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Garcia 10/08/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Hartbeats; SBD MR->Reel (x2?)->CDR; EAC> SHN by Evan Bellaff, with thanks to Glenn Gillis 
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BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE The Matrix
CITY San Francisco
DATE 10/08/68

SBD MR->Reel (x2?)->CDR    

Disc 1: (73:47)
1. [05:32] Clementine Jam  
2. [15:32] Clementine Jam >
3. [07:23] The Eleven Jam >
4. [09:49] Death Don't Have No Mercy  
5. [19:04] The Seven  
6. [12:00] Dark Star Jam >
7. [04:21] Cosmic Charlie

Disc 2: (47:55)
1. [17:26] Next Time You See Me Jam
2. [09:20] Jam  
3. [13:47] The Other One >
4. [07:19] Jam

Disc3: (55:23)
SET3 (1)
1. [06:46] Jam  
2. [07:35] Jam  
3. [07:17] Jam  
4. [13:06] Prisoner Blues  
5. [20:35] Jam (2)

COMMENTS show billed as "Mickey and the Heartbeats".  Bobby and Pigpen
were absent.
(1) all of third set with Elvin Bishop.      
(2) Jack Casady, Hart, and Bishop only.
Mucho thanks to Glenn Gillis for this incredible show!!!

Extracted with EAC using correct offsets and
converted to SHN on 3/17/03
Evan Bellaff: [email protected]


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30a6527ad88edb8cf54a6b6c9e2016ab *gd68-10-08d1t01.shn
9d3e055c36178ef9aa0dd8aba529a6f6 *gd68-10-08d1t02.shn
174bd9665f6fcab3366468a7bcdcf2a3 *gd68-10-08d1t03.shn
e9844256bb32bd8685011e61467e8bb8 *gd68-10-08d1t04.shn
1bb6f481c75856f09e33b848fc2258a0 *gd68-10-08d1t05.shn
22cc4ed6de5597d2d2014a138c5bb8f6 *gd68-10-08d1t06.shn
9b4c265f17afc6aa2d6a3723c789dba7 *gd68-10-08d1t07.shn
c6eba20e02b23d94ce22dc8a33b21c46 *gd68-10-08d2t01.shn
5c12b094257aafab477a75295b4928dd *gd68-10-08d2t02.shn
f572355ad986ab7e6ab7cdd12bca1d81 *gd68-10-08d2t03.shn
ee2354c2b2170361b017343863e472f6 *gd68-10-08d2t04.shn
5e97e04cd5101d573302160136711e19 *gd68-10-08d3t01.shn
cd6c7de9cfff1ecb7205194f422bc967 *gd68-10-08d3t02.shn
02caec784897ea47038c566e24ea1376 *gd68-10-08d3t03.shn
9b85c475e7d0b449f53ccf3e272ab3b1 *gd68-10-08d3t04.shn
492d262b5b93819c547b89efee0fc762 *gd68-10-08d3t05.shn
d59b0c552ee6afe069c8194740b393f0 [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t01.shn
554e8bcb8fe358a2955cfb9fa9fa5c78 [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t02.shn
9039a25e3c083897e8e602b14c075454 [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t03.shn
ccdb88ef2c9db6a53441d936d335068f [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t04.shn
dc7ebe2420bbfe5cfc6e3dee4449cd07 [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t05.shn
34ba7152bc64f3df6fcde756d352fafa [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t06.shn
f582ad2437cdc9539ff5d0680e71c898 [shntool] gd68-10-08d1t07.shn
e810e77628362ed671bc554c5e667d97 [shntool] gd68-10-08d2t01.shn
ba11b7ae2c7621453649761095820e72 [shntool] gd68-10-08d2t02.shn
e214bcd225860f81dc0e10212ed142ec [shntool] gd68-10-08d2t03.shn
5ed68fb14e2bb586a9fdea1591448baa [shntool] gd68-10-08d2t04.shn
5e2163b05d76c4d6487e7cbd88023a2e [shntool] gd68-10-08d3t01.shn
c4a4f870876a776a41820c0e25b76be4 [shntool] gd68-10-08d3t02.shn
2357f5ebdd24b78135e0b6e1f5e184bd [shntool] gd68-10-08d3t03.shn
3b545cc8ba5d5d2ba835fbc3e7d12e82 [shntool] gd68-10-08d3t04.shn
9200c27be3f75988546a0c52e5938ad9 [shntool] gd68-10-08d3t05.shn

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