done in Secure Mode with a Plextor 40/12/40 burner.  
Only 1 of the 23 tracks returned less than 100.0 quality in EAC.  
One track returned 99.9% quality

1 Tuning
2 Stranger
3 Friend of the Devil
4 Me & My Uncle >
5 Mexicali Blues
6 Tennessee Jed
7 My Brother Esau
8 Bertha//

Disc 2

1 //Shakedown Street > (jumps right in)
2 Playin' In The Band >
3 China Doll >
4 Playin Jam followed by Weir Improvisations with Hart/Kreutzmann >
5 Drums >
6 Space

Disc 3

1 The Wheel >
2 Playin' In The Band >
3 Playin' Reprise >
4 Morning Dew >
5 Sugar Magnolia
6 One More Saturday Nite
Filler  3/26/83 (Senn 441>D5 FOB Source from the late Jim Vita )

7 Scarlet >
8 Fire
9 Estimated

Notes:  This source came from Jeff Silberman's DAT (via his PCM master).  

*********************************** CAVEAT EMPEOR FOR PURISTS********************************************************
This version will not match the ETREE shn MD5's in circulation.  If that is an issue, don't download, burn it or distribute it.  I have not seen this wonderful show circulated and wanted to distribute this.  Though the ETREE database says that this was recorded by others than Silberman, I received my copy from my old friend Dougal Donaldson who was an influential taper/trader in the PCM and DAT realms for 15 years.  Dougal said that his DAT was directly from Silberman's PCM master.

Conversion by  Jeff Fishman
[email protected]
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f9644737844c2f9046a12b933e55f624 *gd1983-05-14-d10101.shn
221ee4935a3492fac4eef78aa1a5d1a3 *gd1983-05-14-d10102.shn
1d49faed18889df13b7880ea4361b501 *gd1983-05-14-d10103.shn
62aee32e1d35610118020621c65a329a *gd1983-05-14-d10104.shn
2be3698eec2b2c925ef9f26785dd1cdf *gd1983-05-14-d10105.shn
5742ab156c58434cdc7402255dc27c53 *gd1983-05-14-d10106.shn
2c2598f865a484054b28b392b3965b0f *gd1983-05-14-d10107.shn
520bafb691ae24401de91f944859f9ec *gd1983-05-14-d10108.shn
8c4ec7e5292b30b71f5664e308153656 *gd1983-05-14-d20101.shn
06a4bd27c3f47a94e2f8eba3a16fd5af *gd1983-05-14-d20102.shn
31eedf387888109efb5bf654a6177a7b *gd1983-05-14-d20103.shn
9679ad957dce37a773595beaf6c280ab *gd1983-05-14-d20104.shn
45b67fd6b70efb9e0a052547bb06f81f *gd1983-05-14-d20105.shn
b2a4bd31716a3b47e99470e401b2f6fa *gd1983-05-14-d20106.shn
096409946471e67d3639c47234bf4cf2 *gd1983-05-14-d30101.shn
18f347b89ae4dbd0e77d3b82afc78ec5 *gd1983-05-14-d30102.shn
bce7baee9a7f0322fc193224ecaadd17 *gd1983-05-14-d30103.shn
7150760342847790eabbc01891af32d9 *gd1983-05-14-d30104.shn
d48b5a1ad1fe5802b4cf61faf35b1ffb *gd1983-05-14-d30105.shn
ea89fac246af5707d687fde2b3e6bb64 *gd1983-05-14-d30106.shn
51bae0ee314ca602f247858d9515142e *gd1983-05-14-d30107.shn
546f3e946a2f6d0c16bf7507846b620c *gd1983-05-14-d30108.shn
5795a9452b35265043b274c297e7cadb *gd1983-05-14-d30109.shn
e9af71952a67d139c842946f6389bcd7 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10101.shn
49fa718906b21c3bea067ec16d8da45e [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10102.shn
5f4ea969e4d426d5b05f830d52a66e80 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10103.shn
fc978318ba342e5ab1545f515fadf8df [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10104.shn
4f6f149a3849fab6c0be6b1517567b9a [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10105.shn
aa57d89c3b77b1aff415ab3438467bc0 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10106.shn
15315769c9dab3975d535553c1f8bf5e [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10107.shn
fb65073e5213c6f2985634de0b61863e [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d10108.shn
556fdb564213fda6e63bcb00be72278d [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20101.shn
85135fbe46980e9c25c385145abba5d6 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20102.shn
f0cdb8edcd0ab7cc9484c4197691c966 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20103.shn
dc4820d6712be34e2bf1f1263048e072 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20104.shn
48894665f26592949740990abcdafaa2 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20105.shn
6e9956e6ef817545b4fb68d4e93a9c6d [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d20106.shn
3673010ed962d8cdb78b2624be69b80d [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30101.shn
7bb85fbf5429e07266d845c62415a1bd [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30102.shn
574af46cf6b95308c7df2e8f173014f8 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30103.shn
9f14143cb3a9f1c3203b9e7791a98475 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30104.shn
aa9ad8dec40174dc587b0395136eb379 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30105.shn
aa3f0b02d68aa665ee85e1c496016008 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30106.shn
a1a6b5faa14a7872561e73d1d6167c7a [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30107.shn
2edef19ac2b46f860246f1847ab7a990 [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30108.shn
afd4f894e894c10c1939dec02aedc6ca [shntool] gd1983-05-14-d30109.shn

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