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Garcia 02/02/86
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums wav , shn
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: AUD (unknown mics) > CM > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHN 
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Jerry Garcia and John Kahn
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA  

Source:  AUD(unknown mics)>CM>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHN.
Taper:  unknown.

Set 1  - 33:01
01  It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry  [07:01]
02  Friend Of The Devil  [06:34]
03  I've Been All Around This World  [05:19]
04  The Roving Gambler  [02:54]
05  Valerie  [06:35]
06  Run For The Roses  [04:36]

Set 2  - 46:46
07  Deep Elem Blues  [06:30]
08  Spike Driver Blues  [06:36]
09  Jack-A-Roe  [04:30]
10  Gomorrah  [05:44]
11  Bird Song  [14:33]
12  Ripple  [04:08]
13  //Goodnight Irene// [04:43]

Comments:  There is a pause in the tape prior to the start of Goodnight Irene and the source for this track is different from the rest of the show, sounds like a SBD, and is mono.  The track is cut off  midway through.

Overall the sound quality is distant, at times with an overall low Jerry:crowd ratio, however, when the crowd quiets, the performance is well worth the listen.  The levels were extremely low on the original source discs so I applied at +4 decibel gain to the entire show using soundforge 5.

Thanks to S.Aserkoff for the CDR source.
DAE(EAC 0.9 beta 4, offset corrected, secure mode) > + 4 dB gain (soundforge5) > tracking (cdwave) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via C.Ladner/candyman FTP.

Part of the MisSHN in the Rain downpour of TMNSP.
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5857745ecb5e890618e07102043a2017 *jg+jk1986-02-02t01.wav
681d910c11ddb22919876a17d43347fc *jg+jk1986-02-02t02.wav
878f10960e6ee8faef619dc89c5aecf4 *jg+jk1986-02-02t03.wav
fd539ae6b5e050b9602f5db211d31485 *jg+jk1986-02-02t04.wav
6cc7ee232b1be45a1cc470e23a82dede *jg+jk1986-02-02t05.wav
89ce4ebb9b561070d810cfacdbc0b39e *jg+jk1986-02-02t06.wav
258d75085df0999bf936a0a665f5c70f *jg+jk1986-02-02t07.wav
84a86b3684a6cbf81d53810467cda59d *jg+jk1986-02-02t08.wav
e947b2c61dba13e914c6bfb2b3eec92c *jg+jk1986-02-02t09.wav
c18c3dfca53c24242368c07d0c66843d *jg+jk1986-02-02t10.wav
ee1fec0c2b08a4ec9739ab20c5ceb124 *jg+jk1986-02-02t11.wav
f75dfd71ffdb2b53815ef53c8c14ee76 *jg+jk1986-02-02t12.wav
1568612087cc81a6e93f9324a8d1cfd3 *jg+jk1986-02-02t13.wav
7c7aae3740594664b2eddb0b540099c4 *jg+jk1986-02-02t06.shn
dd7b25a3877d8b7dc1885758ab19cea7 *jg+jk1986-02-02t02.shn
9dc70062e6f738ba0e1547804fdde68a *jg+jk1986-02-02t03.shn
88548b4e727da675fef89a790e3e1ace *jg+jk1986-02-02t04.shn
0ff4e183c644a42ef8cc3fffcd3ecdc8 *jg+jk1986-02-02t05.shn
eceed7a1abbec237e86c3878f0ab38a6 *jg+jk1986-02-02t01.shn
dc6ae9aa64cf722a04bd871b9f437074 *jg+jk1986-02-02t07.shn
52ae245f4b447a368b9318ad34923729 *jg+jk1986-02-02t08.shn
fbc564df340bedc9ed29734e6f259e8e *jg+jk1986-02-02t09.shn
75e5ba6f42ca181b50df9c176bbb893e *jg+jk1986-02-02t10.shn
ee65127ff9729c11e61690fd704d4995 *jg+jk1986-02-02t11.shn
2a699753ecf1d058207f2dda130664d8 *jg+jk1986-02-02t12.shn
ab3fa0c4b77f080f540a1a9f15fbdae1 *jg+jk1986-02-02t13.shn

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