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String Cheese Incident 10/06/99
Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Matrix SBD > DAT > SGI Digi-IO AIFF > Sound Forge > CD-R 
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String Cheese Incident
10/06/99 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI

Source: Matrix SBD > DAT > SGI Digi-IO AIFF > Sound Forge > CD-R

I: Restless Wind, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Suntan,
Good Times> Shine> Indian Creek> Texas> *Jungle Boogie> Texas

II: On The Road, I've Just Seen A Face> *Jam>
Footprints, Blue Bossa, Bigger Isn't Better> Jam>
Jellyfish> I Know You Rider

Encore: Smile

(*1st "Jungle Boogie" - Kool & The Gang)


Set 1 was recorded pretty hot; there is some clipping in the loud parts.
Sometimes it's noticable; most of the time it's not. The sbd engineer
turned the levels down for the second set, yet there are a few isolated
regions of clipping there, too. Don't let this dissuade you; this is one
sweet sounding show... Leigh Orf
Show Checksums
388eb11447ed6e2d82ebf8051816b1d1 *sci99_10_6_d1t01_dead_air.shn
3bba25cf512a47a3e7377411c7ffe695 *sci99_10_6_d1t02_restless_wind.shn
183940dc06e1ead313e0b13998bfd5b6 *sci99_10_6_d1t03_mrs_brown.shn
36de4fe30274125b33ab1c125ea16819 *sci99_10_6_d1t04_suntan.shn
6cddb7be57908e3f9f1ec7adc8a81171 *sci99_10_6_d1t05_good_times.shn
9d36365fbd9f084508bafa65b116adaf *sci99_10_6_d1t06_shine.shn
ee257ee9d725497ddbd0b82beb7de927 *sci99_10_6_d1t07_jam.shn
d021c30d6291e7771f8412ad7985d417 *sci99_10_06_d2t01_texas.shn
74a18b0f6df2cbd489dbebec5f7eba08 *sci99_10_06_d2t02_jungle_boogie.shn
5a522ed48b1bc047f4b6abe9ab9fe133 *sci99_10_06_d2t03_texas.shn
6713858ee27eefb93a23248a8f670c52 *sci99_10_06_d2t04_dead_air.shn
3126ebe1df8cec1ec599df93fb01ce5e *sci99_10_06_d2t05_on_the_road.shn
2b114b34c5188383bf4a1bb3cdccfc79 *sci99_10_06_d2t06_ive_just_seen_a_face.shn
917d1de7a4765bb6714fefc9dd5668a2 *sci99_10_06_d2t07_jam.shn
dda5991a019c91c80a2e9092025b16a1 *sci99_10_06_d2t08_footprints.shn
586dee09b733f8af6e1750a4256dfe51 *sci99_10_06_d3t01_blue_bossa.shn
5be3163dbc7e7646a4e9bb1f0fe6222c *sci99_10_06_d3t02_bigger_isnt_better.shn
79e512ddcdb85ec80fd9ac94079f95b2 *sci99_10_06_d3t03_jam.shn
80e41491d638c561f9774bd00bb8e50f *sci99_10_06_d3t04_jellyfish.shn
b3ed33d6432e1b9eb799ac4187b7bbb9 *sci99_10_06_d3t05_i_know_you_rider.shn
42df91f031283ade1ba4243035f6892b *sci99_10_06_d3t06_rap.shn
5e0cfda0e2905534d17775612d8ea066 *sci99_10_06_d3t07_smile.shn

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Date User Comment
09/09/2002 shnaholic some notes on the conversion from cdr to shn would be nice.
09/10/2002 Brad Leblanc For the audience part of the matrix this night, Steve Seamandel writes: "Straight from JonO: Schoeps cmxy4v mics > Grace V2 mic pre-amp, mixed with Phase Aligned L-R mix
from SBD. 60% SBD, 40% aud mics."
02/16/2004 Adam Bishop Tracks are broken down this way:
Disc 1 (7 tracks): Track 1 is an intro and the final song is Indian Creek (it's not difficult to figure what goes in between.
Disc 2 (8 tracks): Track 1 is Texas, track 4 is the set II intro, and Footprints is the final track
Disc 3 (7 tracks): Track 1 is Blue Blossa, second to last track is little banter to the crowd, and the final song is the encore (Smile)
All songs marked "Jam" are there own individual track