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Garcia 11/16/84
Eisenhower Auditorium (Penn. State U.), University Park, PA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums shns , wavs
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: AUD (unknown mics and taper) > ? > CDR > WAV >SHN. 
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Jerry Garcia and John Kahn
Eisenhower Auditorium (Pennsylvania State University)
University Park, PA  

Source:  AUD (unknown mics and taper) > ? > CDR > WAV >SHN

Set 1
01  Deep Elem Blues  
02  Friend Of The Devil  
03  Little Sadie  
04  Run For The Roses  
05  Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie  
06  Bird Song  
Set 2  
07  //When I Paint My Masterpiece  
08  Valerie  
09  I've Been All Around This World  
10  Russian Lullaby  
11  Gomorrah  
12  Goodnight Irene

Comments:  Beginning of the second set is clipped.  Levels at the beginning of the second set were significantly quieter - i was able to normalize this section to the rest of the set using a +2.8 dB gain using soundforge 5.

Thanks to S.Aserkoff for the CDR source.
DAE (EAC 0.9 beta 4, offset corrected, secure mode) > editing (soundforge 5) > tracking (cdwave) > SHN (shorten 3.4) > FTP hosting via C.Ladner/candyman FTP.

Another installatSHN of the MisSHN in the Rain branch of the music never stopped project.
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9e1dc714bdade0fa78844cd3b3c682f5 *jg+jk1984-11-16t07.shn
2647e5d28159d1f660f8a1633bc0b8d5 *jg+jk1984-11-16t02.shn
8b4dd854b634b0195f8b65a5f7aeaf9c *jg+jk1984-11-16t03.shn
d3b1964797bfec102db6d730814f70be *jg+jk1984-11-16t04.shn
374181239f8d0e16c4d814bbbf2ddf2f *jg+jk1984-11-16t05.shn
6617e8cccb6cc3534da1f8a8d86acbc5 *jg+jk1984-11-16t06.shn
c91e7e9ed95793b19f66379c8bc410bd *jg+jk1984-11-16t01.shn
cd347d936a22d26f090402acca0a34f4 *jg+jk1984-11-16t08.shn
e16e76e80840cad9ccb8ddd29f96cc7b *jg+jk1984-11-16t09.shn
46fd9a80f0ec6fd2620b94faa7b2d48c *jg+jk1984-11-16t10.shn
234ee8b98041ce57381497f7822c4200 *jg+jk1984-11-16t11.shn
12303c8ceb91f6b312ea55b1de5d70a5 *jg+jk1984-11-16t12.shn
6d977086823b46e93235e3001c56b1d0 *jg+jk1984-11-16t01.wav
49ce5658879f49c72aa0697c9ac87f37 *jg+jk1984-11-16t02.wav
eab9977c4796569658c79bfa3e0e05d6 *jg+jk1984-11-16t03.wav
b77f45290a3aa82dd07c1ef9f619575e *jg+jk1984-11-16t04.wav
b407ceb84d35f36baf34c466d7444e48 *jg+jk1984-11-16t05.wav
f102842afe79c4cd2ccd46fec2ba4132 *jg+jk1984-11-16t06.wav
7abc7e4dfd5d8ba5ec68156c77a35e4f *jg+jk1984-11-16t07.wav
6f1eab296fe33463b868909864dd353e *jg+jk1984-11-16t08.wav
8e0191760cd346543b4bb6a94affcb97 *jg+jk1984-11-16t09.wav
3fd656361e1c248bac51e194f5c85d45 *jg+jk1984-11-16t10.wav
b34a4611137566f843d5cd9032d64fd4 *jg+jk1984-11-16t11.wav
abff3ef0ae41747a01896246350db4e8 *jg+jk1984-11-16t12.wav

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