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Garcia 04/27/94
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 15819 Other Sources
Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d2 , d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Lineage given as DSBD > DAT > CDR > EAC > shn, but Charlie Miller says the correct lineage is SBD>Dat>Cass Master (Dolby C)>Dat>CD. 
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   Jerry Garcia Band
   Warfield Theatre
   San Francisco, CA

   originally listed source: DSBD > DAT > CDR > EAC > shn
   Charlie Miller says that the correct lineage is SBD>Dat>Cass Master (Dolby C)>Dat>CD [EAC > SHN].

   Disc 1:
      (set 1)
   01) How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
   02) Waiting For A Miracle
   03) Simple Twist Of Fate
   04) Run For The Roses
   05) Dear Prudence
   06) My Sisters And Brothers
   07) Deal

   Disc 2:
      (set 2)
   01) Shining Star
   02) Tore Up Over You
   03) What A Wonderful World
   04) Reuben And Cherise
   05) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
   06) Midnight Moonlight

   comments: 1 sec. dropout at 3:58 of d1t06
Show Checksums
afce95d7356f55ecbec95419828ec519 *jgb1994-04-27d2t01.shn
dcfeb812e859582c754896b589ceafc6 *jgb1994-04-27d2t02.shn
b7d8c87e1e845ea8118dc03e9b06bda2 *jgb1994-04-27d2t03.shn
37c4a2018e746b7eccdfb944799faf37 *jgb1994-04-27d2t04.shn
339fce19b3eb0ec382e4ca6fa9997fc0 *jgb1994-04-27d2t05.shn
f80d50ffc138609682ea85091536ca93 *jgb1994-04-27d2t06.shn
f83b265e6a8dc39d54eb4b33884904f0 *jgb1994-04-27d1t01.shn
a9fa184fa5d189cafa001c175df63862 *jgb1994-04-27d1t02.shn
6fb243f1fda1f2374f705e23fcb3dac2 *jgb1994-04-27d1t03.shn
993c5fecf4f4b64937ff8ebcb0ba17ba *jgb1994-04-27d1t04.shn
195980560e42babb242e85a49abdbdc8 *jgb1994-04-27d1t05.shn
737616998ee24308ce1eca2a71f2b483 *jgb1994-04-27d1t06.shn
52d0e974258dc98dc4804d68e7645557 *jgb1994-04-27d1t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Jerry Garcia Band: DSBD;... (0)
Date User Comment
09/08/2003 wik This sounds like a 192k mp3 source to me. Clearly some sort of degraded digital stream here. Listenable, but by no means pure DAT lineage. That's my opinion at least.
08/28/2004 Joe Jupille Charlie Miller informs me that there is a Dolby C cassette in the lineage, i.e., SBD>Dat>Cass Master (Dolby C)>Dat>CD. I will make a note in the info file as well.
01/11/2006 Danny Metz There appears to be fileset derived from this one in circulation. It had basically the same text file, the following note, and then a whole slew of md5s and ffps (with song names tagged onto the etree-standard track titles):

"I have appended the original shn.md5/flac.md5 to the end of this textfile along with the flac16.ffp fingerprint and wav.md5. I created two md5's, one for the FLAC files and one for the WAV files. The FLAC MD5 is to check the integrity of the FLAC, separate from FLACs own checksum system. I also edited this text file slightly. --Thomas J. Festa"

Here is the fingerprint from the Thomas Festa flac set:

jgb1994-04-27d1t - 01 - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.flac:e88bd5a988d07bc509179d895816756b
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 02 - Waiting For A Miracle.flac:36ad6218659cb60f32cf79f9c39aae9b
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 03 - Simple Twist Of Fate.flac:fc21e8a76f14b2210dc3722ec37882ce
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 04 - Run For The Roses.flac:656c6e535dcdf8e695c64660d7a6386b
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 05 - Dear Prudence.flac:60505f2d2e936ec93e24cddfe8c430af
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 06 - My Sisters And Brothers.flac:e362b386d8e222aede9b411ad56239b5
jgb1994-04-27d1t - 07 - Deal.flac:4697148955e57648b5ebcad974158dbc
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 01 - Shining Star.flac:730114260de280bc85b9fa56d74e83d9
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 02 - Tore Up Over You.flac:649b6691a513eaebc4b368f620a14ab5
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 03 - What A Wonderful World.flac:377472f889f352de6e2701b959ab96f8
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 04 - Reuben And Cherise.flac:c6266cfaa11253dba5b8e13e3f3875fe
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 05 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.flac:4b8e541dabb6a55a21d9979734263e70
jgb1994-04-27d2t - 06 - Midnight Moonlight.flac:ffc7d11afa3c681caf2b94a5de04215a