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Phish 12/06/86
The Mead Ranch, Shelburne, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , shn-st5
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Source Summary Set 2p only; Unknown source 
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the ranch
shelburne, vt
partial set 2

1. I Know  a Little
2. Golgi Apparatus
3. Slave to the Traffic Light
4. Shaggy Dog
5. Light Up or Leave Me Alone
6. Camel Walk
7. Ramblin Man Jam

here is the reply from kevin shapiro:

Kevin Shapiro writes:
This is some of 12/6/86 II from The Ranch in Shelburne, VT. it's a live show in the living room of a house.

12/6/86 The Ranch, Shelburne, VT
set I: Bitch, Possum, Jam, Makisupa, > Fluffhead
set II: I Know a Little, Golgi, > Slave, Shaggy Dog, > Light Up, >
Camelwalk, Jam, > Swing Low Jam, Back Porch Boogie, Icculus*, McGrupp,
Times Bad Times, Skin it Back, Cities
set III: Mike's, > Little Drummer Boy, > Whipping, Katy, Bag, **Bowie,
Dog Log***, Tush, Sneaking, Hippie
*w/ special guest: Steve Drebber "Jones" (from The Joneses) on vox
**w/ Clod

pardon my abbreviations. Enjoy!


Show Checksums
89b64868feddebd38e81f0bad9921a37 *Phish 12686ptls2 t7.shn
5b615f133c16ec333187895ad9feea02 *Phish 12686ptls2 t1.shn
d23989427a99ea15f11013076d3aa90b *Phish 12686ptls2 t2.shn
b276c968e5333c70d3e185316e633136 *Phish 12686ptls2 t3.shn
247eb5f5c19320010af40ee91cc8539a *Phish 12686ptls2 t4.shn
b953a93b5f9c9b09dea4e673c3b47c2c *Phish 12686ptls2 t5.shn
0a582e9526575fa546aa5c4533335e69 *Phish 12686ptls2 t6.shn
1b1d7a478165f9265734722a9e9ea558 [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t1.shn
d712e22e806c55982fb52838d7e72878 [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t2.shn
69f481637b3ed1a6f2a69f45277a9160 [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t3.shn
054c571ab5f684b2e30473ccad5e13bf [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t4.shn
5f8da90b14cbce419b8fdab3828c348a [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t5.shn
0db69b178dd20c5e13fd246578ce36c8 [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t6.shn
6cbbb73c3fbf529023eed6f694aef014 [shntool] Phish 12686ptls2 t7.shn

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Date User Comment
06/26/2003 Bill Mitchell This was received in trade on audio CD by Paul Giunta ([email protected]) as Phish-Unknown, who EACed it hoping for identification help. When we couldn't figure it out, I emailed Kevin Shapiro who replied with the above helpful response. Track 7 should read 'Ramblin Man Jam > Swing Low Sweet Chariot Jam'.
12/23/2003 deitzel I was the original guy with this tape. I was given a copy in 1990 from 2 friends from vermont who said they were at the show and taped it. Glad people finally get to hear the whole show. It sure is a great one
12/23/2003 Matt Well, close enough- Set 1 still doesn't circulate...