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Phish 09/15/00
Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums SHN-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary shnf; (FOB) Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD500E; DAT > CD > EAC > SHN; Taped by Kristian Allen; Transferred by Dan Hantman 
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Hersheypark Stadium
Hershey, PA

FOB Schoeps CMC6/MK4 >Lunatec V2 >Apogee AD500E (taped by: Kristian Allen)
DAT>CD: ??? (would assume DAT>standalone burner since the discs were
consumer audio)
EAC, compression and uploading: Dan Hantman
seeded by: Ross Dunkel ([email protected])
*note the EAC logs for each disc are included in the folders*

DISC 1 (65:30)
Set I:
1- First Tube
2- Gotta Jibboo
3- Corrine, Corrina
4- Birds of a Feather
5- Windora Bug
6- Run Like an Antelope*
7- Golgi Apparatus
8- Bittersweet Motel

DISC 2 (73:07)
Set II:
1- Piper>
2- Lizards
3- Tube^
4- When the Circus Comes
5- Character Zero

6- Possum

* - with Tom Marshall onstage (accompanied by his daughter) to say
the "Rye rye rocco, Marco
Esquandolas..." part
^ - after ending "Tube," the band paused briefly, and then went back
into a "Tube"-esque funk jam

1. level fluctuations in Jibboo
2. lots of audience in the recording: overall, the recording is
pretty good though (definetly a step up from the OTS Schoeps source).

Show Checksums
e1c012bd013ba3d3dc9d00226d178d00 *ph00-09-15d1t1.shn
7ea910141dc04c0ff5e2aa8a52442794 *ph00-09-15d1t2.shn
4ba67e7e3ce54c9b580cddcaf4058b2d *ph00-09-15d1t3.shn
4d4cde744b903f0b4eb47e485e897a7a *ph00-09-15d1t4.shn
84e9d0a85c36329930f739230749dbc3 *ph00-09-15d1t5.shn
91fae0be25653b41cabdac39620b1302 *ph00-09-15d1t6.shn
cd9e067cf354e5386760c9138706b81f *ph00-09-15d1t7.shn
d8ef58a931466ae05b7ead770f45754d *ph00-09-15d1t8.shn
2323f4fb87130dfd422e0a3cb0aefdb9 *ph00-09-15d2t1.shn
acde58c7e17a9e2af84607dc262ca089 *ph00-09-15d2t2.shn
92fc591a595e389dd957f9d8517e439d *ph00-09-15d2t3.shn
2e1a6600c16e1bd5f59d1c09e418a953 *ph00-09-15d2t4.shn
a1453755d8da527d4767e39a768120ac *ph00-09-15d2t5.shn
e3ce02156eb9761ea2be215257770a2e *ph00-09-15d2t6.shn
ce9202485e5ef4bca86983ff8d7ac348 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t1.shn
fcfffed73dabcf750d77121cc1e87b6b [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t2.shn
f0884fadfa54d0e1f0b006a989bf6375 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t3.shn
c140f38095dd217abe579314d7310d41 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t4.shn
813921477f181b3d7008d90b0da085e1 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t5.shn
0ab7fe33333792e22391eeb55a4bde58 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t6.shn
0a130eee32d22cdf110ebde76d2c9788 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t7.shn
dbfb490206054ce53394dbb909e32486 [shntool] ph00-09-15d1t8.shn
5f7ab59d1d909fc8bca6e35d513a9aa7 [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t1.shn
79d816f69d854f9641834e6772ce6acf [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t2.shn
636e6df4b7027c5d69c1fafb5c7543ba [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t3.shn
5355fe4f71e206f96cf7d2c66236aee8 [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t4.shn
687d6b07206a72dc5f624ccc105e6c6c [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t5.shn
9861a9cd80ebb99eab21e44f44f51d1d [shntool] ph00-09-15d2t6.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shnf; Schoeps... (2) shnf; Neumann TLM... (1) shnf or... (3) flac16; Scheops... (0) flac16; Microtech... (0) flac16; (FOB)... (0)
Date User Comment
11/06/2000 Matt Fisken Definitely better music quality than the 2 OTS seeds before this one, but I'm guessing most people will be as disappointed with the amount of crowd noise as I was. I know I'd rather have slightly worse music quality and not have to hear people giving directions to McDonalds, etc during the show. I'm crossing my fingers a dank seed comes around that'll help me remember my last show before "the break" in style.
05/04/2001 Scott Agne Sounds shallow, has a small image. I was 20ft in front in of Paul, and it was really full. The taper's section was on the side of the board.