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String Cheese Incident 05/25/03
Georgia Frontiere Performing Arts Pavilion, Sedona, AZ
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Entered by Daniel Shay
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AKG 391 > Edirol UA-5 > Nomad Jukebox 3 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wave > mkwACT (.shn) 
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String Cheese Incident
Georgia Frontiere Performing Arts Center
Sedona, AZ

Source info: AKG 391's > Oade digi-moded Edirol UA-5 > Nomad Jukebox 3 optical-in > PC > Wavelab > CD Wave > mkwACT > shn

Taped and transferred by Adam Cron

Disc 1/Set I:
1. Close Your Eyes
2. Tom Thumb's Blues
3. Shine
4. Banter
5. Long Gone*
6. Get Your Dixie Hoedown*
7. Happy Birthday Jillian
8. Long Journey Home*#
9. Miss Brown's Teahouse>
10. It Is What It Is

Disc 2/Set II:
1. Land's End>
2. Outside and Inside
3. Boo Boo's Picnic
4. Big Shoes
5. Black Clouds>
6. Way Back Home

Disc 3/Encores:
1. Banter
2. Barstool
3. Boogie On Reggae Woman
Encore 2:
4. Crowd and Banter
5. Rollover

#w/ Jillian Nershi
Show Checksums
5d7be7bf94c347a9f7b54911ac08c68f *sci03-5-25d1t01.shn
a5692974253c9b4653c3d9bdc2937950 *sci03-5-25d1t02.shn
22f3681087a14ac97955e16f3ad4ef8f *sci03-5-25d1t03.shn
33483ab394ec13d9e84e81b0cc9df73c *sci03-5-25d1t04.shn
2e2da798b88a185ccbcfbd8eed28385b *sci03-5-25d1t05.shn
83d92e7ab3426e849289fea7c0dc192e *sci03-5-25d1t06.shn
10b6b82df5139a33adef9d0e308c455c *sci03-5-25d1t07.shn
3c25ceddca96c8568ca27647369f0586 *sci03-5-25d1t08.shn
2fa9f3acc7533adcd8fb800b8c21b908 *sci03-5-25d1t09.shn
118f12b37a701d49f9b8cc5acddd192c *sci03-5-25d1t10.shn
ca729cab8dcbfa71945e01826b62f0bb *sci03-5-25d2t01.shn
18d2ebe95e91c0c8fcd7d60c418c5dd2 *sci03-5-25d2t02.shn
9fc6e96d40e05770d1152c98006aee74 *sci03-5-25d2t03.shn
6cdb4e80cd102767d37107d0d9c0e2a4 *sci03-5-25d2t04.shn
8a37a1e9566772503b8bd56bd6ceeae3 *sci03-5-25d2t05.shn
e7dd883b125e1fce367dc41546d0d3db *sci03-5-25d2t06.shn
4c2f896a3170072132784d6e5ae1c08f *sci03-5-25d3t01.shn
04939babc7d2212a2372b73ca4472825 *sci03-5-25d3t02.shn
81ee044a1eb9ed87764386c2b270e861 *sci03-5-25d3t03.shn
4440e815eeaa01967b09ea95f6fdc6f1 *sci03-5-25d3t04.shn
d8d82ff1396e4acb22f9530e2045e7fa *sci03-5-25d3t05.shn

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