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String Cheese Incident 03/22/03
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann km184 > Lunatec V2 > AD2K+ > D8; Transfer: Sony D8 > Zoltrix nightingale pro 6 > Cool edit pro > CD Wave > mkwACT > .shn  
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String Cheese Incident
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

Set One: Accoustic
Disk 1:
Huckling the Berries,
Dark Hollow*,
Shenandoah Breakdown**,
Doin' My Time,
The Hobo Song,
Bear Creek?***,
Hold What You've Got?,
Wheel Hoss

Set 2:
Disk 2:
Intro Jam
Missin' Me >
Desert Dawn,
Boo Boo's Picnic,
Sweet Melinda?^ >
San Jose?

Set 3:
Disk 3:
Drums? >
I Know You Rider?,
Disk 4:
Jellyfish# >
Rollover >

Encore:  Next to You > Rollover  
Guests:  Entire acoustic set with Pete Wernick on banjo
? with Jillian Nershi on vocals
? with Bill Kreutzmann on drums  
Notes:  * without Kyle
** without Kyle and Travis
*** with only Bill and Jillian Nershi
^ with Slipknot! and The Other One teases
# with Willin' (Lowell George) and What's the Buzz (Jesus Christ Superstar) lyrics

First Time Played: Bear Creek, Boo Boo's Picnic (new original)  

Blizzard Carnival 2003!

Taped and transferred by Pete Coffan ([email protected])
Source:  neumann km184>v2>ad2k+>D8
Transfer:  Sony D8> zoltrix nightingale pro 6> cool edit pro>cd wav> mkw act>shn
Thanks to Bill for the line out!
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52bd110fa39fe25a520dbadc06daeaec *sci2003-03-22d1t3.shn
4f38370f5954ee7e57d2ed1b340f2802 *sci2003-03-22d1t4.shn
3b7c227feaac8e69f81cd37788bb7613 *sci2003-03-22d1t5.shn
44aa4ad8087174c3a9e0dd73712196ac *sci2003-03-22d1t6.shn
ab6265bd6e3396f4632f2790475752f9 *sci2003-03-22d1t7.shn
50146a2c04d1b0d0b1bd038d94390cf8 *sci2003-03-22d1t8.shn
00b8e4dfa63a81585b297d8640b6eb2b *sci2003-03-22d1t9.shn
4e962baa5e30d14403149a5b141f1209 *sci2003-03-22d1t10.shn
89cba8c8fd288a9c756baec3dbb36b90 *sci2003-03-22d2t1.shn
d5c94e6998cdd5d8be351bebf7a3d42d *sci2003-03-22d2t2.shn
bf858c337e9f14c3ce1afff73dabec38 *sci2003-03-22d2t3.shn
fef2c868ac0398f69a4c8c66ab62fb43 *sci2003-03-22d2t4.shn
68d23d50049b35c03dd89386ecda52c9 *sci2003-03-22d2t5.shn
b85a15813f93a73c21525bfef39aa778 *sci2003-03-22d2t6.shn
87d709f6076720d5ff138ab050381127 *sci2003-03-22d2t7.shn
c988de8c544e93f02ef2b60b0c42a7b2 *sci2003-03-22d2t8.shn
c18cdd44862fec4e64bfd0d640db48aa *sci2003-03-22d3t1.shn
4ac9da7f6f2f28f31992384f8cd115a8 *sci2003-03-22d3t2.shn
10b12e584f56e3cf706d9b8f9e9d0598 *sci2003-03-22d3t3.shn
eec34ab85cc954351e9173e6f2575015 *sci2003-03-22d4t1.shn
0853158945d8133eb1d54b53a0e2ca55 *sci2003-03-22d4t2.shn
7d709f5d8036e9f963047937c8c2ce95 *sci2003-03-22d4t3.shn
2d2512705ebd4f8f0edf0dd3e4d58cb7 *sci2003-03-22d4t4.shn
34eb3e810a1f3275f7bbb4046554695f *sci2003-03-22d4t5.shn
0424ce681f54670db2c58aeee9b551fb *sci2003-03-22d1t1.shn
5ffcfa084e933a7185b84bfaf99323ba *sci2003-03-22d1t2.shn

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