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Garcia 08/21/81
Keystone, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , wav
Disc Counts 127 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Jerr Garcia Band: MSC > 2C > DAT >CDR > WAV > SHN (lineage via The Jerry Site
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Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA  


Disc 1 - Set 1
I'll Take A Melody  (**MISSING**)
01  They Love Each Other [04:20]
02  After Midnight [14:48]
03  Russian Lullaby [14:21]
04  I Second That Emotion > [10:16]
05  Tangled Up In Blue [11:19]
Total time:  55:04

Disc 2 - Set 2
01  Mission In The Rain [12:05]
02  Harder They Come [11:35]
03  Let It Rock [07:56]
04  Night They Drove Old Dixie Down > [08:26]
05  Dear Prudence [11:39]
06  Midnight Moonlight [10:14]
Total time:  61:56

Comments:  Thanks to for additional lineage information.  There was originally a splice with overlap in Tangled Up in Blue @ 01:34.  Because of the overlap (presumably due to a cassette flip on a secondary analog generation), I was able to restore it to seamlessness using soundforge 5.  Crowd noise between d2t02 and d2t03 missing - Let It Rock begins with a fade-in.

Thanks to K.Miller for the CDR source.
DAE(EAC 0.9 beta 4, secure mode, offset corrected) > splicing/+3.0 dB gain (soundforge 5) > tracking (cdwave) > boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP via C.Ladner/candyman FTP.

MisSHN in the rain - 4/03.
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4e88615199f6dbccbd611f97315a1874 *jgb1981-08-21d1t02.shn
61ee46f699435cdd43fa5db336e472f7 *jgb1981-08-21d1t03.shn
685918fe44b386549f8a954796528f6b *jgb1981-08-21d1t04.shn
f056860df1030ab48a0f522d8aaa619b *jgb1981-08-21d1t05.shn
81981dcff2e967a2c1008e4f41b0f25f *jgb1981-08-21d1t01.shn
b3482ed7a0dcb797f52b49ebd5c7f0f8 *jgb1981-08-21d2t01.shn
0b68f7d5d16c33236c16e1b869932a6c *jgb1981-08-21d2t02.shn
562c07e4e1d57d92adffb26c1024e551 *jgb1981-08-21d2t03.shn
6095045cd93a196aa4ec9d092d97bfd1 *jgb1981-08-21d2t04.shn
f2bfe9c085bef66f37f4d07b667d7973 *jgb1981-08-21d2t05.shn
2f8fb43bc6e1f60e5237a4b9fae2be8a *jgb1981-08-21d2t06.shn
aad1b8e5c8d9572b814e53c4cea494db *jgb1981-08-21d1t01.wav
bfb0227bfcf64e957201031938fe108f *jgb1981-08-21d1t02.wav
ca1efdf5c8f23d94b27a56e0b132c1ae *jgb1981-08-21d1t03.wav
66560541d5efdae4b90e07d43f202d45 *jgb1981-08-21d1t04.wav
300daec222e845fcbd52b61ff9fb12db *jgb1981-08-21d1t05.wav
e2212795a6bd17da766952d165cf1e83 *jgb1981-08-21d2t01.wav
fe352da040f31ba428af8760291f4b34 *jgb1981-08-21d2t02.wav
b014c825c4ee2debb3cb2015fc809ea5 *jgb1981-08-21d2t03.wav
83269fc013d2662c3f289d0e55f573db *jgb1981-08-21d2t04.wav
f70485e93a1c3441284d354ddea5ffe2 *jgb1981-08-21d2t05.wav
6a2902f8a497d71fc2abcc338046963a *jgb1981-08-21d2t06.wav

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