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String Cheese Incident 04/12/03
Shibuya Ax, Tokyo, Japan
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Entered by Daniel Shay
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann TLM170's > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony D-8 (44.1khz); Transfer: Sony TCD-D8 > Audio Alchemy DTI Plus (jitter reduction) > Alesis Masterlink 9600 (tracks, fades and burn to CD) > EAC > SHN  
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String Cheese Incident
Shibuya Ax
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
April 12, 2003

Source:  Neumann TLM170's (hyper-cardioid pattern, 1st row of taper's section to left of SBD and under
overhang of 2nd floor balcony) > Lunatec V2 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony D-8 (44.1khz)
Conversion:  Sony D-8 > Audio Alchemy DTI Plus (jitter reduction) > Alesis Masterlink 9600 (tracks,
fades and burn to CD) > EAC > SHN

Set 1
Disc 1: (72:15)

1.  Walk This Way
2.  Black and White
3.  Outside Inside
4.  Rollin' in my Sweet Baby's Arms
5.  Stop That Train >
6.  ?BAM!
7.  Way Back Home

Set 2  
Disc 2: (49:14)

1.  Rollover
2.  How Mountain Girls Can Love
3.  Jellyfish >
4.  Want

Disc 3: (51:44)

1.  Just Passing Through
2.  Under African Skies > Jam >
3.  On the Road  


4.  Superstition
5.  Daryl  

Taped by: David Chambers ([email protected])
Converted by: David Chambers
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c83af3d1a27715364bae1e3205015194 *sci2003-04-12d2t04.shn
049d8e46e2618a76ba49e1ba3030450f *sci2003-04-12d1t02.shn
695af31317e3c5735e91fadcc06d7f8c *sci2003-04-12d1t03.shn
51d674472707a5ec82c5340e746ddc6a *sci2003-04-12d1t04.shn
239cd02d147ae0b8029019bf74ca5e88 *sci2003-04-12d1t05.shn
b1afa97e706c717d3fbcd75a91644379 *sci2003-04-12d1t06.shn
28aab2c8e6b93ef59a2a8daf97b8f242 *sci2003-04-12d1t07.shn
5a536e5e5e108b0a8d03c7d1f272cbd2 *sci2003-04-12d2t01.shn
243f1e6420f542e84793abd7b76de3da *sci2003-04-12d2t02.shn
605a0263d3367e323ef12ca30ba8f385 *sci2003-04-12d2t03.shn
35a6e874d0d4e31bd694411fde41569b *sci2003-04-12d1t01.shn
6c1e1452c6fe519d027503230b58e951 *sci2003-04-12d3t03.shn
dbdf0002da32ccf04579fa16132e9a07 *sci2003-04-12d3t02.shn
1c0df582752929ab2b461a3234dbf50e *sci2003-04-12d3t01.shn
613e9932ea75448ea99d9708c2aafdf2 *sci2003-04-12d3t04.shn
7f1ef3df21d593c29fba01e346202c95 *sci2003-04-12d3t05.shn

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