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String Cheese Incident 04/19/03
Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AKG 391's > (warm) UA-5 > Sony PCM-M1; Transfer: M1 > Audiophile 2496 > CD Wave > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
Suwanee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Source: AKG 391's > (warm) UA-5 > M1
Transfer: M1 > Audiophile2496 > CDWAV > Shn

Taped and Transferred by Brian Gore

Set 1
Disk 1:

1. Lonesome Road Blues
2. Black and White
3. Up the Canyon
4. Latinissmo
5. Search
6. Close Your Eyes>
7. Jungle Boogie>
8. Close Your Eyes
9. ?BAM!

Set 2
Disk 2:

1. Missin' Me
2. Daryl
3. Sweet Melinda>
4. Jellyfish>
5. Rollover>
6. Orion's Belt>
7. Under African Skies>
8. Rollover

Disk 3:

E: Freedom Jazz Dance
   I Know You Rider
Show Checksums
1987feddeba2ede605ec792c5de4c42b *sci2003-04-19d101.shn
c786afbc2f42bc7d4ebf1a2da73a6a3d *sci2003-04-19d102.shn
bb7224ed129f1e59239a9f702e4cc879 *sci2003-04-19d103.shn
31e9ca2c05d735002bf276042a128455 *sci2003-04-19d104.shn
cf4e99549ed49fb237c46fe4f5232baa *sci2003-04-19d105.shn
a28b09036022d7e5d446aacf3ea6678a *sci2003-04-19d106.shn
70cf44700361fd0df9a20a35f07cb354 *sci2003-04-19d107.shn
a818be1eaa08d9596981fd91ba6881a2 *sci2003-04-19d108.shn
9a50a12632019682d7658e30b4388da6 *sci2003-04-19d109.shn
38af8446faccee48eb14b0a77da4d720 *sci2003-04-1901.shn
1f91562e76d4b3eb6e9d1fb9e753009e *sci2003-04-1902.shn
72c398037e77ffa3d774e33507f93521 *sci2003-04-1903.shn
0f2ad21bf8eb86dd604ae9c72e512ebd *sci2003-04-1904.shn
4f7aded1dd3739656e789d02071edf78 *sci2003-04-1905.shn
98bd0f8a1954f28ab2ff141909bc0ac0 *sci2003-04-1906.shn
5fe98f8595b8b606c1fe465494464c00 *sci2003-04-1907.shn
f46a3c4e330c0380aab63cef53964947 *sci2003-04-1908.shn
946d6856a38fa8a51d5c1858ad757b98 *sci2003-04-1909.shn
b15ad46e41465f6c5d70ef587d9d25d9 *sci2003-04-1910.shn

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