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Garcia 03/28/81
Unknown Hotel Room, Essen, Germany
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Conversation/Interview with Ayatolla H?bsch: master cassette > Sound Forge de-noising > ? > SHN. 
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Jerry Garcia
afternoon of March 28, 1981
hotel room, Essen, Germany

This is a 48-minute recording of an informal conversation
between Jerry Garcia and Ayatolla H?bsch (?), held at
Garcia's hotel room in the afternoon before the Rockpalast show.

Topics include Illuminati books, islam and the Sikhs.
Somewhere in the middle the telephone rings. Jerry picks up
and talks to Brent for a moment. At the end H?bsch starts
singing a song to Jerry, who then accompanies him on an
acoustic guitar.

This recording saw minimal circulation when it was reportedly
sold in Germany in the 80s. Many thanks are due to Tilli for
obtaining a copy of the master cassette. I applied some denoising
in SoundForge; the sound is not optimal but still listenable.
I don't know much about H?bsch (who contributes at least as much
to the conversation as Garcia) except that he was a writer
and "beat poet" and he converted to islam in the late seventies.
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01/17/2007 Tilli the "interviewer"'s name is Hadayatullah Hübsch. He lived in a German commune in the late 60s during the student revolts and took lots of drugs. Eventually, after having been hospitalised for drug-induced psychosis, he left for Marocco in a Volkswagen bus and there converted to islam, changing his name. The whole story is related in a great radio play that he wrote (unfortunately for most of you, it's in German).
A nice side-story is that I listened to this radio play on tape for the first time when I had moved from germany to the U.K. and was driving on the left for the first time in my life. I was driving a rental car straight into the heart of Glasgow, Scotland's busiest city (to see SCI btw) and Hübsch's descriptions of his horror trips and psychosis were so vivid that at a very big roundabout on the outskirts of town I finally had to turn the play off because I couldn't manage to drive on the left with all this crazyness going on anymore! :)
Anyway, I believe this is not actually from the master tape and may also be incomplete. Hübsch "released" the recording on a flexi disc that was included with a very low-key german beat poetry journal in the 80s and send some copies to friends. If I remember correctly, he has long since lost the master and had one of those friends transfer the 1st gen cassette to CD, which he then copied for me and which Hanno subsequentlt cleaned up.
I got in touch with Hübsch through a mutual friend who is both a deadhead (I found him because his car has an original-sized American beauty cover in the rear window) and publishes german translations of beat poetry. That friend remembered the old interview tape and told me about it. From his recollections, the interview should have been longer and especially the part where Jerry plays guitar should have been more expanded but I never got him to dig out his own old cassette copy and he said it was probably too worn to play it back anyway. So for now this is all there is...