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Steve Kimock 11/13/99
Valley Cultural Center, San Geronimo, CA
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Source # 16721 Other Sources
Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary *Kimock & Goodman*
{AUD} Neumanm KM 40s > 8200 > DA-P1 (DAT) > ? > SHN; Transfer & Encoding Unknown 
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The source is Neuman KM 40s>8200>DA-P1.

11/13/99 Valley Cultural Center - San Geronimo, CA

Disc 1:
Set 1:
Central Florida
When you got a good friend
Walk the street alone
Hollywood Waltz
Kind Hearted Woman
Part of you
Good Shepherd
Dancin' on his grave

Set 2:
Ship at Sea
I Gotta Woman

Disc 2:
Set 2 (continued):
Sweet home Chicago
Independence Day
Love is the test
Bye bye baby
Thick and Thin
Long Walk Home
Black Peter
Friend of the devil
Tennessee Stud
John Garfield
No particular place to go
Red Rooster
The road must surely bend

Comment: Goodman & Kimock
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74e131696f9dfeb8d88e74c1a1e63da4 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t01.shn
aac0eaf44dd747498740cea8c3b042c2 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t02.shn
e7bb05eab0c4bcfd7f5b35d98dc99c2c *GoodmanKimock111399d1t03.shn
ec2a49b8434769ed66428cb169571639 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t04.shn
b78fffd4e1425aec91bd31d4523c7788 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t05.shn
5b186fc620c0f4199ea3fb415fb459cf *GoodmanKimock111399d1t06.shn
7af205a1bc81ec4d7cdb2a08adbf790e *GoodmanKimock111399d1t07.shn
966113152169de1d45d83112f8e1b0aa *GoodmanKimock111399d1t08.shn
11940c6b2e2ad2f21dd533866b37d488 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t09.shn
f39e899aae424320700d37c6d4605627 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t10.shn
c238d3c644550d0b20b52307548eb268 *GoodmanKimock111399d1t11.shn
b3d45c6faf7904d99796631166d8635d *GoodmanKimock111399d1t12.shn
660145ff9ac7cafa13200242e1b16f87 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t01.shn
b3fbd173afc0d3235cbdfdf2d2e7aca2 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t02.shn
dc16296bd95194296a5d83c5a58103e5 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t03.shn
e871059a8ae01998920bfc38e2f27246 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t04.shn
b1cfad94c9761558f3dacedfa18b1f75 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t05.shn
e8b740ef105e017b7010241b6546a0eb *GoodmanKimock111399d2t06.shn
3b0405ee27691ecde1b9b077555fa09b *GoodmanKimock111399d2t07.shn
3fda3727aa01ea837b664fb867563fb3 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t08.shn
fb2bebbb0995584b6d5ef4c85e1e5f9d *GoodmanKimock111399d2t09.shn
3f5082ad453c46f0346ceef8e387fa58 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t10.shn
b1201b62cb8bd3b03ac76581067418ca *GoodmanKimock111399d2t11.shn
7af9997154bd7a32d71daf6a71e6106b *GoodmanKimock111399d2t12.shn
cded24bcd869b121f17443f8847f3815 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t13.shn
943d12c8c6ad68ad0391d8a738321cc7 *GoodmanKimock111399d2t14.shn

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04/20/2003 kwaved not sure if this is onstage or AUD, and since the transfer info is unknown so is DAE, most likely though, there are DAE steps involved in this seed.