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Trey Anastasio 05/30/03
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d2 , d3 , d1
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Official LivePhish Release

Trey Anastasio
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

Source: (DSBD) Original Files came as SHN files, with MD5's.

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Disc 1
Set 1
1. Money Love and Change (24:48)
2. Plasma (6:57)
3. Magilla (3:13)
4. Push on 'Til the Day (11:39)
5. Flock of Words (6:06)
6. Noodle Rave Daddio (4:25)
7. Drifting (7:42)
8. Olivia (6:42)
9. At the Gazebo (3:04)
Total time:

Disc 2
Set 1 cont...
1. Last Tube 16:39  
Set 2
2. Curlew's Call (18:21)
3. Tube Top Wobble (5:03)
4. Alive Again (21:46)
5. Pebbles and Marbles (13:04)
Total time:

Disc 3
Set 2 cont...
1. Small Axe (4:01)
2. The Inlaw Josie Wales* (3:14)
3. Secret Smile* (2:52)
4. Spices* (13:49)
5. Dazed and Confused# (8:41)
6. Sweet and Dandy** (6:01)
Total time: 21:11

*Trey solo acoustic
#1st Dazed and Confused played
**Trey led entire band on a march through the crowd to end Sweet and Dandy

LP notes -
- Trey solo acoustic on The Inlaw Josie Wales, Secret Smile, and Spices
- debut of Dazed and Confused (from Led Zeppelin I)
- Trey leads entire band on a march through the crowd to close out Sweet and Dandy

____Courtesy of TreyAnastasio.com_______
5/30/03 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA SETLIST
by Kevin Shapiro
Burlington, VT May 31 02:00

Set I
Money, Love and Change
Push on 'Til the Day
Flock of Words
Noodle Rave Daddio
At the Gazebo
Last Tube

Set II
Curlew's Call
Tube Top Flop
Alive Again
Pebbles and Marbles
Small Axe
The Inlaw Josie Wales*
Secret Smile*
Dazed and Confused# (Led Zeppelin cover)
E: Sweet and Dandy**

*Trey solo acoustic
#1st Dazed and Confused played
**Trey led entire band on a march through the crowd to end Sweet and Dandy
Show Checksums
987056665d304ac74a53a5c196d13489 *trey030530d2_01_Last_Tube.shn
ad3cd712d87de98243ecece6a6a7320d *trey030530d2_02_Curlews_Call.shn
89ffeebf601c5ed9b9a94c5d0824d825 *trey030530d2_03_Tube_Top_Wobble.shn
4cf4f84261ca5293109b88cf1609308f *trey030530d2_04_Alive_Again.shn
9bcb83c5b4c4627e93d7a0c1c23de7f8 *trey030530d2_05_Pebbles_and_Marbles.shn

98568454c3efe2b447acee110db8c290 *trey030530d3_01_Small_Axe.shn
702c5a5be25516f88f6f5db979e998f3 *trey030530d3_02_The_Inlaw_Josie_Wales.shn
08fbe11d65144e06f95846b2cccea632 *trey030530d3_03_Secret_Smile.shn
85737b101e51d936bbc20a5086964d12 *trey030530d3_04_Spices.shn
bada8bb10b4056b28caecef73abb1d3f *trey030530d3_05_Dazed_and_Confused.shn
9bbcf8dfc16aceb1a88ab019b59ccb9d *trey030530d3_06_Sweet_and_Dandy.shn

778e22908e8014ab1213f9b2f8440092 *trey030530d1_01_Money_Love_and_Change.shn
9d77c1440039d1085f6698d3d97cefeb *trey030530d1_02_Plasma.shn
d43f3bebabf16e8f96c53fb93c464e59 *trey030530d1_03_Magilla.shn
53e2d4938636c13b6434337d08d7d1ff *trey030530d1_04_Push_On_Til_the_Day.shn
3375e493636fbb8c0c67c7fccdd26dab *trey030530d1_05_Flock_of_Words.shn
77376685e433659b913aa38bacaeb196 *trey030530d1_06_Noodle_Rave_Daddio.shn
f9171283502067a34c15b9124c795f6a *trey030530d1_07_Drifting.shn
349a0cd26950377a7909137d7d7774c9 *trey030530d1_08_Olivia.shn
94e945ddce9382d8147a04dda01fc587 *trey030530d1_09_At_the_Gazebo.shn

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